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PETRA • White • LL • 0775

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Where do I even begin? I have seen Petra a few times over the years and she only gotten better every time I get the chance to see her.
She is very polite and friendly when booking, her beauty is a 11/10 and with the body features she blows me away.
Looks exactly like her photos, maybe even better if you can believe that. She is at a new location from the last time I seen her which was before the pandemic. Very nice home on a nice street.
Always professional and tidy. She really goes the extra mile to make me feel like I'm at home. Greets me at the door with the most velvet of kisses.
Without getting to into it. Her bedroom skills are just as good as her looks. Leaves me feelings melted away in pure ecstasy  and leaving a  "WOW" on my face.
Very sensual GFE cuddles and kisses after and even offered me one of her home baked cupcakes and a coffee, which was delicious. The girl can bake too! By the time I got our of there It was 18 past the hour. She really does not rush. I will certainly see her again and is my #1 when I can find the time.
Everything you could want in a lady.

Looks 11/10
Service 11/10
Professionalism 11/10
Location 11/10

A perfect experience in my book and never disappoints.


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Had a great visit with Petra a couple weeks back. She has a nice place, and puts a lot of effort into creating a welcoming atmosphere.

She is super nice, and I had a wonderful time. I'll definitely be a repeat visitor.

Thanks Petra for making the entire time so comfortable. I know how much work it can be to make everything look so easy.


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