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  1. I know a google search if her name does bring up a few different sites with posts about her but it is the internet so who knows if they are valid or not.
  2. You would want to contact YFL and ask then but I dont believe there are unpublished pics with faces that are able to be provided, but YFL would be the ones confirm that
  3. I have seen Mia multiple times when she has been here. Stats are accurate. I enjoy my time with Mia. The only thing Id mention is that after a round has finished she likes to talk. If you are interested in a second round subtle hints are missed so its best to make it clear you are ready to go again
  4. If I'm not mistaken this happens every year with them. Hopefully they're back and up running in a day or so.
  5. I wont get a chance to see Stella this trip, but I saw her on her last visit and I had a great visit with her. If I didnt have some big expenses for the next few months I wouldnt hesitate and would spend more time with her.
  6. Yes it is the same Ashley that used to be blonde
  7. I didn't get to see Ashley this visit, but I did see her on her last visit and handful of times over the years when she's graced us with her presence in Halifax. Ashley is a true professional and really goes the extra mile to ensure you leave fulfilled and always have. I will always do my best to book with her when she comes to town
  8. Are the pictures of Destiny real, or at least a close representation?
  9. I belive YFL made some changes to things a little while ago, but the YFL secretary is available monday to friday 9am-10pm eastern time now. They have that listed on the online booking page, and yes i understand you don't have that. At the moment they are only sharing it with regulars, I'm assuming that would be current regulars. I don't think you'll hear from anyone until Monday at the earliest
  10. So she didnt honour the “This is a verified picture if not real free service for 2hours”
  11. Their website says she is. Best way to confirm is to message them. I'm seeing her Saturday. This is gonna be a long week
  12. Maybe she has a teleporter haha
  13. She goes through quite the growth and shrinking spurts
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