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Found 22 results

  1. Hey I'm Destiny , 21 years old with a hot tight lil body!! I'm looking for fun! What about yourself text me to get together ;) +1 825-808-0386 INCALLS DOWNTOWN EDMONTON OUTCALL to your place 👅 call or text me 24/7‼️AVAILABLE NOW✅I'm 100% real and independent ✅ north central west edmonton downtown condo +1 825-808-0386
  2. This winter I want you to explore more,excite more & play more Life can get busy, stressful, and downright un-sexy, driving a wedge between you and your partner’s intimate life. But this shouldn’t be the end of your sex life. In fact, there are hundreds of sex positions here to ignite the spark back in the bedroom. 2022 top “strange” sex positions The bridge Bent knee Octopus Three-legged dog Irish garden Pretzel The splitter Tighter doggy Down stroke X marks the spot credit to : vivastreetblog.uk Let me know..Does it works? Have any recommendations? Stay warm and safe this winter 💘 Michelle Caviar 💋 Downtown,Hamilton 📞 226-455-5845 Snapchat-1123518214.mp4 Snapchat-254403557.mp4 Snapchat-1804546769.mp4
  3. We are hosting in home shows where you can watch and enjoy yourself, we provide a towel for any messes that may occur. Choose a role-play scenario of your liking, choose Luna’s outfit, tell us what positions you’d like to see, even direct us, and more! You may record us or take photos of us at an additional fee. Please contact us for more information and for show times and ticket pricing! 1 (431) 336-6068
  4. Any escorts traveling to port hawkesbury? Would love to see someone.
  5. Anyone know anything of this beauty was thinking of seeing her and her friend they are located in a hotel in Dartmouth halifax_other_hot_n_juicy_with_a_squirting_pussy-7069384.html
  6. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_not_about_sex_it_s_about_feeling_each_other_come_find_out-7134267?source=list anyone heard of this beautiful woman before?
  7. Does anyone know if that new backpage website is legit or not I have my concerns?
  8. We host an in house show where you can watch your roleplay fantasies unfold in front of your eyes while you sit in a comfy chair and please yourself. You have the option to choose my outfit, guide our positions, direct us, clean up out of a cup, and more! Scenarios we've done are cuck, student/teacher, babysitter, police, construction worker and so on!!! txt or email and let’s make that fantasy come true!
  9. NEW RATES FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Come by the Supertramp Funhouse and indulge in your desires and fantasies. The One N Only PipSupertramp will take care of you and your sexual needs. She's petite (5"0, 98lbs), wild, honest, respectful, friendly, comfortable, REAL, fun, freaky, open and non-judgemental BUT WHEN SHES GOOD SHES VERY GOOD, BUT WHEN SHES BAD SHES FUCKING AMAZING 😉 SHES A LITTLE ROUGH AROUND THE EDGES BUT SHES TIGHT IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES 😉 UNFORGETTABLE & TOTALLY ADDICTIVE! Come be fulfilled in ways u never thought imaginable and leave knowing your secrets are safe with her. OFFERS; ****, HJ, BODY PLAY, SENSUAL MASSAGE, GFE, ROLE PLAY ,WORSHIP, 69, SENSUAL BATH, PEGGING, PROSTATE MASSAGE, FULL-BODY MASSAGE, LONG EDGING, MUTUAL PLAY, EROTIC PLAY, BDSM, DATES, FETISHES, PSE, KINKS, FULLSERVICE, ****, COMPANIONSHIP, FINDOM, QUICKIE, SISSY PLAY, FILM, STRIP/LAP DANCE, CAM SHOWS, ONLINE, PHONE TALK, FOOT WORK, GFE, PARTY, TOP & BOTTOM PLAY etc . No unknown numbers or flakes please. Serious inquiries only. No lowballing and ridiculously low offers! Shes not being sold at a yard sale or walking the streets, and worth every dollar. If your going to make an appointment, keep it! If not please message to reschedule or you will be blocked. Text her and she will see u soon 😉 PipSupertramp
