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  1. She's jasmine from halifax her duo partner was Tina they both change names and pictures
  2. I went once last year I think it was to see Monica and same instructors at the back and wait. When I did walk in it was a total bait and switch the woman was in her 40s and not good looking at all I ended up walking out she tried to beg me to stay. I can't say it's all bait and switch I do stay away from the Asian ads
  3. Tasha is worth seeing she does have a few restrictions, but honestly she is favorite
  4. It seems like the review board picks and chooses what they want.
  5. No it's not from sweetie ,Bea or any of the local women it's a national wide scam
  6. This is the Mandy that I'm talking about last phone digits 0144
  7. The only good comment towards her was from El Blanco if you check out the post and the dates her/ she joined lyla the same day of the post ,go figure
  8. I agree with all the other comments on Pamela. It's her last day here let's hope she returns soon . She has amazing skills
  9. Best bet is avoid listing hotel names addresses and any other locations let the providers give you that information.
  10. Hey guys Amy is back in town for a few days. I had the pleasure in meeting this stunning lady. I must say guys, she has a toned body very nice bubble butt, sexy legs and perfectly firm c cup breasts . Her personality is great makes you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in the door.
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