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    Hi! I'm PETRA your Luxury Russian Companion.🍑
    Extremely low volume and cater to a very small group of luxury clientele.💗

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  1. You deserve so much better. You’re nothing but a sweet gentleman ❤️.
  2. Sorry to hear about your bad experiences. I really dislike when I see this happening. I hope your next experience with another provider is of a more memorable one ❤️.
  3. Agreed, LL I wish really would require verification for everyone as the scams they just let run rampant. Thankfully central and west have other options.
  4. Also moving to Alberta as well in March. From a companions POV review boards seem to be less used overall. More lurkers than active posters. Most clients dont use them. LeoList owns Lyla and pushes Lyla and is the most used board. Lyla,Caf, 411, PERB , Tryst. Lyla being the largest. Twitter is a good place to follow companions.
  5. This stigma comes from USA and USA movies about the industry. The only strings that are happening are underage and well deserved. Lots of us have clients in law enforcement… Its not happening in Canada. Find a good companion from Lyla and youll be fine.
  6. Agreed 100%. To add to this. The other issue I see is a ton of content creators will tell girls its easy from tiktok to youtube etc. Hoping they use their affiliate link knowing full well most wont go far as its expensive and difficult especially if new to the industry completely. Sex Work is either your life or it isn't. Most dont seem to realize the amount of time it takes. Often 12-16H days. From shoots to edits to conversations and more. Depending on your niche may also cost a lot to sustain. Myself included in this section. Is it fun and interesting. In many cases an artistic way of sexual expression? Yes. Is it an easy career? No. Im lucky to be in those top % but it takes a-lot of work and a good percentage of finances to keep content flowing and interactions genuine. Glad to see some who use the platform in a proper way and treat fans well ❤️.
  7. You’re welcome ❤️. You’re not alone, none of us serious creators promote like this or condone it.
  8. About 90% of OF girls dont make any money. Its why most push it so hard as its not nearly as easy as most make it seem. Most men think everyone is killing it. In reality on a small percentage of us put in the effort and have it pay off. I hate the way 99% of people promote the page. Should only Sub to girls who you want to connect with. Not random girls pushing it on you. I have a love hate relationship with the industry.
  9. You’re all so sweet ❤️! Certainly a few wonderful providers locally xoxox
  10. I have met many clients who I know irl. Most from the field my degree is in. ( ex professors , ex co workers , ex classmates) Seems to be common for a certain profession to seek out the hobby.
  11. Thank you pepperjack for such sweet words and even sweeter kisses 💕.
  12. I hear its incredibly common. Could that be just bad clients or more likely just other SPs trying to keep you away from the area. Best to take steps to avoid no shows.
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