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    From the album: Cleo

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    For outcalls deposits, I typically require an upfront payment of 35 -40 % or less, depending on the location and circumstances. The remaining amount can be securely sent via a separate email, using a different pass code. This ensures that upon my arrival, I can verify the presence of the payment and confirm that my time will not be wasted. In the past, I have unfortunately encountered situations where I have traveled for an hour and a half, only to have the client cancel. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly research and complete your due diligence before sending any deposits. Additionally, please refrain from sending excessively large amounts in the form of gift cards. Remember, it is crucial to exercise caution and verify the credibility of the recipient before proceeding with full deposits. Don't go around blindly sending money to just anyone without doing your homework first. Be a smart cookie and don't go crazy with those gift card amounts either. Oh, and if she's using a text app, be wary of those too-good-to-be-true pictures. If she can't talk on the phone but is suddenly all about your money, well, congratulations! You've stumbled upon a scammer who's more interested in emptying your pockets than being your unicorn. Time to say goodbye to that Text App number, my friend. Remember that old saying? "A fool and his money are soon parted." Don't let that be you. Engage that brain of yours and stay sharp. The end… for now.
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    Therefore, from a professional standpoint, I do not entertain the idea of gentlemen making bookings through text applications. This preference is solely based on my own personal reasons, which I have already elaborated on. It is important to note that I have never encountered any negative experiences, apart from the one I mentioned earlier with a client (knock on wood). However, I fail to comprehend the rationale behind women attempting to engage in fraudulent bookings. I have implemented additional measures to prevent such occurrences, although I will refrain from discussing them in detail. Secondly, if you would like to schedule an appointment in advance, preferably eight hours or more, I kindly request a small deposit of $50. This can be conveniently made through cryptocurrency, an Amazon gift card, or email transfer. This is simply to demonstrate your credibility and ensure that our time is well-spent. For Outcalls, I do require a slightly higher (EMT ONLY) deposit to compensate for the additional effort involved in reaching your location. It is essential for me to prioritize and respect my time, but please note that this request comes after verifying your authenticity and having a conversation over the phone. Rest assured, I take the necessary steps to confirm that you are a genuine individual and not someone attempting to waste my valuable time. For the majority of my esteemed clients, who graciously schedule appointments with me, I kindly request that you contact me via phone before our meeting. It is essential that the call originates from an unblocked number, distinct from your residential line. I must hear your voice, as it allows me to discern vital aspects of your character and demeanor. This principle applies to gentlemen who engage the services of women as well. I firmly believe that if we cannot engage in a meaningful conversation for at least a minute over the phone, it raises concerns about the quality of our potential in-person interaction. Additionally, it is important to note that I have made a personal choice to abstain from drinking or participating in social gatherings. Therefore, it is paramount to me that you do not sound inebriated or under the influence of substances. While there are many women who cater to clients seeking such experiences, I am not among them. Thus, if I were to book the companionship of a lady, I would undoubtedly endeavor to establish contact and hear her voice. The conversation need not be lengthy, as both parties lead busy lives. However, personally, at some point, I would like to have the pleasure of hearing your voice before sharing my address willingly. part 3
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    Let me start by telling you a bit about myself. I've been traveling all over Canada, and people know me as a reliable companion. Now, I have a set of rules that I stick to, which work for me as a companion and can be adjusted to suit different clients looking for a lady. I understand that not every woman works the same way I do. However, these rules have helped keep me safe and maintain my sanity. Personally, I don't accept bookings through text applications. I know some of you might be wondering why, and if you've come across any reviews about me on other platforms, you might have read about a past incident. There was this gentleman who recorded me without my consent and even uploaded it on a site like Pornhub. He then taunted me for a good two years through text applications. Eventually, I had to involve the police, and he faced charges for his actions and the threats he made. But let's not dwell on that too much. The reason I don't allow text applications is that most of the time, it's just a waste of your precious time. And if something were to go wrong, getting the police involved becomes a real pain in the you-know-what. Plus, for every one person who wants to use a text application, I have about ten others who are more than happy to