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Found 14 results

  1. Hi girls n guys What did u do for those time wasters? Prank calls? No show? And to those guys that just wanted explicit texting?
  2. Hello,I am Sensual Porscha, a woman who oozes sexual appeal, and knows how to use her mind and body for the art of seduction. I believe in life, that you should do what you love and love what you do.. and I really, really do 🙂 I like to think I'm in my Lusty Prime. I'm in my late 40's. I am that woman that offers nothing short of real, warm and genuine companionship and delight. I want you to experience the feeling of meeting a sincere and authentic person who shares your passions, understands your needs, and is wanting and willing to give into erotic pleasure. The silky satin of lingerie, soft music, sexy intense eye contact, the feeling of my lips exploring yours: softly at first, then hungrily and indulgently… I am immaculately presented and effortlessly sensual. I enjoy the rituals of love and pleasure, and can be both, romantically indulgent and slow paced or wild and wicked as need 😉 On first meeting most would find me to be bubbly, warm but also very cheeky. As you get to know me more and more you will come to understand I am an artistic woman of great depth. I am by no means a wham, bam type lady. Of course there will be times when chemistry is HOT and HEAVY and we just want to rip each others clothes off, but there will also be times when energy is softer, sensual and the build up takes time… I am a great believer in energy and understand we all have different needs and desires, some of us at times just need affection and love, other times we need deep, intense sexual relief, I know how, and love to provide it all. My incall is an upscale apartment in Winnipeg, on the edge of downtown. I'm usually available on weekdays. I balance a number of commitments, and am a low volume provider. Sometimes same day appointments work, but usually its best to plan in advance. I appreciated having a regulars. I look forward to our time together, Hugs and Sensual Kisses, Sensual Porscha xxx 204-804-4022 [email protected]
  3. Hey guys and girlls! Heading to Fredericton in the next while and I'm having a hard time finding ladies there. Either girls have stepped away from the business or I can't find reviews from girls on BP. Any recommendations? Looking for FS or even PSE. Please message me! Thanks a lot everyone! Cheers :)
  4. So, I'm just trying to find out the situation for people - maybe this will be a useful tool for some of the ladies who have interest in coming up to Yellowknife and maybe a means of shedding light for past ladies who have come up. I recently got to spend time with Nikki Quinn & Lacy Lovelle. Only in the past while has it seemed like Yellowknife has gained a little interest in the eyes of the ladies. I can honestly say that I keep an open eye for ladies who plan to come up here. After spending time with Nikki and Lacy and getting to know their feel on Yellowknife, the consensus was that a lot of people book, but cancel.. or no-show. I can tell that there's interest in ladies coming up here by the number of views on certain threads.. so what's the deal guys? Yellowknife is a pretty small place, but if you're smart about it (albeit, if the lady's location is private) then you can work out times with the ladies that could best suit your comfortable time frame. I know for me, I was pretty nervous for my recent encounters. But the ladies were more than willing to wait a couple extra minutes to make sure the coast was clear. On top of that, they were very understanding. I guess the point is, for guys - why the cancels? Why the no-shows? If you're worried about the credibility of the ladies, CERB and many other sites have people who give great reviews on the girl. If you're worried about the location, how would you prefer it? Would in-calls be more preferable? How about times of day and maybe specific hotels? Let's get some input because I'm sure the ladies would love any information or insight that would be helpful in them keeping a worth-while schedule. If the ladies keep coming up here in hopes of returning, we have to give them a reason to return... otherwise.. no ladies. It's simple. And ladies, if you have any questions or input, feel free to ask away!
  5. Hi ladies, or any escort that might be interested in coming to Yellowknife. We haven't had anyone make their way up here in a long time. If any of you might be interested and are looking for information about the city, please shoot me a pm or just ask on here. I know there are guys up here willing to invest in someone's time, so give us a chance! hope to hear from someone soon.
  6. Gentlemen Hi ! Are you looking for a special and sensual moment? Last time before September m offering a 5 . Experience....if you want escape from your routine and try something different, something warm, then you should contact me you wont be disapointed Let your curiosity get you and come find out !! [/b] A bit about me... I'm ut eyes and long brown hairs, awesome curves at the right place... a skin soft as silk and some very tempting luscious lips ... Im a young woman who knows many different ways to take good care of you with attention, passion and sensuality.... Royal Treatments Availables for my King!: Nice Company Nuru massage Sexxy Body Slides Strip N Tease Fetichisms Prostate Massage (why [/font]To Send a Cerb message: go in Contact Info send a pm to lola (priiT]For Appointment: You can h me on my personnal business line no[/u][/color][/email] IF NO ANSWERS If im too busy, call the Spa where im working sk for an appointment with Lola That way we are sure to have a sweet sexy time together! My Availabilities : Thursday 12h-22h / Friday July 10Hh-21h / Saturday
