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    One night while licking between the tulips, with my nose all furry and warm, it occured to me that every flower is the sex organ of its plant.
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  1. I was pleasantly surprised when i first visited Anna's Place in Kitchener. There are usually two other girls working with Anna. The banter is amusing. The incall location is situated in an apartment building, but there is a private outside entrance away from the lights of the parking lot. All of the girls are very clean about themselves and patrons are offered a shower before the session. Anna herself, is quite hospitable and quite versatile. She has very excellent oral technique and is skilled beyond her years. If you are an aficionado of Asian companions you will notice that the usual auditory accompaniment is missing. This is the kind of session where you can take your time and enjoy her to the fullest. My experience there is that she always goes out of her way to make the experience memorable, and as a mature gentleman i will say that she is the hardest working companion i have ever been with, who treats my pleasure as her only priority. The great service does not stop at the climax as you are ushered to a shower and accompanied back to the room to change. I have been using companions exclusively for about 3 years now Anna's Place is top shelf.
  2. OK ..... boomer here. I started buzzing my hair at about 40 years of age due to inherent pattern baldness, i was working welding in the boiler industry in a high heat environment wearing a skull cap which was wet all summer long. I don't like my look, not because of the hair issue, but because i'm an ugly old fart. I understand that most women put a huge amount of thought into their look, and as a gentleman i appreciate it. I am wondering if a lady buzzed her hair, would she compensate by accentuating her facial features more with makeup, or are the facial features just more visible due to the lack of hair? Personally, i think that Sugar Caine's rainbow hair is really great looking. My grandaughter usually does a 3 color mix, but that changes quite frequently. She is high school age and very laid back otherwise. I am always looking to better understand how the fairer (i hope this is ok) sex thinks and feels, so i will take any comments with an open mind. happywan
  3. I first learned about the choking thing during sex from a movie called Rising Sun (i think) with Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes. Sean Connery called the victim a 'gasper'. Also David Carradine from Kung Fu died in Bankok by hanging and the unofficial story was that he liked being fellated while being deprived of air. The closest i can come to relating to gasping is positioning my face under a BBW's business end and having her drop all of her weight down and grind. NOT FUN! Just happened recently i might add. Double diping transfers bacteria and if proper evacuation and multiple douches are not followed can lead to infections and illnesses. We did do it once in a drunken stupor in the 80's and neither one of us had any symptoms but luck happens to fools and saints alike. The thing that i find totally unbelievable in porn is dry anal. I mean, i like riding the speed bumb as much as anyone but i couldn't imagine it dry. That must be excruciating. Lubing with saliva. I was married to the same girl for a very long time and as menopause approaches, (or she got tired and just wanted to sleep), my wife would get dry. So i would slather some saliva on my hand and wind it down the girth and length and keep on laying pipe. We didn't consider it unsafe or unclean as i like to pay oral attention to my favorite orifice as foreplay and there would be saliva already in the mixture, so meh. This very thing happened to me. I got up and dressed and left right then and there. I do like sleeping with younger women, but would like to qualify this by saying that - At one time i was her age and when i am with her i am re-experiencing part of my youth that i probably didn't appreciate fully when i was young. Young men are such fools and i was no different Just my two cents worth, Happywan
  4. Thank you Allie for your genuine and educational reply. Your reponses were heartfelt and i am pleased to see that the caring aspect of your job is important not only for yourself, but your clients as well. Your reply was educational for me in that I had no idea what the draw was for the Only Fans movement that has taken off. I have never paid for porn or really anything else on the internet and could not see why, short of obsession, anyone would pay for this service. However, when i read in your reply that only fans and social media is one way for your fans to get to know you in a more personal way, the recognition of how much this could help lonely people feel like they are a part of something or someone else's life gave me an 'aha' moment that i had otherwise not personally understood. As someone who has been playing with computers since before the internet, i have never indulged in social media, ever, as i have always been very security conscious and protected myself and my familys personal information. So again, thank you for the insight. My sister was a model and my daughter works in the arts in Toronto, so i understand how professionally taken headshots do not always realistically reflect the subject in their day to day existence, but i do see through to natural beauty and yes, you are that gorgeous. Just sayin' Again thank you, you have answered my question quite fully and have given me the opportunity to see from another perspective how sophisticated a professional such as yourself must be when dealing with a varied clientele. happywan
  5. Hello Veronica, there is a comfort inn in waterloo on weber street and another one in cambridge on holiday inn drive. They both have rooms with an exterior entrance.
  6. Greenteal wrote: I have been to places in my city where i was certain that the girls were there, and i am assuming here, to pay off a debt for being brought to this country or being trafficked. As you might imagine it is hard to get them to open up to a 'white ghost', the asian term for white men, but i sat with a girl who was very emotional about the rough treatment she received from customers. She didn't cry, but she was one step away. We talked some and then I just hugged her until she said time was up. I raised daughters. That was an emotionally devastating experience for me. As a dad i ran the gauntlet of emotions as you might imagine.
  7. I have a question. How do you deal with men who are very intimidated by very beautiful women such as yourself? I am not 'your average guy' and was considered good looking/ attractive in my day, but even in a business setting i am very intimidated by high scale women. A bit of background, i am a hopeless romantic from the tender age of 5 yars old, and was married to the most beautiful girl in the world for almost 40 years. I see SPs regularly and use the experience to remember and re-live the intimacy that was in my life.
  8. Excellent interview Andee. I am one of those guys. I tried to get with you when you were last in Kitchener and am sorry i missed out. You are the exact age of provider i am drawn to. I was married to the same girl for several decades and women of your age seem to intuit exactly what men my age need in terms of conversation and emotional support. Not pandering, but acceptance and awareness. You are still 'young stuff' to me. 😉 I will see you when you come back. Old guys need love too!
  9. My Uncle Mac introduced me to mustard sanwiches and baked bean sandwiches. I haven't had either since i was about eight years old so, just sayin'
  10. I have been using escorts for the past few years exclusively for my sexual needs. I am a single mature caucasian genleman. When i started as a hobbyist i ws looking for mature caucasian women and found a few that i clicked with and as i enjoy familiarity i tend to see the same women until circumstances dictate a change. Most of the 50 YO providers have hung up their nighties, so to speak and a couple of years ago i started seeing Asian women. I usually go for mature women i can find, but have found that Asian escorts actually enjoy entertaining gentlemen of my age. Now for my quandry, have i developed an asian fetish, or is it that i prefer asians to other races. It may be that i have not really paid that much attention to Asian women, as i was married for almost 40 years, but now i find them to be very attractive en masse. I only search Asian ethnicity. Is this 'Yellow Fever' or just a personal preference? happywan4748
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