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  1. Okay. Round two was had. After our first encounter I was left wanting more so I pre booked a time a few days in advance to her arrival in my area. Communication from booking to arrival was excellent. She made sure the times worked and even checked in the day before to see that we were still gtg. High boots a black dress and a great attitude is what greeted me at the door. She had great energy and was very attentive giving subtle cues on what she wanted. Pleasure is a two way street. What a treat! It’s hard not to like this girl. She is one in a million. Im gonna have rest up now and get my energy back for another meet. stay tuned!
  2. Guys read the freaking Ad. Everything should be there. Prices, times, restrictions location and dates. Read it and if you have a question about something for sure ask. When your finally face to face and you have questions or want to go over some of the rules do it. You’ll have a better experience believe me couple of things I learned. Negotiating rates is a non starter. Especially for a first time meet. Same as booking for a 30 minute or less session and over staying your welcome or trying to get more off the menu than you bargained for. If it happens it happens but don’t go into the experience thinking you’re going to get more mileage when you only put enough gas in the tank to get you part way. Actions like these ruin it for the rest of us. I do not want to see a provider that is frustrated with the last ten dudes who wasted that persons time by asking asinine questions booking now shows or endlessly texting with no intention of booking. Be courteous clean and respectful. Try being a gentleman. It goes a long way
  3. It’s been four days since I booked an appointment with Bella and I still can’t get the experience out of my head. Communication with her was easy and an agreement was made for an hour of time. Usually you never know what to expect from an ad. How old are the pictures? Is she pretty? Does she have a nice personality? Or does this thing just happen and come to its usual end. What I got was a firecracker. She is has a beauty that is hard to define,an ass that deserves to be worshipped and skin as soft as velvet that begs to be caressed. She is a voluptuous beauty that is sexy, kinky, submissive and dominant all at the same time. I won’t go into details of the service that was offered. Let’s just say it’s like she hacked into my browser history and we did that! 😉 It was the best encounter I have ever had. The chemistry was right, I felt comfortable and relaxed with her. I can’t wait to meet with her in the future. 5 Stars out of 5.
  4. One day you are gonna look back at this and laugh. Hotels are like Andor stealing from the Empire. You just have to walk-in into the imperial base with the confidence that you belong there. That rush of meeting a provider for the first time can be pretty powerful. Just be cool and confident!
  5. I always look at the phone number. If it’s not an area I recognize I don’t engage. I’m also weary of the ones that are too quick to send a picture. Check if they have a Twitter account or other such media. also google search the image. if she is too good to be true she might be imaginary!
  6. I quick shower and a shave won’t hurt anyone. Plus brush your teeth, clip your nails and wash that ass. It’s your dime and time. Hygene it’s a two way street!
  7. Look at the ads and do a google image search! And @NotchJohnson is correct. Search out a reputable lady! One with reviews and a good social media presence. You can learn a lot about turn offs and turn ons just by followng Twitter.
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