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  1. Pretty sure it’s LE. They’re tracking frequent users of the site. They’ve hacked into your computer. Fact. 😜
  2. I don’t know…third base.
  3. When you use your own random rating system, no one has any idea what you mean. That being said, I give her a 23.7 on my happiness scale.
  4. I hope anyone who has contacted them in the past, or any provider for that matter, is using a burner phone or a text app.
  5. I’m no Sherlock Holmes but I’m pretty sure it’s on Carlton. My first hunch was the title of this thread.
  6. I’ve tried every place. But some I won’t return to because of pushy sales tactics. For example, when owners of certain places post fake reviews or bump threads to the top of the list by putting a “.” in the thread. Not cool. So I avoid those places that do that.
  7. Michale, I’m curious. You have nothing but good things to say about 832 and St Marys but have had negative reviews about other locations. Are there any other locations besides 832 and Crystal where you’ve had a positive experience? Thompson Dr? Osborne group? Stadacona? Independents?
  8. Dude - this thread is from 2 years ago
  9. My neighbour’s cousin’s mother-in-law’s dog walker says she is out of the business. This is a completely legit source. Or not....
  10. We are all aware of her. She’s been discussed many times. Constantly changes her name to try and fool people. I can’t comment further without violating the rules of the board.
  11. The wonders of modern medicine! ( . ) ( . )
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