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  1. Victoria Lyon is visiting from Montreal and I saw her ads in a couple of places including on lyla. Seems too good to be true. Has anyone met her yet? Is she legit? Link: https://missvictorialyon.wixsite.com/elite/about-me
  2. Does anyone in Halifax provide milking table services? Could be either escort or masseuse. FS not an absolute necessary as long as the milking part is done the right way. B B would be nice to have.
  3. I had the privilege to meet with this wonderful lady from Ottawa earlier this week. Super hot Vietnamese Canadian lady with great attitude. Easy to set up appointment and easy to communicate, super friendly and funny, highly educated, passionate and wild service, good location--everything was perfect. Had a great time with her and lots of open minded activities and chats. I would definitely repeat when she is here again. Thanks @toannalee for visiting Halifax.
  4. I had the opportunity to meet this sweet, sweet lady. Very friendly, easy to communicate and talk to, easy to set up appointment, understanding and compassionate, great and passionate service, good eye contact, sensual, intelligent, well-read and well-travelled, knows what is going on in the world, great conversationalist, always smiling and welcoming, full GFE---everything that you want in a companion, she has it. Would definitely repeat when @Arianna Fleur is here next time.
  5. Hi all, it has been brought to my attention by a kind local SP that someone is impersonating me and using my lyla handle 'Kaz Rushdi' to contact SPs and saying offensive things to them. I do not know why would someone do that and try to damage my reputation among the SP community? What is in it for them? I am a low-profile person and usually don't go into any fights with anyone. So I am really confused. The imposter is using a number with digits ending in 867. So if you get any incendiary texts from such a number claiming it is me, please know that it is a lie and please disregard. And I will appreciate if anyone can shed any lights as to why would anyone do this with me or if anyone ever had faced anything like this before? Thanks.
  6. This recommendation is long overdue. I had the pleasure of meeting @Maxime Luca for the second time a few weeks ago and solo for the first time. And it was an amazing encounter. She is caring, engaging, open minded, and full of energy. She is not to be missed whenever she is visiting Halifax. She has an amazing fit, all-natural body and beautiful eyes. The service was A++ and full of passion. She gets check-marks in all the areas. And do not forget to ask her about her added services. Enjoy, gentlemen of Halifax!
  7. This recommendation is long overdue. I had the pleasure of meeting
  8. Today I had the opportunity to meet this all-round beautiful person. She is very friendly, warm, wonderful to talk to, and easygoing. Setting up appointment was so easy and she is very cordial and communicative from the get go. Slender, fit body; short, curly, blond hair; engaging, deep eyes; and a gorgeous smile. But the personality is what will really take your breath away. The service was top notch GFE and she was genuinely passionate. She is here for only a short time, so do not miss her. I will definitely see her again when she would be here close to spring. Thanks a lot @LailaKroshka for your hospitality today and for brightening the day up for me.
  9. I can ditto everything said above. Great service, enjoyed the time. Offers very nice extra services if you ask and compensate properly.
  10. I totally agree with NervousNelly. I saw her today and she is indeed a bombshell. Undoubtedly one of the best looking young girls in Halifax. What a great new provider we have got. Excellent service, great communication, and very friendly behavior. I was really mesmerized by her beauty. I will definitely repeat. Everyone should take very good care of this treasure named @BeautifulBella
  11. If she is in Calgary, why is this showing up in the Nova Scotia recommendation section? Odd!
  12. I missed her this time. But look forward to catch her next time.
  13. I am late at posting this, but @Lovelybonnie is really ever so lovely. A gorgeous face, beautiful smiles, stunning body, and wonderful, passionate service. Full GFE. I enjoyed every moment of our encounter. This lovely lady is Calgary-based and only makes a few trips to our part of the country. Please treat her well so that she keeps coming back to charm us all. A+++. Definite repeat for me when she comes again.
  14. Has anyone ever managed to see her? I tried a couple of times but failed to establish contact with her on the day of meeting to get the location! She replies on lyla but never replies back to my phone texts or lyla messages the day of! Really strange!
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