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  1. She's back on the scene again now in her hometown New Glasgow beware guys!!!
  2. I'm pretty sure by looking at the pictures she used to go by chole that worked mostly in Truro and was Alexis's duo partner a couple of years ago
  3. Don't rule out the yfl ladies they are trustworthy
  4. I tried twice they won't post it
  5. She changed her name to Maddy becareful !!!!
  6. Avoid this one I got robbed the other night when she was visiting Truro buddy had a tazer and wanted me to empty my pockets pm for more info
  7. Has anyone seen this lady yet?
  8. I totally agree, she's a sweetheart
  9. I do agree they are real ,pics are not them though
  10. It can also be the over priced hotels that are keeping the ladies from entertaining
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