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    I don't post much but have noticed that Greenteal likes to hijack threads and create conflict once in awhile. I don't think he is from here and will have absolutely nothing to add about the Winnipeg scene. Always argumentative, best to ignore.
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    One thing I like about Lyla is that people can’t come on here and be unnecessarily ignorant to providers. The well known trans escort review board that I have been on for years is not the case, I’ve had multiple unnecessary comments sent privately and publicly on my appearance and things that have nothing to do with my service, and then theres people who have just written complete fabricated lies to garner attention to a post. Regardless of what the name is here, I just hope that type of ignorance will not be allowed. Quite honestly I’ve considered leaving the industry because of blatant transphobia from the same men who book trans providers. It’s toxic and on a personal note I’ve had to attend self esteem and self care therapy because some of it has effected me over the last two years. I have no problem with a respectful negative review about service if its genuine, but trying to tear people down to their lowest and drag them through mud should be unacceptable on any review board. Just my two cents.❤️
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    Hey guys, We have some big news; Lyla is getting a name change to EscortReviews.ca. I anticipate that this name change might piss a few people off. After all, we pride ourselves on being a positive recommendation board, not a review board… so, how could this make any sense? 🤷‍♀️ This is where we’re going to be 100% transparent and honest with you, as we always try to be. We want more traffic. In order for us to be successful, we need more traffic to the site. When you look at the most common keywords that people Google to find sites like ours, they usually use terms such as “Canada escort reviews”, “escort reviews in Montreal” and so on. The term “recommendations” barely gets any hits. In order for us to carry on, we need to grow. It’s no secret that Lyla was a bit abandoned and many people stopped coming on here. We’re working really hard to change that, and so far the growth is positive, but we need more. Which is why this name change has come about. We are still going to be a positive board. Other than the name, nothing is changing. We will still only allow positive recommendations/reviews. The site will look the same, the people working behind the scenes remain the same, our mantra will stay the same. It’s just the name that is changing. Why not CERB? Canada Emergency Relief Benefit kinda ruined that for us (but we’re not bitter because what a godsend that was). When is this happening? Pretty soon. We wanted to tell you guys about it before officially changing anything, but now that we’ve announced it we’re expecting the change to happen in the next couple of weeks or so. Will I be redirected? Yes, anyone that lands on lyla.ch will be redirected to escortreviews.ca Any questions? As always, myself and the other Mods are here to answer any queries or concerns you may have. I hope you appreciate what we’re trying to do here and we ask for your continued support. 😘 Lots of love, Lydia ❤️
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    How are you screening the ladies to see if they are real vrs scam? Are you checking their website? They don't have one? Don't see them. Scammers don't have time to rebuild a website and it's history for every scam. They are preying on the boys that have a hand down their pants and texting with their other. on LL, check neighbouring areas. Do they have the same or similar ad running? Did you actually read the ad? There are a lot of key words used to spot a scam. On their website, does it link to other sites for ads and recommendations or reviews? Does their website have a history of photos? Have you done a google search on their name in general? What comes up? Do they have an active twitter? Greenteal can probably link in the thread for verifying SPs. It's been said many times over. Take the 10-15 mins, get your hands out of your pants and check the person you out you want to see. 10-1 you will find the one that will better connect with you and you will get to those throws of ecstasy better that the one that doesn't require screening. Pleasure isn't just about getting off. It starts the moment you reach out. As I like to say, seduce the mind and the body will follow. Good luck, Stephanie ❤️
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    Well don't know specifics about Fort McMurray but paying in advance using e transfer (and providing password) that's not an indication of a scam...the ladies I see I pay (in full) in advance...the only monetary transaction at date time is tip and gift. Right now I have three ladies paid in full already just waiting to schedule our date. RG
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    You're right. But it stops fake ads or BS girls.
