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While I'm not new to getting a message I'm fairly new to the hobby.  I would love to find someone who is good with newer people,  and helping them explore things that they haven't experienced before. 


Sorry for being vague but not to sure how info to put in the public forum

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     Being vague is a bit of an understatement. You making this place sound like a secret society. There's nothing mythical about it. Other than the compensation aspects, it's no different than meeting someone on a dating website or in a bar. And by being vague about what you want, you're not making it easy for us and yourself.

     You should start by scrolling the recommendations and announcement/ads in your area until you find someone of interest. From there you can start a private dialogue and be more precise about what you want to experience.

    Hope you'll find what you want.

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You may wish to give Felina Rose an email or text (she's on these boards as well, just not sure how active). She's in Winnipeg, and is phenomenal with newer people to the hobby, and helping them along.

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Most reputable ladies provide good oral skills, you're still being vague as to what type of lady you wish to see. Do you prefer younger or older. Big tits, small tits. Are bbw your thing or do you prefer thinner ladies. I will provide a list of ladies who are all fantastic in their own ways, it's up to you to search them.

Sensual Riley

Sexy Sara

Little Lexilou

Ruby Labelle

Ebony Helen




Justine the Sex Machine

These are the local ladies I have had a fantastic time with.

Amber Meow

Sensual Nikita

Rose Delecourt

These are a few touring ladies that have impressed me. 


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