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  1. If you would click on the link provided then you would know
  2. Kingkylie Do you have any reviews?
  3. Yea be careful out there you just might get robbed
  4. And the only guy that recommended her just joined lyla 10 hrs ago
  5. That could work both ways send a picture of yourself to the ladies, maybe they wont be attracted to you. Myself its not the appearance of the lady offering the service its the quality of the servive that they offer
  6. She posted visiting Truro at the same time as madisson on friday both descriptions were pretty close jenna 4'11 and 115 lbs madisson was 5'1 115 lbs i messaged madisson asked if there was a deposit required she didnt reply i messaged jenna and there was no reply after that, then noticed she posted in Sydney at the same time that she posted in Truro
  7. I went to see Cherry love when she opened the door i was speechless . she had a sexy body, beautiful eyes and amazing smile. Her personality was top notch very easy to talk to. Her services is nothing to compare and wasn't rushed. Im definitely going back to see her, and guys dont miss out
  8. Go with your gut!!!! 90% of them ads are too good to be true
  9. I would have to say sexii lexi
  10. Everyone has a different opinion, it all depends on what type of ass youre looking for nice round ass, flat ass or a fat ass?
  11. She is fun to be with and her pictures are real
  12. I've seen Chloe a few times she is real, fun to be around
  13. When you ask them how many girls are there they always say 2
  14. The answer to your question I'm guessing no. By looking at the map location she's in the Clayton park area. Good chance it's at the house mentioned in other threads.best to avoid!!!
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