book an appointment using a genuine phone number. So, in my case, I choose not to rely on texting apps. It's simply because I haven't had the best experiences with them, as you can imagine. Now, you may be interested in understanding how I can determine if a client is utilizing a text application or not. For quite some time, I have held this website very close to my heart. However, upon reflection, I realize that they not only provide me with a sense of security, but they also benefit men greatly. It would be utterly foolish to withhold this information from the industry, as it aids not only women but also men. My intention is for everyone to be safe, not solely women, as I increasingly hear stories of men finding themselves in situations involving pimps or robbery. I genuinely desire positive energy from every individual, regardless of whether our paths cross or not. Now, I will share the a website I utilize right after this message. Allow me to explain how they work. You simply need to visit either of these website and there is no charge for their use. You can search for any phone number of concern, whether it belongs to a client or a sex worker. Www.CallReceived.com If the carrier is indicated as "Iristel or Distributel," it signifies that it is a text app. It is worth noting that Telus Communications Inc. has also been recognized as such. I am well aware that there are women in this industry who utilize text apps, and these women have received exceptional reviews. Therefore, I will provide further information on what steps to take. In my next message, I will elaborate on encountering a woman who uses the text application. Part 2
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    I find myself in a situation where I feel compelled to be transparent. I recently conducted some research on Leolist and discovered the profiles of several prominent individuals from the adult entertainment industry who are also active on OnlyFans. I have engaged in conversations with one of them through Telegram, namely Hannah Brooks. In order to safeguard her interests, I have already contacted her and advised her to reach out to her DMCA company for removal from the platform. However, I must express my deep concern regarding the substantial number of fraudulent profiles that exist on Leolist. As a service provider catering to a diverse clientele across Canada, I have endeavored to establish a set of guidelines to ensure a positive experience for all. Instead of imposing these guidelines as a form of gatekeeping, I have decided to share them openly on this platform. It is ultimately up to each individual to decide whether or not to heed this advice. Nonetheless, adhering to these guidelines will significantly reduce the likelihood of encountering any unfavorable situations. .... part 1 .
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    Dear gentlemen, the stunning petite 34C brunette Amy French and sexy and open minded 38D Alice French are available in Halifax Bedford now and they are not to be missed! Solo or Hot Duo! You can book now! HOT DUO PROMO!! AMY FRENCH & ALICE FRENCH HALIFAX, BEDFORD OCTOBER 9-12TH AMY FRENCH Amy Stats: Quebecoise 30 yrs old 34C-24-34 5'4 120lbs Long dark hair Service: Gfe+ including erotic massage, toys and hot duo with Alice French ALICE FRENCH Alice stats Quebecoise 5’10 172 Lbs 38D (Nat.) Brown hair Brown eyes Service: Gfe+ including massage, toys and hot duo with Amy French CONTACT: Please be precise (Model/city/day/time) Website: www.yourfrenchlady.com Email: [email protected] Phone (Text only): (438)-368-3761
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    From the album: Cleo

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    Only three weeks away and I'll be returning to your city 💙 I will only be taking prebookings and offering incalls. Send me a love note and let's connect 💌 Text 613-876-1415 Email [email protected] Website sashamayfields.ca Kisses 💋 SMF
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    ‼️***OFFERING NEW TANTRA SESSIONS****‼️ Hi baby💕💕 I’m Sweetie! Just like my name, I’m as sweet as can be😋 Being extremely skilled, and with passion for what I do, I am a great choice if you want to come get your mind off life and relax for a while… 😍 🥰I have booked an upscale private residence, downtown halifax, please come visit me🥰 902-448-1762🥰 I will ask to verify and make sure you are legit before disclosing the address 🥰. i offer a variety of services. i am extremely open minded, willing to do many kinks, fantasies, rollplays, domination, pegging, mistress domination, and many other things, as long as they are within my boundaries and restrictions! Don’t ever be afraid to ask! I’ll never judge, just let you know what i’m comfortable with! discounted sessions available, as well as quick-rates, multi-hour deals, and specials, if you’re looking for a deal, or you can’t afford my regular rates! I also offer a wide variety of online services if you prefer to get to know me first before meeting in person *SAFE* GFE and PSE service also available Looking forward to hearing from you💋💋💋 ABSOLUTELY NO UNSAFE SERVICES - NON NEGOTIABLE
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    Shes not real, this person has been scamming now for months, constantly changing names and using the same copy paste websites and pictures. Even edits the text ones for each new name. She also operates under 3 or 4 different identities on top of the Italian princess one. All across Canada too in every major city. Its actually unfucking real.
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