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  1. Lol so many guys butthurt over this!
  2. Pretty sure it’s Jas from Oui. But don’t quote me on that.
  3. So you’re saying there’s still a chance…
  4. It’s within Lyla but a closed club. Invitations only to join. Been around for years but recently it’s been modded to death. Click the 3 lines at top corner of this webpage. Browse under clubs.
  5. The first rule of Wpg massage club is to not talk about Wpg massage club.
  6. Kmoppai is thinking of Broadway. Not balmoral.
  7. So read posts from the last month. Nothing new will be said that hasn’t already been posted. And he’ll get more information that way than asking others to give a list of places and names.
  8. Dude. There are literally dozens of threads here. Go read through them.
  9. That was obvious from day 1 that he/she signed up. All the “reviews” were only from a group of certain establishments. So it’s ok for an owner to masquerade as a customer to shill their own business. Yet if one of us makes a comment about receiving poor service then we get in trouble. Got it.
  10. We have a private massage group chat. It’s pretty much dead. Mod steps in, chastises us for saying things against the rules even though no one can see what we’re saying, then deletes 2/3 of our posts and comments. 🤷‍♂️
  11. I’ve noticed over past few months that the amount of discussion on this site is nothing like it was a year or more ago. Even the private massage group is completely dead. Just wondering if it’s due to the long list of DND, lack of any new talent in the city, or too many restrictions on what we can and cannot talk about on here? Other similar sites appear to have a more active membership.
  12. Using the search function might be your first step….just saying.
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