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  1. I seen Chrissy last week. She is a cutie very sweet and nice.
  2. I had a duo with Kiki and Everleigh May tonight, and how my, the skills on these two. As we all know Everleigh May is pretty amazing and I absolutely love to see her, but kiki comes in very close, it definitely was the best threesome I've had so far. Kiki has the softest biggest breast and she is a very wild, kinky and very submissive, she is definitely a great addition to our little island. If you haven't gotten the chance to meet kiki I suggest you do she is great.
  3. I am having issues with a young "lady" I booked and had over to my house she is now harrassing me and the police won't do anything to help me ? https://www.lyla.ch/topic/198225-tessa-doll-isnt-much-of-a-doll/
  4. Update This girl is absolutely crazy I've had to have this girl removed from my property a few times tonight by the police, keeps parking in my drive with her music blasting, being removed them returning . I'm just waiting for her to return and the police to remove her for the 5th time tonight. Is anyone else having issues with this girl ? The only reason she isn't calling me anymore is because I changed my number .
  5. I've seen Tessa multiple times, I never thought I would be writing this but after much consideration and talking to Everleigh May I feel obligated to share my last experience. I had invited Tessa to me house and right from the time she entered my house things are very strange she didn't seem sober, I asked her if she was ok and she said "oh yea I'm fine I just need to use your bathroom" I showed her where it was and she proceeded to enter she was in there for about 10 minutes she came out with white stuff all over her nose I asked her if she was doing any drugs and she proceeded to freak out yell, hit me, smash up my house while screaming profanities at me. She left about 10 minutes later and then had the police sent to my house claiming I beat and raped her . The police now no the truth but won't charge her , she must be a cops daughter or something . Was quite unsettling to say the least just a warning to others this girl is hinged.
  6. I had the pleasure of seeing Everleigh and her new duo partner Alexia this morning and these two definitely complement each other very well . Alexia and Everleigh May look very much alike and could easily pass for sister's I always have fun with Everleigh May but it will be hard going back to just one of them lol I will definitely being seeing them together from now on . They are mind blowing
  7. I don't understand stand why you just don't stick with Everleigh May and her friends they are absolutely amazing all of them are gems
  8. I had the absolute pleasure and luck of meeting with Everleigh May last week at her Brackley location. She is absolutely out of this world beautiful and I could tell she loves what she does. She's very charismatic sexy and fun .
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