  7. Gentlemen Hi ! Are you looking for a special and sensual moment? [/b] Im offering a 5 . Experience....if you want escape from your routine and try something different, something warm, then you should contact me you wont be disapointed Let your curiosity get you and come find out !! A bit about me... I'm Lola , Sexy Exotic ). 25 y/o .. nice Hazelnut eyes and long brown hairs, awesome curves at the right place... a skin soft as silk and some very tempting luscious lips ... Im a young woman who knows many different ways to take good care of you with attention, passion and sensuality.... Royal Treatments Availables for my King!: Nice Company Nuru massage Sexxy Body Slides Strip N Tease Fetichisms Prostate Massage (why not!) Reverse massage... yes .. hmmmm i love having my whole body beeing massage !!! And so Much More.... Lets talk in Private ;) Visit My Site at [
  8. Hi, I was just curious if there are any service providers in Ottawa that allow you to video the session for a little extra? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Being disabled and a client of sex workers over the years means, for me, a conscious effort to avoid using labels and stereotypes in order to keep the issue focused on people's humanity, and indeed the right to great sex for everyone regardless of their standing in society. In other words all people are human beings first and foremost and all are entitled to full expression and experience in carrying on their lives. For me a date with someone who has made sex and eroticism their profession, is in many ways far more meaningful than just the physical aspects. There is a large emotional very personal aspect. As you might have guessed I am a romantic, and wouldn't have it any other way :). I have spent time with true masters of their field. Indeed "artisans" in the highest sense in the work. But that too is just another form of label. One which is meant to infer high praise in this context. Initially, and with the urging of a few wise friends, I went on my first eight as a form of rebellion against the not-so-subtle forms of marginalization the health-care system implies. It very quickly evolved into "Wow, this is what I've been missing!" It quickly evolved into something which is very integral to my life. Earlier today I noticed the terms "hobby" and "hobbyist" which denote for me a much more casual [perhaps less important] perspective. Which got me thinking: Where does the sex worker/date experienced fit for you? From both the client and worker perspective. So let the discussion commence. From casual, hobby, art form, or is it a "a life's calling" as one person referred to it years ago, how far-reaching is the spectrum? PatrickGC
  10. Hey CERB World! Anyone know of any SP's in the Yellowknife area? Im looking for any kind of service provider. Any one know of any ladies working there during the first week of October? Also, any one ever been to the strip club there? Are there lap dances?
  11. I'd suggest to your friend to take a breath and perhaps sign up to this website and look around and read. I don't mean to come across as all-knowing and degrading, it's just that there's lots of rules to know and certain behaviours and precautions are expected. Good place to start is New to this? Things you should know. If time is of the essence for your friend, maybe going via an agency is the way to go. But then again, regarding the 1st time memories, a GFE with an independent may be the better option. It's a long weekend, I'd assume lots of the ladies already have plans...
  12. I was surprised recently when a potential client wrote that he didn't want to ask his regular paid companion to write him a reference. He said he didn't want her thinking that he was seeing other escorts. The girl in question I know to be very reference-friendly, but he said he didn't want any drama. I am horrified. If I knew my clients were telling other escorts that I would cause drama and be hurt and upset that he was seeing other girls, I would be furious. That is NOT an image I want projected to the CERB community, particularly as it does NOT represent me fairly. That kind of image does an escort a huge disservice, and hurts her business and reputation. It also creates conflict amongst the girls. If other escorts thought I was a jealous drama queen, I would be mortified. By claiming to protect her 'feelings', this client is being extremely condescending and insulting. These kinds of assumptions about possessiveness and territory are damaging to the SP, and reinforce the stereotype that escorts are emotionally unstable. If you like us (and we're glad that you do!) please HELP us create a great reputation. There is nothing worse than having bad word of mouth, especially initiated by clients who are our fans. The idea that we are romantically or emotionally attached to our clients is generally false. The idea that we don't want clients seeing other girls is false (and kind of funny). We work so hard to make CERB and the escorting community a positive, honest environment. I would hate to think that these assumptions are reversing our progress. Your SP doesn't mind that you see other girls. What she does mind is the damage to her reputation inflicted by this kind of client.
  13. Guest

    New Blog

    Hey guys, you should check out this blog. Its new, and daring! I know the author and he will soon touch on massage, sp, and strip club experiences. Its quite interesting and you might just learn something. Like I said its daring and is starting to incorporate some hot pictures to help demonstrate certain points. Enjoy your read... www.donwilds.wordpress.com Check it out!
  14. Hello Everybody, I just recently joined CERB a few days ago in an attempt to enter into the SP world. I have always wanted to become a call girl and now I am working towards making that happen, however, a girl can always use more advice. This site is full of useful advice but I haven't been able to find much information on starting out in the industry. I am very excited about joining the community and I love the website so far....Please help me make this transition more flawless. Thank you Take care and I hope to hear from you soon Lexy xxxx
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