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  1. It's called being smart and not a tight ass "Don't shit where you eat"
  2. Here we go again. Another "I want a R&T and and I want my insurance to pay for it" thread. 🤣 I wonder how many people have been let go, because GWL or Blue Cross let's their employer know they've been getting "questionable" massage therapy from the receipts submitted. Any tales of woe out there?
  3. The Studio, Honeypot, Doll House all have higher overhead due to costs for the location (rent, utilities, insurance), security, management and profitability for the owner. The convenience for the girls working there is that they have a space to ply there trade, separate from their home environment. That comes at a lower hourly take home rate, as they have to pay the house fee (whatever it is). So some these girls will decide to go on their own, with the prospect of making more per hour but then dealing with the costs/risks themselves. Both business models work, and have their advantage and disadvantages.
  4. If you search in Google: erotic review board Canada You'll get a good list of the boards that are active. There's one dedicated for the Pacific and Prairies that has higher activity in Manitoba.
  5. Don't you see how your dancing around this subject is negative to this provider? If you're going to tar someone with that brush, then have the courage to provide more details (screenshots, details, etc.) and put it in the Warning sub. Otherwise, it's just hearsay.
  6. Because what you're saying is potentially very damaging to this provider, you're better off putting this information in the "Warning" board with the details of your encounter. There are a lot of providers that offer "some unprotected services", so rather than level a "loose" accusation towards her, stand behind your experience with the details that can be further confirmed by others.
  7. Lydia was all over the place with her moderation, but to be fair, it's not a one person job. The administrators that took over, were asleep at the wheel for a long time and not engaged. So there's been some knee-jerk reactions. Because the forum rules have been skewed so far over to the SP side, the membership (which is skewed more towards the client side) has been reluctant to post. Even in the absence of moderation. It wasn't always like this. Ten plus years ago, this was a thriving site and got away from the "locker room" feel of other boards. There was healthy involvement between providers and clients. It was a fun place to come to and share information. After Bill C-36 came in, there was a noticeable shift and that aforementioned skew occurred. "You reap what you sow" is very appropriate for this board. Can they sow something different on here? Hard to say and if so, do the owners/admins even care? Just scroll up and you'll see the banners for the LL family of sites. If you go on to Winnipeg section of LL and look at the ads over the past 24 hours, how many of those ads are fakes? At least half, I'd say. So this board is dependent on the revenue from the traffic to a site that is reliant on the ads posted by scammers. That rot has to be dealt with before anything meaningful can happen here. Now, let's see how long this thread stays up. Ha ha.
  8. Yeah, go Chinese and make sure you order one each of: Suc Mi Wang Pho Qu Long Cream of Sum Yum Gai
  9. Starting this new thread for Michelle, as the last one was a year and a half ago. Saw Michelle's recent ad with new photos, and she's looking absolutely great. Looks like she's put in a lot of hard work and it's paid off! I recognized I didn't chime in last year, to provide my feedback/support. I've seen Michelle for her various massages offered and they were well worth the experience. She has a great therapeutic touch, then add the sensuality on top of that plus she is very professional both in and around the experience. Can't go wrong with her. With Leanne back and the occasional offering of duos (which have been lauded in the past), I'm going to book that experience in the near future.
  10. Have seen Avaa in the past and it was an ok experience. I haven't repeated. Haven't seen Leanne, but have seen Michelle about a year ago or so and repeated with her. But with this thread on Leanne/Avaa, I'll start a separate recommendation for Michelle.
  11. NP, just trying to give you credit for your sleuthing. Wasn't there more posts in this thread last week? Guessing there was another cleansing that went on.
  12. Well if it wasn't plainly obvious on this page, guess the formal request needs to be put in 🙃: @lydiahardwood, reporting @cbucky as a shill by own admission: Previous posts have been squeezing members for information about happy ending services from other providers and as noted by @Rom, this contradictory post:
  13. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/manitoba/winnipeg_winn_sept_dates_open_now_best_massage_mature_no_judgement-5969922?source=list. I've seen her post on previous visits, and thinking about seeing her in September. Has anyone seen her and can share their experience? I used to go see a lady in the exchange for a similarly styled massage, so I'm hoping it's like that. Thanks in advance.
  14. Think the closed down late-2018. Noticed Penny at the studio used to be Brooklyn at 553.
  15. As a suggestion, you could book one of the theme rooms at the Quality Inn on Pembina and have you're favorite SP outcall to you. I've done that with a few of my top ladies.
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