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  1. I did a reverse image search a couple days ago and I couldn't find anything but I am new to this reverse image search. I do alot of research via google search and i have found anyone i searched and found info for was a positive to me. Any SP I found 3 or more links for most times i could find info on what they offered for services. I also recommend clients give SPs recommendations here on Lyla, it helps each other find the ultimate experience they are looking for.
  2. She is in Halifax for a couple days and I had the honour to share a date with her and she is everything you want in a date and more. Dont miss an opportunity to have a blissful weak at the knee date with her before she goes back home to Moncton. If you looked in the dictionary for the definition of beauty it describes Berlin, She is smart and very easy to get along with, I felt like I was at home but i was at her incall located in a great part of town. Thank you Berlin
  3. Danielle is beautiful sexy woman and has hands that can perform magic. She made me feel very relaxed yet excited and she was very easy to get along with and very open and I had a great time, thank you Danielle
  4. She is from New Brunswick and she's in Halifax for a couple days and I had the opportunity to share a date with her and she is exactly like in her pictures. She is beautiful, sexy, cute, warm and made me feel very confortable. She is awesome in whar she does and I look forward to seeing her the next time she is in town. Thank you Cassie 🙂
  5. Kylie Jane is one of the sexiest warm and comforting women l know. She made me feel special and I very much enjoyed my time with her. I will be seeing her again very soon, thank you Kylie.
  6. I plan on settings something up over the next week or 2 and I will go wherever you are set up. You come highly recommended.
  7. I met Briella this afternoon and she is a sexy beautiful warm caring kind person and very comfortable to be around and I definitely will be sharing more wonderful times with her. Thank you Briella
  8. I hope you are having a wonderful time, I am a newbie and I've heard a lot of wonderful things about you.
  9. Did you happen to get ahold of her and would you recommend her?
  10. I previously did that for the search term "stepsisteremily" and it said no results. Thanks for the info of Emily Wilson
  11. Any info or recommendations,etc on stepsisteremily
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