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  1. Hello all. Was contacted by a client about this person. As I normally do I check photos and she is stealing many of them them from other places. Very suspicious verification which seems to be with pencil, several seem to be photoshopped over. Has been reported to LL but they never do anything about these. Be very careful. Stay Safe ♥ Her ad here : https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_hot_petite-7695903?source=list
  2. I'll chime in as I feel I have a unique perspective as I have worked in the greater Moncton area since 2018 and I do not travel unless its a pre booked and prepaid event. Lets start with why there are very few companions who travel here anymore? Reason for this is most of the local Moncton/NB hobbyists are looking for "hidden gems". Which from what I have observed over the years is what they want is new girls who have LOW rates and LOW requirements. Most of the companions either local or traveling have realistic pricing and policies especially in the current economy. Scams have deterred deposits for most and traveling girls can't take the risk unless they are passing through anyways to a bigger city. Those hobbyists who are not part of the above have favorite companions in which they see regularly and are not looking for new ones which means they will miss the traveling girls who post. Lastly, Moncton and the surrounding area from what I have observed and heard from others has a very low booking to showing ratio. Especially if your newer and don't have a proper path to avoid these. This does not give companions a good taste coming back here. To follow on that, Halifax isn't much further and has a larger population and tourism which creates more opportunity. Has OnlyFans affected the companion industry? Any hobbyists is not going to be satisfied with just OnlyFans. It is a good supplement for when they cannot see you, but is no replacement for the real feel of person to person contact. LeoList and Review Board trust? Over the past few years things have taken a down turn. Especially with scams and false recommendations/ promo threads. Most of the ads are scams these days on LL and certainly are not helping the industry. Nothing seems to be being done and LL does not seem to care since they are making huge numbers from these scam ads. I hope to see some positive changes this year, but am not holding my breath. Angies/ Dance Clubs? I used to work there a few years ago and it is certainly not worth your time. I have heard recently it has gotten much worse since COVID from some of the dancers I keep in contact with. Deposits range from $1000-$2000 depending on how the "owner" is feeling for new girls. This does not include the daily payment to enter the club or the payment to leave early or large fines for arbitrary things. Probably looking a $2,000+ a month just to dance plus the deposit. Now I never had any issues leaving or getting my deposit back. However, the bouncers are useless in a serious situation. The older girls are all doing "extras" and I'm sure more people that I realized were as well. Business is hit or miss, but if your willing to grind you can do okay. You are better off going out to one of the mecca cities or over the border for just dancing. However it is descent to meet other girls in the industry if you can connect with them. Certainly not reliable and the general clientele there are more so there for the sports than the women. I always had fun and ended profitably each month, but for the hours I was putting in it just was not worth it for me. I don't have experience with the SJ Club but they are not owned by the same person that is certain. Take that for what its worth. My personal local experience? 99% of my clients are from either out of province or out of country. I don't actively travel as I provide a very unique experience and atmosphere that traveling would just not suit 99% of the time. I require clients to travel to me and pre booking always required unless they are a long time client and I happen to have availability. Being at the higher end of price and higher end of date time with an average date being many hours and being low volume. This already limits a very large percentage of hobbyists. However, I'm aware this is not the normal and not everyone has the ability to be so choosy especially in this current economy and travel costs. Don't get me wrong there are some wonderful men and women in Moncton/NB. However this just isn't the norm. I have many local clients that are regulars that have been coming to me for many years consistently and I consider more than just a client. However new local clients are not common especially at the higher pricing/ longer date end of things that most of us prefer. I'm also very picky about the clients I see and the ones I will see again, as well as my schedule is normally filled as is. What this means is that Moncton/NB has no affect on my services/bottom line and going elsewhere would be more effective to bring in new local long-term clients and a higher more consistent pay year over year. Plus quality of life in a bigger city. Many of the locals now travel and that makes perfect sense as there isn't much here if your looking for consistency. As most of the good clients traveling girls want have been taken unfortunately. The only reason I'm still around locally is COVID but already planning a move by summer. I started here in Moncton and am thankful for everything here, but it just isn't a booming city for companions. Thankfully out of province clients more than makeup for it in my case. Moncton is certainly not a high ticket city and unfortunately is likely better left skipped unless a pre booked and pre paid trip has been arranged or just passing through. Especially in the colder months when there is little tourism.
  3. There are excellent providers at every price point. There is a recommendation section for this exact question. I encourage you to reach out to a few recommended providers and see what they’re availability is. It may take some time for you to find a companion that you click with. As Allie said, there are some gems out here 💎. Sorry that you have had bad experiences this way but I ensure you they are not all like that. Happy Hunting 💗
  4. Thanks for the reccos @Metropolis and @clearbluesky15 ♥️. I certainly have the attribute you are after @jeffmac1984 . See my website and or my recent LL photos if I interest you.
  5. This is very sad that this happens so often. I'm glad you are safe. 💗 Please use the recommendations for safe encounters. https://www.lyla.ch/forum/204-new-brunswick-recommendations/
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