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  1. (Marsha), now posting on LL as MS, is real and I would say pics are representative. I enjoyed my massage session with her. Also discussed here : Marsha - Lyla She was previously posting under massage section on LL, Now seems to be posting under the escort section. I'm not sure if that changes her offerings.
  2. But most importantly, go to this tab on this forum : Nova Scotia Escorts - Schedules & announcements Review Board | Discussion Forum - Lyla And then go to this tab, and cross reference the names : Nova Scotia Recommendations Review Board | Discussion Forum - Lyla East Coast Kimmy, for just 1 example, posts a Lyla ad pretty much every week and has 22 posts on her recommendation thread. 22 glowing recommendations!!! She's real, she's a sweatheart, and she won't steal your money. So you can chase scammers and bait/switch, or you can spend your time with trusted providers. There is no reason for this to be difficult. Alyssa Faye posted yesterday, she sounds awesome! Savannah Sol (a personal fav) is right there! MsManda, is in the room and you just couldn't spend a better hour. Cheeky Char, Ava Marie, Sarah Alexxx : Oh sooo real, real and real Bella Blanca (a total sweetheart) : incredibly real Asteria, Geeky Girl, Exotic Touch Daniel : run to them! Stephanie Mystique, Kylie Jane, and Charlotte Quinn : My goodness, don't even get me started !! Craigles, that's 14 names for you, all Local. Not to mention another 10-15 real and reliable touring ladies who make Halifax a regular stop and advertise right here on Lyla when they are in town. It's just that simple.
  3. Sheesh, Craigles. Sounds like you have had a tough week!! Looks like you are new to this, or at least new to Lyla. Any particular reason why you don't contact the 10-15, maybe even 20 verified, local, and real ladies appearing under the Halifax Recommendations and Halifax Schedules tabs?? I'm not trying to pile on to your already unfortunate circumstances, but why are you making it so difficult on yourself. Real people have verified and recommended real people. It truly cannot be any simpler to find what you seek. Why are you so fixated on the Leolist muck? It's just so easy to use the Lyla playbook, at least until you've had a few decent experiences under your belt. So many fantastic ladies out there that are part of the very Lyla board that you are a member of. if you are reading this that means you are on the forum.. All the verified research and opinion you seek is just a click away. Embrace it.
  4. Nope. This is not the Jordyn that posts under the LL massage section.
  5. I haven't ventured on this side of the hobby, but have no doubt MsManda or Annabella Pain will more than cover what you are looking for.
  6. Definitely Team Savannah on this one!!! A Total Sweetheart.
  7. She has been discussed on no less than 5 threads in the Massage section. Look under Leta, Sara (2), British Lady Massage, and Massage ad with Woman in Glasses.
  8. Ms. Melody is amazing. And the pic is still very representative. Welcome to Lyla. Mel !!
  9. She is written up in the beware/scams section : Robbed “Taylor” - Lyla Pretty sure it's the same provider, just a different hair colour. I'd be more than a little cautious.
  10. Definitely agree with the Bella recos above. Easy set-up, Nice in-call. Super sweet and chill. I was very happy to meet her today. NSG.
  11. Poorly written ad. Everything is in plural form (i.e. "we" "our"). Red flags all around! At best, likely bait and switch. Lotsa Luck if you choose to pursue.
  12. Olivia is minus the extra set of hands this week, but still soo terrific with a pro-grade massage. Treat yourself, fellas !
  13. Pretty sure "Guest" was the previous Nervous Nelly. Refer other thread for dets.
  14. Wow, totally changed her ad and look. My apologies.
  15. GT's link is definitely not for the same Kitty. GT's link is for a reco on the well reviewed and highly recommended Kitty Montgomery. As for "Kitty the Russian Princess" linked by the OP, she has yet to be reviewed or commented on.
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