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 I asked all these questions because maybe I can do both of my options within my budget. An agreement between a SP and I may not be as expensive as I thought it would be,  that's why I want to understand some type of cost and also if doing both would that be not treating the SP that I have an agreement with properly.

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5 minutes ago, Stephenber said:

Well here's more questions, do I just talk to one, what if there is 2 or 3 that I might want to consider, should I see what each of their offer is or is that proper and ethical or not. Really appreciate your opinions. 

   It's entirely to you to choose who you want based on your own criteria's. In term of ethics, it shouldn't be a problem as long you're honest with her. 

   As far as I know, there no written rules about this and the only thing that matter is for both to agree to set conditions.

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