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  1. I have seen Tiffany several times since her enlargment. She still gives the same top quality service as she always has. She has a new place now and its well lYed out and very nice. In a nut shell still the same warm inviting heart of gold as always.
  2. You mentioned a good point Connoissaurus that she can run late. In fact her LL ad now recommends to book a half hour earlier than needed to allow her to get ready. In my view a small adjustment since she is not watching the clock.
  3. You're welcome no problem I have not seen Skylar Fox however i did message with her for an evening...she requiored a deposit to be sent before continuing.... With only a Leo List ad and no website , membership on here or any other references to go by it is not recomended to send money.... And to be clear there are ladies on here that are well established enough to consider deposit sending....
  4. Moncton girls in their twenties that are real and worth seeing. Tiffany Marie Carmen Capttivating Cleo There are a few to check out in that age range for starters.....
  5. Yes i see your point Greenteal.....to easy to blur the lines and get ads that really only benifit the agency and draw in members looking for a provider that is long gone. Well perhaps even thou most of us agree all providers should get a recommendation it may be best for the site in the long run to restrict recommendations to providers that work a more independed nature regardless if they are members .
  6. Good day all, I chose to vote for any and all providers that give consent should be allowed to have a recommendation posted... The form we fill out does leave a choice between independent and agency , however most of the recommendations posted touch very little on availablity.. Discussing the topic with a new to you provider makes some nice get to know conversation and shows interest that may covince them to stay longer...Along with more material for the recommendation.. I too could add availablity to my posts in the future as well.... As mentioned in previous comments agency providers can be more difficult to get the word out due to name changes or being relocated however if they are worth the post it should be done....
  7. I agree Letsplay....she has become the fav for me now....and looking forward to next visit.....my b-day is in 2½ months and ill be looking into that......Happy belated letsplay....
  8. This is my second visit with Dawn, once in Nov and again this month..(Dec) Parking is no problen, there were a few simple instructions for her location to allow her to see you for meeting.... Her incall is an apartment so a full bathroom is available and a room designated for appointments.. As a provider her enthusiasm reminds me of a new girlfriend about two days after you have reached a physical level and become quite comforable.. Dawns GFE puts many others behind the eight ball with such things as not watching the clock , in fact there was no clock in the room . Once either of our sessions begain she did not look at her phone juring either of my visits.. Dawn proved experance not only as a provider but also as a woman , so regardless if your personality calls for slow build up or right down to business she adaped equally well to both... A must visit indeed , will repeat !!
  9. Greetings Gents This morning I took the time to see Carmen. A simple "Wow" will make a nice start to this recommendation. Her text messages were friendly and prompt. I recieved a brief list of services and their applied donation. Carmen was happy to clarify a few questions regarding her restrictions and after booking she took it apon herself to send a beautiful and classy photo as a nice gesture. Her incall had lots of parking and was easy to access. Inside the room had everything requiored to enjoy a visit. Carmen's personalityis frendly , out going and she is a great conversationalist. Her phyical features out do her stunning photos and her physical skills are on equal footing to all her other qualities.. Carmen is top drawer in all categories Will definitely repeat.
  10. I would like to nominate TiffanyMarie. What I love about Tiffany is her energy , creative ideas and the amount of effort she puts into our sessions and her spa. Our first visit was late 2014 and since then the chemistry has grown to a level far exceeding any experance I've had before we met. Choosing her would be a nice way to say thank you.
  11. My vote is to go see Tiffany Marie or Alexx Banks at Touched by an Angle Massage. I have been seeing Tiff since 2014 . If you like young beautful intelligent lades who don't watch the clock Touched by an Angle might be worth your time. As a repeat client I know both Tiff and Alex have excellent memory recall always making the next session better. If your a first timer with them the new place is in a good area and very clean inside. There is a good shower and a nice shower package for two. Heated massage table. Something you don't often hear about is they never over book themselfs so you get lots of spunk and undivided attention from who ever you choose . There is also a duo package available which is a blast. Introduce yourself to eather of them you won't be disapointed.
  12. Seen Cristy this morning for the first time . She was visiting St John and we had a super great time in her hotel room. The lady is excellent in every sense of the word. Arraingments were simple to make with a simple phone call a half hour before to get her room number. She can't make it any easier. She makes it easy to get to know her with great conversation. She has plenty of pictures to show how beautiful she is and they are accurate and up to date. She was very passionate physically and gave and wonderful massage with more then her hands. If a chance is had to go see her I vote you take it. I will again !
  13. Just had a duo with LeanaVegas & Tiffany Marie at the new place.Its called Touchedbyanangle by Tiffany Marie. Parking and access are super good. They both welcomed me with open arms lots of touching and undivided attention. The girls started me at the couch to carry on setting the mood after they moved me to the massage table. What a team they are. A warm four hand rub down listening to them discuess what they wanted to do to me later. That was fun and it worked for me. From there we headed to the bedroom . Wish I could discribe that but I got to see and touch everybodys tatoos. I have been seeing Tiff for a wile now but I will also be returning for Leana too. The place is great and safe but anyone in their right mind knows we go to see the girls. Young beautiful mature and no drama. A great place for any mature gent to enjoy himself. If you enjoy wine they served me some good Merlot.
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