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An Interview With... Sam Gaines - Being a Male Escort

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I found this thread very interesting. Some of you know I was an SP and MP in Ottawa for many years, and I see much truth in his comments. I will say, some of his answers (previously discussed) came off a bit arrogant and very generalized, but he's not entirely wrong and is certainly entitled to his opinion. 


I would add, my experiences of the reasons women see a male sp mirrored his responses, although I had a large clientele of couples where the man was providing me for his wife. That said, I think my approach was very different to his. Not criticizing at all...just different. 

All in all, good interview which gave one man's honest opinions and experiences. Not bad...made me miss the biz.

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Much like female providers I would say the same applies for men.

Your service is as unique as the person.

None of us are the same.

We have very different things to bring to the table and there is a niche for everything!

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