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  1. sboudr

    Alexandra Ferrari

    I saw her on her last trip to Halifax and her time before..I highly recommend seeing her, shes fantastic
  2. sboudr

    Larissa in Moncton

    I had seen her a few times in the past. I've recently moved to the Halifax area but am back in Moncton next week for work. I have plans to book some time with Larissa. I'll report back if any red flags go up during that time, but those are some big flags.
  3. sboudr


    I tried to book sone time with her. Had a few texts back and forth and asked when I coukd come see her. I said I could be there in about 30 mins or definitely no rush as I know getting ready takes time. Then radio silence.
  4. sboudr

    Asteria ??

    Asteria is real. I saw her when I was living in Moncton. She's a sweet girl and all the pictures are real
  5. sboudr

    Rose French YFL no reply

    Ive found after the phone number change earlier in the year that replies don't seem to be as prompt as they used to be
  6. Looks like the ad is using different pictures now
  7. Someone is using Charlie, from the Lovely French Ladies, pictures in an ad on Leolist moncton today. I send the yourfrenchlady line a message asking if she was in moncton under a different name and was told no.. here's the link to the ad https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_krystal_new_girl-4841364 Here's Charlie's real page http://www.yourfrenchlady.com/charlie.html
  8. Has anyone seen Emily Taylor advertising on Leolist. We've sent a few messages but I've yet to pull the trigger and go for it https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_let_me_be_your_secret_obsession_new400night_outcall-4614613
  9. sboudr


    Can I have a PM too? I've been thinking of seeing her, but just haven't quite pulled the trigger
  10. sboudr

    Karma in Moncton

    I had seen her a few times since she stopped posting ads, her replies stopped a few months ago Additional Comments: but damn i wish she was still working
  11. sboudr

    Karma in Moncton

  12. sboudr

    Karma in Moncton

    It's the same Karma..or atleast it's the same girl in the pictures anyway. I could never forget those assets
  13. Are they back to offering duos? Karma has been away for a little while, but Karma is fun
  14. sboudr


    I'm pretty sure for for now, she's left the lifestyle and living in halifax
  15. Thats Karma...I wrote a reco on her awhile ago...I still love seeing this girl