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  1. Anyone knows if tulip is still at sunhope ness? I feel like im getting the same nova, ada or linda as my options
  2. she probably takes down her ad once she is fully booked or not working the day like the other ex studio members
  3. Wn is good, unfortunately the girl i normally see, sarah is gone, also they charge alot more than other places
  4. Hi friend, can you share to me (if you ask) about how much the tip is for fs?
  5. Daisy is very good, short asian with nice figure, she does this nice bodyslide, and boobs are man made though
  6. Is this julia from honeypot? And what is 44? Can you dm me please?
  7. Is sarah still there? I tried calling and whoever is answering just says no and hangs up
  8. Hi, has anyone been to world nails recently? Im curious if they are still offering extras over there
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