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  1. What happened to yourfrenchlady.com? Seems like website is down and no response.
  2. She's real. You should give it a try. Do leave a feedback about your experience.
  3. She's real. You should give it a try. Do leave a feedback about your experience.
  4. No she's real he should definitely try it out. Leave feedback about your experience.
  5. Honestly this guy is ridiculous. He keeps posting the most obvious fakes and spamming. I told him several time to check recos. But here he is again.
  6. My guy. Use nova Scotia recommendations. You have a very poor judgement when it comes to this so just use recommendations section.
  7. This thread was not in any way meant to disparage YFL agency or the ladies working. I'm glad your experiences were good. As you've said it yourself, 'as one's experience can and will be as unique as the lady you are meeting', doesn't invalidate the experiences others have been having. I did have an entire year of great experiences last year. Here's to a better one next year. But this is an undeniable slump in terms of quality.
  8. Lol I guess honesty isn't appreciated here. But hey if you had a good time that's good. Just watch out for the time that isn't so good I guess.
  9. imagine the arrogance in calling someone a scrooge because they dont want to see you. Honestly no one should have to care whats going on in your life, its your life and your problem. And that goes both ways, your behavior to people I have seen with my own eyes was despicable and disgusting.
  10. shes a friend of mel, I will honest ask everyone to stay away from both those scammers. Yesterday I paid 300 for an hour and when it came for sex she says it will another 200 to have sex. Stay away from Mel and summer, both are honestly trash and scammers
  11. saw her today, I wouldnt recommend, nice woman, good body, not the best tits but she was sick I understand, older, skip this one not a great experience, we didnt even have sex coz she was in a rush and stuff. Experiences like her is why I always caution against local girls, they seem to think money they earn is not earned by someone else and have no respect.
  12. Haven't seen her but she duos with Mel and honestly don't see a red flag. Seems legit to me.
  13. ngl seems legit, asked photo verification and got it, but just waiting for a review from anyone who seen her
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