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    Submissive BI CD Drag Queen Sexy and Erotic working at The Next Temptation Spa North, Edmonton. Available for incall or outcall as well.
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    Edmonton, AB
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    Bisexual Crossdresser Drag Queen Submissive Bottom and LOVE to Please. Profile on LeoList
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  1. I' happy to hear you are feeling better @Greenteal. I hope everyone is better and able to enjoy the rest of the summer 😄
  2. I'm sorry to hear that many of you are not feeling well @Greenteal, @OldandNerdy and everyone feeling this way. Sending all my Love, Hugs and Best Wishes to all. You are all in my prayers 🤗💋
  3. Happy belated anniversary @lydiahardwood, you are a breath of fresh air and always so supportive to all. Your interviews are very informative and allow everyone to express their opinions and experiences. Thank you for the support you have shown me and everyone else you interact with. Keep up your good work. Lots of ❤️ always.
  4. Thank you @lydiahardwood I received my bit a couple days ago. You are a sweetheart 🤗 Deanna
  5. Deanna Delight available at The Next Temptation Spa North Location Only. Monday to Wednesday Nights, 4:30 to 11pm. TNT North is the Only Spa in Edmonton offering this service and All Sessions to ALL Sexual Orientations including Straight, Bi, Gay and LGBTQ Communities. Deanna is the only SP offering these services in a SPA setting and is Very Good and Experienced, ALL Genders are welcome. Our Spa is cleaned and sanitized Daily and after each Session. We are very discreet with 2 entrances at the front entrance and at the rear entrance (the door with the Apple on it). Our Spa is located at 8103-127 ave Suite 7. Deanna is a BI Drag Queen Royalty, 5'3", 160lbs, Fit, 7"cut, Blond, Blue eyes with a completely smooth and soft body and tight in all the right places. A Drag Queen with no attitude or baggage. Loves to please and pleasure all clients to their ultimate satisfaction. Sessions are discussed and wants are agreed upon by SP and Client before Session begins. Text (587) 991-6967 to arrange an appointment, walk-ins are welcome. Check our website at www.thenexttemptation.com for locations and shifts. Available for in-calls and out-calls outside of regular shifts and hours. Edmonton Body Rub Practitioner License # 357086877-001
  6. Thank you for congratulating me @HenryOcean ❤️💋
  7. I wish everyone on Lyla a Very Happy Valentines Day 🥰 and thank everyone for nominating, voting and supporting me. I love this group and everyone here. This is the best and most supporting group I have ever been involved with. Deanna Delight
  8. Happy Valentines Day to you @roamingguy. I wish you a wonderful day. 🤗💋
  9. Thank you @NotchJohnson for being so sweet. A Very Big Happy Valentines Day to you too. 🤗💋
  10. Thank you for this interview @lydiahardwood and thank you for the honesty and strength of your metal Sam Gaines. I can relate to some of the rudeness you have to deal with. As a Bi MtF CD Escort I deal with rude comments as well but they just make me more determined to carry on and never return the rude comments. I often counsel men with their nervousness about trying someone like me for the first time. I have been very successful doing that and have made many friends and help them with other disappointments in their life. Keep up the good work Sam and continue being very personable and understanding. You are right when you say it feels great to see the smiles on their faces when the find they can trust you. I am lucky to see that with the men I have counseled, pleasured and shown something they hadn't experienced before. It is my pleasure to give them a Great Experience without any attitude and never rush our sessions.
  11. Thank you @lydiahardwood, @Allie Zeonand @waterat.It looks like Twitter is trying to block anyone that is trying to inform law abiding citazens about dangerous violent sexual predators in our communities. The Edmonton City Police have warned about this sexual predator in our community yesterday in a news release. Why is Twitter trying to protect these types of low lifes. I know we are supposed to be all positive with our comments here on Lyla but I feel the general public should be aware of these persons in our neighbourhoods. Below is the Edmonton Police Service warning of this person EDMONTON -- The Edmonton Police Service is issuing a warning about a convicted sexual offender who has been released in the Edmonton area. EPS says Russell Sikyea is not subject to any court orders or conditions. Police also believe he poses a significant risk of harm to the community, especially to vulnerable women. Sikyea has a history of breaking into homes and sexually assaulting women. He also has a history of voyeurism and breaking into the homes of women, including minors, when they’re sleeping. Police said his risk for violence, including sexual violence, increases with the consumption of drugs and alcohol. Anyone who sees Sikyea in public should avoid him. He is described as 5’6”, weighing 208 pounds. He has black hair, brown eyes, and the word “blessed” tattooed on his right cheek. Anyone with information about Sikyea can contact the Edmonton Police Service at 780-423-4567.
  12. I may have to try this site. Last night I retweeted a tweet informing everyone about a sex offender in Edmonton. My Twitter account has now been suspended. I don't know how to have my account unlocked. Maybe Lips is the way to go. I have to get ready to go to work so I will check this site out tomorrow.
  13. Thank you @Kitten for the sweet comment, If I can help anyone at all with advice or my experiences I am happy to do so. I see @Andee feels the same way I do and thank you for being a caring and helpful person. Keep being real, we all love you for that.
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