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  1. One of YFLs best newest addition..
  2. Have but no reply hopefully advertises soon..🤞
  3. Yes Lemmy Why don't we help each other make it simple..I must say I must report any positive experience with a young Asian girl in the future but there has been so few almost never the pics are very seldom close..usually big rush session room a mess everything robotic and language barrier..
  4. Aka Ivona Fox.... Barbie ..maybe she's not coming back..there must be someone else that's close working in HRM
  5. FYI ..Rose went out on her own long ago if she enjoyed the company of who she was with so nothing new...
  6. Still hoping to see Ivona on the leolist soon!!
  7. Is this the Jade that advertised in Dartmouth for a while super thin blonde??
  8. Let's see if anyone knows if she's real super hot looking on today's leolist 2000plus views 587 area code looks hispanic
  9. Remember this is a basic massage with an seasoned non certified masseuse with a very little flair and leolist options with Asian Jasmine better..IMO
  10. Great to here your back ..looking forward to booking times on here or leolist??
  11. I hear YFL doesn't have Rose French working anymore that's why all the random ladies coming..heard she's on her own..
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