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  1. Let's see if anyone knows if she's real super hot looking on today's leolist 2000plus views 587 area code looks hispanic
  2. Hey guys just got teal and good Mya is in Sydney wish I was she's great..possibly Yeni is real too..
  3. Remember this is a basic massage with an seasoned non certified masseuse with a very little flair and leolist options with Asian Jasmine better..IMO
  4. Visiting Sydney today..tonight again 8 ads on leolist one real Kimmy for Aug 7 and 8th don't understand waste of time with these fake ads..need LL To do something..
  5. Let's strive to keep ladies like Ivona aka barbie Zora I call her beautiful and the Best and all the other hard working locals ladies that keep it real..I know the Montreal stuff is tempting but we have it here already boys..
  6. Great to here your back ..looking forward to booking times on here or leolist??
  7. I hear YFL doesn't have Rose French working anymore that's why all the random ladies coming..heard she's on her own..
  8. Of course Sydney does have its regular established ladies that frequent however why so many fake ads and Nadia 27 juicy pussy come back!!
  9. What's oh my doll and how to connect..
  10. I saw her name and hoped she was back..I and many others would pay more to see her back ..Hopefully she reads or here's about the great interest in her return..
  11. Just curious I see a ad for Allyssa Faye..wasn't there a Ally Faye a real stunner..
  12. Why are there so many fake ads in Sydney..when I visit Sydney would be nice if they had more Nadia 9677 types not Cori..or deposit scams..
  13. Still hoping for Ivona or Rose French to re appear
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