  10. Anyone in holiday inn and express suites tonight?
  11. Happy weekend gorgeous people! I am excited to publish this interview with @Shalom. We all love sex (we wouldn't be here if we didn't, right? 😛) but what actually *is* sex? How do we define it? I am sure you will find Shalom's answers thought provoking. Please do let us know your thoughts in the comments! Q: Hey Shalom. Thanks for agreeing to share your thoughts on this interesting topic! A: You’re welcome! I’m excited to get into these questions! This particular seems pretty perfect for me! Q: Thanks! So what got you into this industry and how long have you been a part of it? A: I’ve been doing some form of sex work for about 12 years. I started on cam sites out of necessity mostly. After working in retail stores and cafes since I was 16 I needed something that allowed me the freedom from all the hellish realities of the service industry and minimum wage work. I learned pretty quickly that camming was not for me. All respect to those performers who do it! But I am best in smaller spurts of individualised connection. I moved on to BDSM and Domination which I love and still do, but found it wasn’t consistent enough. So I tried offering full service sessions about 7 years ago. Best decision of my life! It’s the best fit for me, let’s me flex my Domme muscles on occasion, and I love being able to meet new people and connect on so many intimate and vulnerable levels. Q: You have had a varied sex work journey so far! So let’s talk about sex, baby! Initial thoughts - what is sex to you? A: Hmmmm, where do I even begin? First, I’d say sex is visceral connection. And many opposing human experiences. Vulnerability and strength, spirituality and depravity, something inherently human and animalistic. It’s also deep and meaningful, or fun and frivolous. Or just, a way to combat the boredom of an endless lockdown?! Q: Nice! Do you count solo masturbation as sex? A: Absolutely! The idea that sex only exists when there is 1 or more other people involved has always been confusing to me. Masturbation can be all the things I mentioned above, only the connection is with yourself, your spirit, your body. It’s also an act of self care and love which I think is something we don’t really talk about enough. A good wank-sesh releases the same neuro-chemicals as partnered sex and we need those chemicals to be healthy, happy humans. Q: A lot of people only count sex as penetration, but what about LGBTQ sex? For example, how do you define sex with a woman? A: I think that sex without penetration or a penis can often tend to be more cerebral and tactile. The focus is not on putting the ‘P’ in the ‘V’ but on experiencing pleasure (or pain!) in a way that is completely individual to those involved. And when you aren’t solely focused on mashing body parts together you get to focus on fucking each others mind, body and maybe even soul. Hot! But just like all forms of sex, queer sex can also just be a physical expression of 2 (or more) people’s horniness and that is still a great thing! Q: Being in the queer community has made me realise how heteronormative everything is. For example discussing different “bases” from school. How do you think we can (as a society) become more inclusive in our terminology and sex education? A: I think the easiest way to be more inclusive is to simply be mindful and remember that not all ‘women’ have vulvas and not all ‘men’ have penises. I try really hard to be non-gender specific with my words. It’s an adjustment, but it’s really not hard to say things like ‘people with breasts’ or ‘people with penises’ or some variation. Or simply, genitals. Everyone has genitals, gender doesn’t determine whether those genitals are an ‘innie’ or an ‘outie’. Another way to be more inclusive is to stop perpetuating the idea that sex is only what we call ‘PIV’ (penis is vagina), because, firstly, that’s a dull definition of sex (PIV is not dull, but the idea that it’s all that sex is, is dull! Get creative people!). And secondly, there are so many amazing experiences left out of that concept. Q: I’ve heard people say that lesbians are technically still virgins. What are your thoughts on “virginity”? Do you think we are classing it correctly? A: Nope! Not even a little bit, I don’t think we classify it correctly at all! I mean, what about lesbians who use strap-ons? Or digital penetration? Is a silicone penis that looks and feels as life like as modern technology can produce not still a kind of penis? Do fingers not hit those spots? The idea of virginity is so tied up in outdated ideas of gender and shame and sex negativity and I think holding on to those ideas is harmful to people of all genders and all ages. Q: I prefer the term “sexual debut”! Do you think there’s anything problematic in how we talk about virginity. E.g. We say that you “lose” it, and there’s a lot of pressure (mainly for women) to preserve it. A: Whoooooo, I’m going to try not be concise and not rant too much on this one! First, the term ‘virgin’ literally means an unmarried and/or young woman. Somewhere in human history we assigned the word to this idea that the act of sex, specifically for the first time, is a tangible thing that a man is supposed to take from a woman. And that if a woman has given that mysterious item to someone else, she has lost all value and respectability. And whoa! What bullshit! Virginity is a concept that was invented in a time when women’s only value was in her ability to provide offspring and in many cases, provide status or wealth to her family (mainly father) by marrying a man of higher status. Sorry. I had to go there!! So, there’s really no reason to hold on such an outdated concept. Then there’s