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  1. Thank you @EmilyRushton and @lydiahardwood , great topic and awesome approach to scrrening Emily.
  2. 9 months Covid Hiatus or Baby ;-)*
  3. Wow I am very Impressed ! Great interview @SamGaines, its obvious you know yourself and (your Clientele) and a good understanding of women. Thank you @Allie Zeon for your contirbution to this thread ,it really asked the questions I found myself asking in my mind . My only wish after seeing Sams website was that I could follow him on twitter , I hope a profile for there is in the works!,. I wish there more Highly Professional male escorts like Sam in Canada , specifically Vancouver .
  4. Aw thank you , for your kind words , it would be my pleasure to meet and also to connect on twitter . I tried to come out east last summer , but could not enter , maybe next year ,since this summer seems too many lockdowns 😞 , Anything I can help you with regarding the westcoast just ask away .
  5. thank you , you are too kind ! I am really new here , and would have a very hard time deciding between @EmilyRushton, and @MsManda amazing ladys !
  6. Say Hello to your lil Kitty ;-)* for me , You Mama/daddy of a Friskie Feline!!! The infamous MIzz Beatrix lol
  7. Very impressive to see such wisdom from such a young lady! Well done @Clara Fonseca @lydiahardwood Great topic , I am always learning so much on your site!
  8. Thank you for sharing , I learned a few things I never thought of ,. I am new to touring , just 1 year only , and I will ad some security for my next Canada wide tour for sure !
  9. Masterbation is a form of Self Love and self care, I need to have more of both , its very easy to put ourselves last, and take care of ohers needs and not our own . Love this thread , Love yourselves Everybody!
  10. UPDATE Twitter @avamarialove Sorry I do not see an edit button
  11. I wish I could like this post and thank you for it , we all make mistakes sometime in our communication , or say things that other have difficulty hearing , the thing is to try to understand the speakers perception and have empathetic and compassionate speaking and listening skills as well and attempting to use consideration and diplomacy when communcating , It really does take "Two to Tango " wink wink I m so new I hope it is ok to reply , to this , sorry I think it is usually a 6 month time limit to reply .
  12. I love this post , I wish it was a tweet I could retweet into the Universe and make it go Viral!
  13. Thank you @Mikeyboy @clearbluesky15 @Phaedrus @waterat For the time and attention you have given to my interview . @Mikeyboy I am so with you in the appreciation of @lydiahardwoodit is so nice to have found a board that is a civil and positive place , without the toxicity that a few boards have . It is truly refreshing . @clearbluesky15 Yes I agreee it is important for both client and Service providers to remain open to discussion in this civil way to facilitate learning how to be better as Providers as well as clients too . @Phaedrus I am sorry to admit that a few people have mistaken me for one of those ladys, the "all boards are toxic" type , but that has never been my beleif or attitude . My mind does not paint in broad brush strokes , generalizations or stereotypes, I was fortunate last summer to use the London Sugar board in Ontario and the Caf board in Calgary , on my cross Canada Tour , and I did enjoy both of those boards . I looked forward to beng on the east coast and being active here on Lyla . I was attempting to go coast to coast but , the East Coast was closed or I would have been active in the maritimes for a few weeks , one day I will make it . @waterat #1 thank you so much for such a great reply , first point , Love learning all of this , it is brillant. #2 Boom ! , YAY!!! #3 you pretty much summed up what a lot of newbie or ( urgent ) clients do to thi own determent . They simply rush the process and or settle then post negativity that is often unwarranted , if they did thier homework they would not get scammed and or find a better fit . I need help with the "Leolist is not our friend " ? part of your comment ?,I love Leolist I am legit and reputable , and I think my ad stands out as so on there, so I love how easy it is to screen the men contacting me from there , by thier approach lol , its not hard to tell the men that did not do thier homework ,so I kindly educate them , so they can be better clients for me or other ladys in the future . Whew I did it , was kinda nervous , I have often and recently had my words twisted beyond reognition, so I do have a little apprehension and anxiety replying to new people . BARE lol with me , nothing I say is ever written in stone , I reserve the right to change my mind , and break the unspoken internet law of including typos lol wink wink .
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