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  1. Had the opportunity to meet Savannah yesterday. What she posts on Lyla under schedules section is completely accurate. She is definitely the girl next door type and she is very easy to talk to. You need to book at least a day out which works for me but might not work for everyone. She offers a safe GFE and only has a few restrictions which are similar to a good percentage of the ladies. I will not provide details of my encouter as I believe this is between her and I. In conclusion all I can say is Savannah is a very beautiful women and I will definetly try to see her next time I'm in Halifax.
  2. I have seen Lucy Diamonds in the past and she is 100% legit. You can't go wrong with her. Also I have to agree that Jaymie Mae is a rock star.
  3. I know it's a small sample size but I find it interesting that the two ladies that have responded have been pretty clear in their opinion. I know in the end it's your choice but if I was in your shoes and had asked the question I would put lots of weight on the ladies responses. Just my two cents.
  4. Lucy Diamonds would fall into the category of what your looking for. She posts on LEoList and is completely legit.
  5. Well I just realized I hadn't reviewed this beauty yet. She is another of the Ladies in Jaymie Mae Sparx collective. She is a real stunner and even though a bit shy the first few minutes she got over her shyness very quickly. I have seen her a few times and would definitely repeat with this jewel of a women.
  6. The incredible Jaymie Mae Sparx introduced me too this cute curvy blond named Jessi Mae. This lady offers a true GFE experience but what else would you expect from a JMS Companion. She isn't shy at all and was very easy to talk to. I have to admit an hour might not be enough to truly enjoy this beauty. With all the BS going on in Fredericton you don't have to worry about her or the other Ladies in this collective. The only downside is which of the three do you see Jaymie, Jenna or Jessi. To book her get in contact with Jaymie Mae to set up your appointment.
  7. I couldn't agree more with what Katherine has said. Beauty comes more from a persons personality then what they look like on the outside. I remember always hearing that true beauty was really what we call inner beauty. It was only once I matured that I realized how true that statement is. I prefer to meet with ladies that have this characteristic. So once I find one that has this characteristic and we click I repeat as often as I can. Some of the ladies that I have had the pleasure to spend time with seem to like it when I tell them they don't need to get all done up unless they want to. I don't comment often on this site but felt compelled to comment on this post. Sorry if I got a bit off topic
  8. All the Ladies mentioned so far you can't go wrong with. Another one I would recommend is Lucy Diamonds. She has reviews on this site.
  9. It's hard to add anything new to what has already been said about this incredible women. She is so easy to spend time with. She has a smile that just melts away any worries or stress your dealing with. I have being seeing Jaymie for about 2 years and plan in seeing her for as long as I can. Once you spend time with her you will quickly realize that she truly enjoys what she is doing. With all the scammers out there this lady is 100% the real thing.
  10. Seen her recently and you can't go wrong with this Lady. She is 100% the real deal.
  11. Very nice lady and her pictures are hers. Have seen her a couple times and hope to see her next time I'm in Moncton
  12. I booked with her recently and it was a mistake. Doesn't look like her pictures and she changed what was covered by the donation. Stay away and pm if you want more info
  13. She is the girl in the pictures. If you search back a few pages in this section you will find some comments on her.
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