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  1. To be helpful, and since you're posting on this board, you may want to check out Sexy Sara. Does massages (and just about everything else), so you can live out your fantasy. She advertises on the other board
  2. She's at the new place located on St. Mary's https://www.kijiji.ca/v-massage/winnipeg/magnificent-massage-nails/1674433977
  3. From what I've read on the other board, the service is good but the incall is sketchy. However, just seeing today she's back at The Studio, so that mitigates the latter point.
  4. Looks like you're having some confusion with your multiple usernames son!
  5. Can't you still get the SIM cards at 7-11? If not, the other carriers will have pay-as-you-go SIM cards. If you're looking for an actual phone, then Amazon has a wide range of unlocked or go second hand on Kijiji or Marketplace.
  6. I wouldn't be too heartless here. The first guy they took down was charged with sexual assault but wasn't convicted on it. He probably made the deal to plead guilty to the material benefit charge only. Could very well be that these other girls turned informant because Emma wasn't providing security from bad dates. Because we do know there are POS clients out there, based on past stories on here. All conjecture of course. If it goes to trial, we'll hear all about it, I'm sure
  7. No doubt, on the surface, this was a good operation for the past couple of years. There was always alot of conversation and high praise around the girls working for them. Hell, look at all of the Honeypot threads on both boards since they got shut down! But there was something they weren't doing right by some of the girls, that caused them to cooperate with the CEU. Could have been taking too much money off of their revenue, or not providing the appropriate security. Whatever it was, they were able to give CEU the linkages they needed to make the arrests. This second time around, was just a slam dunk for the CEU. They basically went back to the same operating model within a couple of months of the first arrest. Investigation was probably as close to "Copy and Paste" as you could get!
  8. Here was the WPS news release from the bust earlier this month: https://www.winnipeg.ca/news/2023-02-22-sexual-procurement-arrest-c23-19849
  9. You got it Park Pontiac! Here was the press release from last June: https://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/probe-into-winnipeg-human-trafficking-ring-nets-three-year-sentence-wps-1.5961885 So around the time the group started to fracture back in 2020, with some of the girls starting up another shop, the CEU had a couple of the girls come forward to assist with the investigation. They shut down the operation back in 2021 and charged the man running it with the procurement, advertising, material benefit and assault, but only got the guilty plea on the material benefit. So it looks like once they got done with this guy last June, they booted up their investigation again in July on this lady they've charged now with running the group. You absolutely know that WPS was trolling the first guy running it. Since he looks like he was into Poker, they named the investigation "Project Bluff"!
  10. It must be slow around here if the Grammar Nazis are out in force...
  11. It's called being smart and not a tight ass "Don't shit where you eat"
  12. Here we go again. Another "I want a R&T and and I want my insurance to pay for it" thread. 🤣 I wonder how many people have been let go, because GWL or Blue Cross let's their employer know they've been getting "questionable" massage therapy from the receipts submitted. Any tales of woe out there?
  13. The Studio, Honeypot, Doll House all have higher overhead due to costs for the location (rent, utilities, insurance), security, management and profitability for the owner. The convenience for the girls working there is that they have a space to ply there trade, separate from their home environment. That comes at a lower hourly take home rate, as they have to pay the house fee (whatever it is). So some these girls will decide to go on their own, with the prospect of making more per hour but then dealing with the costs/risks themselves. Both business models work, and have their advantage and disadvantages.
  14. If you search in Google: erotic review board Canada You'll get a good list of the boards that are active. There's one dedicated for the Pacific and Prairies that has higher activity in Manitoba.
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