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  1. There's not much more that can be said to recommend Rose that hasn't already been said multiple times before. I feel the only thing missing from is 1 word, 3 letters WOW. I dont think there's more to add to the already long list of glowing recos for Rose Prior to meeting Rose and reading the recommendations, I didn't understand what the hype was about, but now I know. I feel Rose will be a superstar here for as long as she decides to continue in this path. I'm looking forward to her next time she comes so I can see her again
  2. I was just wondering if anyone has had a chance yet to spend some time with Paris?
  3. I saw Kim yesterday and I agree with everything above. Most of us have a certain "type" that just really gets us going. I have found I have 2. There's the realistic fantasy of a petite natural lady b or c cup, a girl next door type. My other is a fantasy pornstar type, with large natural looking implants, big but not over the top big. Kim's are perfect for her frame. Kim to me met both of these types, I dont know how to describe it, but she's it for me. I arrived at the hotel late due to the weather we had yesterday and was greeted at the door by, as someone in another recommendation stated, an instagram model or something like that. Kim was beatiful. Very shortly after initial formalities were taken care of, we got down to the fun stuff some with some LFK that progressed quickly into very passionate DFK. We were standing at the end of the bed and Kim started undressing me. Very shortly after we were on the bed. Ill leave the move by move details out from here, but let me say this is a passionate lady who really knows what she's doing. What I will say her oral skills are the best I've experienced. Kim is also vocal and lets you know when she's enjoying her time as well. Afterwards, as I lay on the bed Kim cuddled up next to me and we chatted. Kim provided a real GFE to me. I've enjoyed almost every encounter I've had with YFL dating back to the previous agency included. Kim is by far my favourite encounter I've had with them over the years. Gentlemen from all over, if Kim comes to your town, I recommend highly going to see her. Treat her kindly and she will treat you right in return. Thank you again Your French Lady for another exceptional experience
  4. soooo I don't how much more to add to previous reco's for Amanda Schmanda, but I saw her tonight finally. I feel that I got super lucky that she was available when I texted her. I know she's been in Halifax previously but I wasn't able to connect with her. Amanda is an extremely sought after woman as she mentions in most ads. She gets a large amount of inquires every day and she responds the best she can there's a lot of time wasters.... On to my appointment, Amanda and I had a few texts talking about availability. We found a time that worked. When I showed up at our agreed upon time she was prompt to let me know her hotel room number for me to go up. The door opened and what stood before me was definitely the drop dead gorgeous woman in the pictures from the ad. I wouldn't say she was prettier than the pictures, because they are some amazing pictures to start with, but I'll say it's definitely her and in person she's just as pretty as the pictures. I'll leave the details of our session out, but I'll say I booked a hh session and 15 mins into I was spent. I normally am not a fast finisher, but I couldn't help myself. Amanda had just the right amount of soft, gentle moans and knew exactly how to use her body to make things happen. As amazing as the fun part of session was, we sat on her bed and talked afterwards and that was just as enjoyable as the 'fun' part of my session. I truly hope Amanda comes back to visit more often. We talked about her touring schedule, and I feel Halifax can supply lots and lots of love to this lady to have her coming back more frequently. Thanks for the amazing time Amanda.
  5. I saw her on her last trip to Halifax and her time before..I highly recommend seeing her, shes fantastic
  6. I had seen her a few times in the past. I've recently moved to the Halifax area but am back in Moncton next week for work. I have plans to book some time with Larissa. I'll report back if any red flags go up during that time, but those are some big flags.
  7. Out of curiousity, would you say that her breasts natural or that they are implants?
  8. I tried to book sone time with her. Had a few texts back and forth and asked when I coukd come see her. I said I could be there in about 30 mins or definitely no rush as I know getting ready takes time. Then radio silence.
  9. Asteria is real. I saw her when I was living in Moncton. She's a sweet girl and all the pictures are real
  10. Ive found after the phone number change earlier in the year that replies don't seem to be as prompt as they used to be
  11. Someone is using Charlie, from the Lovely French Ladies, pictures in an ad on Leolist moncton today. I send the yourfrenchlady line a message asking if she was in moncton under a different name and was told no.. here's the link to the ad https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_krystal_new_girl-4841364 Here's Charlie's real page http://www.yourfrenchlady.com/charlie.html
  12. Wow is all I can say. I saw Larissa previously aprox 4 or 5 years ago and this girl blew my mind at rhat time. This summer she had a bad run with a shady duo partner who dragged Larissa's good reputation down, but let me say Larissa is back in a great way. If I thought she blew my mind before, then I dont know how to describe my time with her tonight other than just simply saying WOW. If you have had any reservations based off the "beware posting" let me say that she isnt partaking in the shady dealings with the duo partner and is working hard to rebuild her once pristine reputation. Larissa if you are secretly here and reading this...Thank you for a great time
  13. Has anyone seen Emily Taylor advertising on Leolist. We've sent a few messages but I've yet to pull the trigger and go for it https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_let_me_be_your_secret_obsession_new400night_outcall-4614613
  14. Can I have a PM too? I've been thinking of seeing her, but just haven't quite pulled the trigger
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