this whole idea of the hymen? Which actually, in most people with vaginas, is tissue that forms in the embryonic stage but during development opens itself. Some women do have more of this tissue than others, but it is not this weird freshness seal over the vagina that is meant to be torn open? I mean ew? Anyway, the concept is based on very outdated understanding of the bodies of people with vaginas and the vast majority of innies do not even bleed the first time they have penetrative intercourse. Ok, that wasn’t too painful. But yeah, let’s get rid of the whole thing! Q: LOVE that answer - you are so right! Back to PIV sex… do you think that we often define sex as penetration in order to keep our “body count” lower? A: I think that can be true for some people for sure. I also think that the urge to keep ‘body counts’ lower in any way, is part of how our culture is still so sex negative. So classifying sex as only being an act of penetration is a way to avoid all the various different ways we still shame ourselves not only for being sexualised people sometimes, but really doing anything that is pleasurable. Like don’t eat too much of that chocolate cake, don’t watch too much Netflix, you should feel bad that instead of cleaning your bathroom you watched some porn and rubbed one out!! Lol, no, do what makes you happy as long as no one else gets hurt. Q: It’s funny how as a society we tend to class penetration as sex yet there are other sexual things you can do which are incredibly, and arguably more, intimate. Such as oral. What are your thoughts on that? A: I think there are sexual acts that can be infinitely more intimate than penetration for sure. It all depends on so many factors. And there are things that aren’t sexual that can be extremely intimate as well. The client who opens up to me about his struggles with his own sexuality while we cuddle fully clothed is trusting me with something far more vulnerable and intimate than the client who has a menu and a to-do list and is checking items off with whoever is available when he has time. There’s a time and place for all these experiences and they’re all valid (mostly…) but when we limit intimacy to PIV or sex to PIV we miss out on a whole universe of amazing possibilities and experiences. Q: Thank you for your time. Anything else to add before we wrap up (excuse the pun)? A: Thanks for including me in this series!! I think the thing I want to add is, a quote from a great song that has been playing in my mind as I write this. ‘Free your mind and the rest will follow’.
  12. I stream Live Shows, offer intimate Video Calls, Full Nude Pictures, and Custom Requested or Previously Recorded Videos. Other then that, only on my Private Snapchat will you see all of my Uncensored fun! I love to show off how sexual I am and absolutely LOVE to Orgasm... Private Snapchat Content: Full Nude, Sex With Male, Squirting, Anal, Dildo Play, Foot Fetish, Stripping, Pissing, Vibrator, Fingering, Twerking, Showers, and lots more. Cum with me to my Private Snapchat NOW! DA5B8EEA-6772-40E1-B799-E0234BED5D09.mov
  13. The answer is YES, absolutely, why not? I enjoy watching porn and find it very stimulating at times... What about you ? Ladies, do you break open your laptop's, find your favorite scene, grab a toy and let the festivities begin? Is there a type of image or scene you'd like to act out one day with a client? What are the top reasons why you watch porn? (to get off, to learn new moves, to kill time, get in the mood, to explore secret fantaisies, for the humour, etc.) I'd also like to let any SP or female who participates on this board and I'm sure I'm speaking for the majority of the males here, "they will not think any less of you". That being said, speak your mind. :)
  14. The pleasure of unwrapping a gift and the desire that leads to the revelation of its pleasure is my definition of foreplay...;) I'm intrigued as to know what is yours? The ecstasy emerging from the contact of the skin is my ultimate pleasure... my particular spots are the neck that gives me shivers all the time... Is it the view or the touch? the texture or the softness? the spank or the squeeze? tell me more... Eva xoxo
  15. Here are three scenarios. Check them out and and provide your opinion . 1 ). Thelma She is in her mid to late 20s. Well liked and very popular. Worked at well known MP that does not allow FS . She has 2 or 3 special and generous regulars that she provides FS on the sly. At first it's it always CFS. But MP management fear the LE and start searching purses for condoms, with heavy fines for any found. Thelma gets these regulars to bring and take home their own condoms. This only works for so long and she ends up doing BBFS and BBBJ with just these special regulars. As a result she decides to go independent and insists on CBJ and CFS. All the regulars think they are the only ones to get BBFS when she was at the MP. So it never gets out. 2 ) Louise Is in her mid to late 30s . A trusted Winnipeg icon in the industry. Offers CFS only (no exceptions) and BBBJ. She has a BF that gets BBFS. Louise and BF have a fight. Horny and angry the BF visits the northeast track to relieve some stress. He try's to use condoms but because he is not used to them he ends up doing BBFS with a assortment of ladies. Louise and BF make up and continue BBFS . 3 ). Bradweena Pit. (BP for short) BP is 18 or 19. Young, ambitious and wants to make some fast money. She is smart enough to not advertise BBFS, but for the right price this service is yours. You have CFS with all 3 before any testing is done. Who is the safest? This thread is open to SPOONERS. (SPs and Pooners). : ) All characters are fictional . The names are from the T&L movie.
