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  1. At the beginning. They have a printed menu placed on the table. You tell her what you want before you start. Pretty mechanical and takes some of the excitement out of the whole encounter, in my opinion.
  2. Yup Ohmy ads are taken from old posts on other sites. I had actually contacted SP Ella one day using the number from her ad on there. Ended being some guy who was pissed. I found another number for her and told her about the ad she had up with this number on it. She looked and said that ad was 4 years old. She hadn’t used that number in a couple of years.
  3. My opinion - if guys want just a massage, the majority of the time they’ll go to a legit massage business with trained RMTs and use medical benefits to cover the cost. If they are visiting businesses like Stadacona, there is a certain level of expectation they’re looking for. This is why guys ask questions about certain businesses and, frankly, one of the main reasons these forums exist.
  4. Google the name. It’s 1360 Main
  5. Hey Lubefree and Veronica - I’d be willing to take the offer of a free massage off your hands, if it’s transferable. I have no shame 😆
  6. Seen her a few times over the years. Amazing body and great service. She does it all. Only set back is she has had a rough life and it shows. Face isn’t the greatest and last time I saw her, she was missing a tooth. 🤷‍♂️
  7. I thought we had a thread on her but I can’t find it 🤷‍♂️ Anyone else get included in her group text that shows everyone’s phone numbers? Thankfully I use a text app so it’s not my real number.
  8. I contacted “her” as well. Got bad vibes. Seems like a scam. I was given super cheap rates and told I can do whatever I want. I’ll be passing.
  9. So you were a little bit drunk and drove there? Did your small head make that decision too?
  10. I heard there’s a Community Facebook page with pictures of anyone who visits there. Faces, license plates, credit card info, home addresses, and the colour of your underwear.
  11. Don’t. Read somewhere recently a guy got robbed by her “friend” who walked in after she took the money.
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