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  1. Have you seen her since she moved back? How was the service? Feel free to PM if you like?
  2. I have also seen her (prior to Christmas) and can confirm the service was great. I have been trying to see her again and think her contact info has changed. Does anyone have current details? PM me if you wish. Thanks.
  3. Anyone seen Monique lately? She seems to have disappeared:(.
  4. I too would be interested in hearing any feedback. I have texted with her but not been able to connect for appointment.
  5. Awesome! Thank you for your input:)
  6. Anyone have the pleasure of meeting this lady? Or can anyone confirm she is legit?
  7. I know what you mean... looks a little too good to be true?
  8. Anyone had the pleasure of meeting these two? Sorry don't know how to post the link :(. PM details if you like.
  9. I too would be interested in knowing more about this provider
  10. Care to share any details about Sarah K? You can PM me if you like.
  11. I agree, it does seem to be the same person I would live to hear any input from people who have seen her.
  12. Does she provide full service also or just massage? Can PM me if preferred.
  13. Has anyone seen 34 year old Paige that has been advertised on leo list lately?
  14. Does she still offer duo massages? Is the friend someone we would recognize from the typical ads up? Thanks.
  15. I've also had the pleasure of seeing Christy recently and the experience was a pleasure! As always. Her new location is great and very private. I always look forward to a visit with this sexy Gem!😉
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