  16. I am looking for a SP to have a light femdom session with. I am interested in seeing if there is anyone out there, who can help fulfil some fantasies. I am interested in light bondage and face-siting, a little humiliation, and sex. I kinda envision being tied to a bed buy a sexy woman in hot lingerie.
  17. Wikipedia has an "Index of Human Sexuality" with hundreds of entries related to sex, gender, and sexuality. For this game, pick something you've never heard of (hopefully something absurd sounding) and describe it here while linking to the article. Perhaps we'll all learn something, and hopefully we'll all laugh a little bit. There are hundreds of entries, perhaps even thousands? There is no obligation to go through this in alphabetical order! Be inspired by the letter of your choosing. I'll start. I had no idea what "sanky-panky" referred to. I know now ;) The term refers to a male sex worker in the Domincan Republic that solicits on beaches!
  18. In an effort to promote love over war, a drive-thru sex shop in Alabama wants customers to trade in their pistols for vibrators http://theweek.com/article/index/212006/only-in-america-trading-guns-for-sex-toys
  19. Guest

    New Blog

    Hey guys, you should check out this blog. Its new, and daring! I know the author and he will soon touch on massage, sp, and strip club experiences. Its quite interesting and you might just learn something. Like I said its daring and is starting to incorporate some hot pictures to help demonstrate certain points. Enjoy your read... www.donwilds.wordpress.com Check it out!
  20. Hi everyone, First thank you for reading my thread! It's long and more of a rant, but I just wanted to share and see what kind of response I got I'm just wondering, and would like feedback on this topic. It's a situation I've been having lately, specially with 21 years old. Not that they are the only ones but they seem to be the most common. They start their conversations with: "Hi I'm 21 years old, good looking, how about you cut me a deal and I treat you like a lady, you might like it!" When you give them your rate, they keep taking your time asking personal questions, then they say they don't want to book they want to be friends, get to know you and see where it goes from there. When you explain to them that you post because you want to make money, and this is your work. You are not friends, but clients, either don't believe you or ignore it and they keep persisting. I'm just curious if, and I'm sure the answer will be yes, other SPs get this type of client and if they do, what do they say to get them to either book or rid of them? I've used a lot of different techniques and none seem to work. I've even told 1 guy who said:(note: this conversation happened after he told me he was shy and needed to talk to SPs 1st before booking) "I would like to get to be your friend, go out for drinks nothing sexual, just friends and see if we click" I replied: "Great you want to be my friend, then I will meet you for drink but, I will be accompanied by my fiancee is that OK?" (I figured that would get him to give up) He replies: "why would he come?" ME: "Well see, we have an agreement, when we go out with friends we always go out together. Most times that is the only time we spend together, therefore if you want to be my friend then I guess you have to live with him being around!" I then get the obvious response: "Well I was hoping to be friends and see where it goes from there!" Note for all you hobbyist reading this: (And I'm sure most of you probably know this, so please do not think that I am being condescending to you. I'm just ranting and hoping that this will help people who don't look at life this way, to have at least a different perspective) In my humble opinion, if you see someone posting on any erotic board or boards dedicated to SPs odds are we are not looking for dates. Most of us already have relationships outside of our work. Please do not waste our time by trying to entertain a relationship right from the start. (If you are looking for a relationship, there are tons of dating sites full of women waiting to chat and do the dating thing!) Book our time, spend some time with us (for a fee), then you never know we may just like you and want a relationship! :razz: And for those of you who have this theory "I would never pay for sex!" Ask yourself this: Have you ever picked up a girl at a bar and bought her drinks, supper, movie, clothes, jewelry, etc... slept with her but didn't have a relationship her? If your answer is YES then you've paid for sex.It's not because she was in a bar that you didn't exchange something for the sex you got. This said, the only difference between that girl in the bar and an SP is; you don't have to spend 4 hours trying to pick us up by making an impression all you need to do is call and show up. With her you're not even guaranteed to get any action, no matter the amount of drinks you buy her. With us you are, if you pay of course. So if you want a relationship, pay our time instead of drinks, use the time to flirt and try and gain our attention you never know it just might work! See . Different setting.same result!
  21. Hello Everybody, I just recently joined CERB a few days ago in an attempt to enter into the SP world. I have always wanted to become a call girl and now I am working towards making that happen, however, a girl can always use more advice. This site is full of useful advice but I haven't been able to find much information on starting out in the industry. I am very excited about joining the community and I love the website so far....Please help me make this transition more flawless. Thank you Take care and I hope to hear from you soon Lexy xxxx
  22. The Gang Bang Social Group will be holding a social event in Ottawa Thurs July 2 from 4 to 7 p.m. with other group events following afterward. Join the GB Social Group for info on these and other GB events.
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