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  1. JLeeLewis

    Hope - Osborne Village

    Hey the back of sev is where all the cool kids hang out. Don’t be dissing it!
  2. JLeeLewis

    3000 pembina

    So you were a little bit drunk and drove there? Did your small head make that decision too?
  3. JLeeLewis

    kijji 4202

    I heard there’s a Community Facebook page with pictures of anyone who visits there. Faces, license plates, credit card info, home addresses, and the colour of your underwear.
  4. JLeeLewis

    kijji 4202

  5. JLeeLewis

    Courtney on K

    Don’t. Read somewhere recently a guy got robbed by her “friend” who walked in after she took the money.
  6. JLeeLewis

    Kitty on Kijiji

    Link to this infamous FB page?
  7. I, for one, appreciate any bait and switch postings. Sharing of information is why this site exists. Keep on posting.
  8. JLeeLewis

    Kitty on Kijiji

    Have to agree. I have many connections in the old st vital area. No one has heard of this FB group. Searching for it gives no results. I’ll need more than just one member’s statements to verify if this is true. Until then, I’ll keep visiting Kitty. Just be smart. Park a street or two over or in juniors parking lot. Come in through the back.
  9. JLeeLewis

    Red - Kijiji Massage

    Have you seen her? Or anyone else in the Wpg massage scene? You have 1000s of posts over the past year in numerous threads in cities across the country. Yet none are reviews or recommendations. Just snarky comments telling people what they should do or not do. A lot of us are getting tired of the trolling. We’d appreciate actual intel on providers. Have a nice day.
  10. JLeeLewis

    Berlyn on LL

    I disagree. Misleading statements are the equivalent to using fake pics. If you can’t be comfortable with honestly describing yourself and the services you provide then this business isn’t for you. The guys reading the ads are expecting one thing based on the ad’s wording but end up with something they did not expect.
  11. JLeeLewis

    M/F four hands

    Who have you seen with regards to this type of service? Any recommendations? Specifically in Toronto or Ottawa.
  12. JLeeLewis

    R3Y 0Y6

    Or “my recommendation is to seek out other providers”
  13. JLeeLewis

    Tips included

    Disagree. This is a review board. If someone has a less than stellar experience, it’s courteous to let the rest of us know, respectfully.
  14. JLeeLewis

    south pembina

    I tried to high 5 you but you ignored me 😞
  15. JLeeLewis

    Massage places

    Any thoughts on other places? Ummmm why not read through the hundreds of posts in this section?