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  1. She has been discussed on no less than 5 threads in the Massage section. Look under Leta, Sara (2), British Lady Massage, and Massage ad with Woman in Glasses.
  2. Ms. Melody is amazing. And the pic is still very representative. Welcome to Lyla. Mel !!
  3. She is written up in the beware/scams section : Robbed “Taylor” - Lyla Pretty sure it's the same provider, just a different hair colour. I'd be more than a little cautious.
  4. Definitely agree with the Bella recos above. Easy set-up, Nice in-call. Super sweet and chill. I was very happy to meet her today. NSG.
  5. Poorly written ad. Everything is in plural form (i.e. "we" "our"). Red flags all around! At best, likely bait and switch. Lotsa Luck if you choose to pursue.
  6. Olivia is minus the extra set of hands this week, but still soo terrific with a pro-grade massage. Treat yourself, fellas !
  7. Pretty sure "Guest" was the previous Nervous Nelly. Refer other thread for dets.
  8. Wow, totally changed her ad and look. My apologies.
  9. GT's link is definitely not for the same Kitty. GT's link is for a reco on the well reviewed and highly recommended Kitty Montgomery. As for "Kitty the Russian Princess" linked by the OP, she has yet to be reviewed or commented on.
  10. Pretty sure this is more the KC thread you are looking for : Any info on KC? - Lyla
  11. For the OP, I'm not sure if "ebony" and "mixed" are a match for what you are looking for, but my goodness, MelanieRose is a pure gem ! BEDFORD INCALL - JANUARY 3RD-8TH 🍯 SWEET & SEDUCTIVE - Lyla
  12. Oh my, who wants to be the one to tell him? If you meet someone even close to the pictures in the ad, I will e-transfer you the money you paid. (yes, this is a healthy bit of sarcasm for levity). Mikey, unless you have a wide threshold for what is fantasy and what will be real, you might as well prepare for disappointment. Take GT's advice on the providers with recos and verifiable social media presence.
  13. if looking for an Asian provider, I suggest you wait for an established travelling lady so you can book with confidence. Otherwise it's a flat out guess what's behind that door. Personally, I'm not willing to take that chance for a whole host of reasons. Allie Zeon is here Jan 8-9th. She's awesome, and fits the bill perfectly as a known travelling companion. Here is her ad : Allie Zeon @ Halifax Jan.8-9 1 night - Lyla Destiny Xu or Lily, both from Montreal are also top choices.
  14. Real, pics in the ad are her (except maybe for the first one) and I would repeat.
  15. Run to her, Northern NB fellas. StephanieM is pure luxury!
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