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  1. That walk up the stairs was awesome, I loved that place or at that place or … well you know what I mean. Always thought it would open up again, location was kinda shitty for the neighbours but was definitely a staple in Winnipegs history.
  2. That didn’t work out so good in the end, that place was great and open late, lots of lovely ladies bounced through their
  3. I have never asked for a specific provider at this place I just take who I get and always been happy
  4. Does any one have her listing, would like to check her out.
  5. I had the pleasure of seeing this lady the other day, other than me actually finding her apartment right away, massage was very sensual and she is gorgeous with a awesome body, I also thought the donation was good value.
  6. I love small breasted woman as well.
  7. I am I treated as well a PM is fine. Thanks.
  8. I ( long overdue) visited Michelle for a 90 minute session, it was just as advertised and took me into bliss, I would highly recommend, have to give her sister a try when time permits.
  9. I tried her out last summer and like someone said she talks a lot but very willing to accommodate any requests 😃
  10. I think the stretching technique is Refered to as a Sweedish massage ? Had a Sweedish massage years ago and the gal twisted me up like a pretzel 🥨, this is my first reply as Wildstallion2 not sure what went on with my first account that I have had for 15 or more years same email everything ?
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