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  1. I like the term "Companion" - for me, sex worker or escort some how seem stereotypical (no offence intended) - I suspect that society in general has made those two terms seem somehow negative. The term companion to me is a broader description which make me think of friendship, good company etc. My two cents worth.
  2. Most definitely let the session flow naturally. Yes, clients are seeking an intimate encounter but also a connection, friendship etc. Perhaps some are missing out by having a short session where sex is the only objective (not that this is wrong), but could gain much more from a longer date, taking the time to chat, share a drink/meal or what ever. Of course each person has their own needs/reasons to visit a provider. As such, from my view point like anything you get out what you put in. Regardless, sessions are generally enjoyable for all.
  3. Allie, Reading all the comments (and have already commented myself) I want to further add. When first meeting with a lady, I suspect both are a little nervous - to be suspected. If the client has done their homework and does what the provider expects without being "reminded", the encounter should move along smoothly. Getting comfortable with each other with some general conversation goes a long way to setting the mode for the encounter. To me a good client respects the boundaries of the lady and should (must) ask what is "out of bounds" during the encounter. That will make things move along at a comfortable level. I will add, that the first encounter in my opinion should be a minimum of 2 hours - I know some will disagree with me, but I personally feel strongly about this. During follow on encounters, the level of comfort and trust will build and make each encounter and enjoyable experience. Most of all take time to talk and enjoy each others company. It is not a race to the finish.
  4. Most important? That is a hard question to answer - I think it will vary from provider/client - We all have criteria for what attracts us physically. Then there is the intellectual connection. One can be physically attracted to a person, but it the person doesn't provide good conversation, then for me, it is difficult to connect. I will point out I don't have one specific type of physical appearance that I "must" have. If I feel comfortable with another person that goes along way, also how they respond to me. As for the topic of dress, time of day, season, type of encounter all factor in. But for me casual, relaxed works the best.
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