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    I agree with most everyone here. All sides are very valid. However, I do believe that if you change the name, you will have a fight on your hands. I 100% support the idea of changing around Lyla to be more SP friendly. Were already labeled as a feminist site... why don't we keep it that way. I had messaged Lydia about a verified client badge, making it easier for us SPs to screen. The client would have to have 3 girls (verified on more than 1 site) vouche for him... like @PiperNorth did for me. As always, you can screen however you choose. But it would help. Bring back the status bar for our own main page. Go through all the forums and take out the word "review" anywhere it is... maybe make the new name CERF(Canadian Escort Recommended Forum)
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    My boy! Happy early birthday! I sent you a snapchat message, but I'm also going to reply here, as I may not get to check snap later. @msmanda and I are officially offering semi interactive duos, which could potentially be a very tortious idea for yourself. But totally worth it. If thats honestly too much for you to handle, I'm sure we could just tie you to a bed and let you be our plaything for a few hours. 😉
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    Feel free to pm me. I have experience with this type of situation. First of all, please make sure your friend gets medical attention. The longer the wait, the less opportunities there are to record in the event she chooses to proceed with LE involvement. A crime was committed against her. The use of drugs should have no bearing. Different districts offer either good LE help or really bad LE help. So I certainly understand the hesitation. The client is also an issue as he can now try to rebook through his friends which is a real issue. So recognise that she is still not safe if she continues working. There is no easy answer here. Please tell her I am sorry this happened. We need to warn others. Meaghan
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    Looking back before I got married I was with a friend who was in his early 30's and I was early to mid 20's we decided to go bar hoping in Montreal and ended up alone at a hotel for the night because we didn't pick up any girls. The next morning (Sunday) he buys the Montreal news paper and finds some ladies offering massages nearby, called to book and we showed up. I didn't know what to expect at all so I'm directed to a shower and told to go into another room afterward, simply a mattress on the floor, I lay face down with towel over my ass and wait. The lady which was not chosen by me came in and soon removed the towel and asked what I wanted. So I asked what type of massage was offered she didn't care about that she offered everything from HJ to BJ to FS, I opted for the HJ only and never finished even though she let me fondle her boobs. Things were weird for me. Fast forward to after my marriage, when the old lady lost all appetite for sex, we used to do it all the time sometime 3x a day but she lost her libido, not me. After 4 years of getting only a few times a year 2-3 as a matter of fact, I looked at Craigslist and found a gorgeous black lady who was offering her services and to be honest it probably took me 8-9 months to decide on calling her. Everything was done safely with protection but I was so nervous after I went and got tested about 3 months later and all was clear. I know it was just fear of cheating on my wife and so on, the fear disappeared and about 6 months later I found a wonderful lady from Cerb and visited her for over 6 months. The rest was history. So when I was in my 20's, I really thought "this is too expensive to have some fun, when I can get this for free". And now it's "this is what's going to save my marriage because I need physical contact".
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    I am fine with the name change, though that is the 3rd one now in the 14 years I've been on here! If it brings more traffic, then there is nothing wrong with that.
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    In case we've not yet had the pleasure.. I'm a 5'6 brunette with a sweet & sultry movie star smile, and bright, blue/green eyes that you'll love to see looking back up at you With a toned & tattooed, natural body that I love to show off and share with respectful gentlemen and couples; Let my body be your playground.. I offer my sensual, pampering attention for those who appreciate the sweeter side of a lady; and a naughty, kinkier experience for those with more - curious tastes 😛 With my passion for pleasing, and an overflowing toy box; the possibilities for pleasure are endless; just share with me what you might enjoy, and I'll take care of the rest! Daily updates on Twitter & Onlyfans @MsMandaHfx *New* Debaucherous Duos With Charlotte Quinn, Sarah Alexx and Annabella Pain! 💕 Highly recommended 😁 http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=110533 Limited Availability Screening & Precautions Apply Please visit Www.msmanda.com for details, or email for more info! xx
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    No offense, but the quality of clients in Grande Prairie and Fort Mac give both cities a bad rep. I remember going to Grande Prairie alone, and everyone who contacts me to book was on coke. I’m blunt here, but it’s not enjoyable to work with men who are strung out with limp dicks. When I was there I decided to take no more clients after the first few were, all the same, I took the remaining days off, and I canceled my plan to go to Fort Mac next because I can only imagine it gets worse the further you go north. I’m still always getting texts from men in both cities asking me to visit, but they are on my do not visit list.
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    To each their own. I’ve seen many with great service. I want this specific trait today. Again. Keep it moving buddy
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    Fort mac is a dangerous city for independent and or travelling ladies. I've heard horror stories of ladies trying to work there if they want to remain independent or are from outside of the area.
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    Here is a question to all the gentlemen that are long time members on this site. How did you find out about Cerb/Lyla? Here is the story about how I did. I was looking through CL and saw some pretty awesome ladies and some had websites with the CERB logo in them or even a screen shot of a recommendation from CERB on CL so I figured what if I joined that CERB website and then find multiple ladies like the one I just read about? Well all I can say is that the rest was history, I became a member and never looked back. Yes I did join the other *erb sites but never posted anything there because it was not like this one,
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    We swear we'll stop changing our minds now 😛
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    Lots of awesome local girls who have been isolating, in the area too! Don't forget to show some local love.
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    Hey everyone! It’s time for our next competition. This time we’re aiming it at our lovely Clients here on Lyla (but Companions - feel free to enter too). What's the prize? We have 3 lots of $150 to the Provider you mention, paid in BTC. What do I have to do? Find a Companion you admire on Twitter and RT a post or picture of theirs saying what you love about them, tagging @lyla_forum and using the hashtag #LovedByLyla OR Nominate them on this thread, making sure you tag their Lyla handle. Terms and Conditions By entering this contest you agree to the terms and conditions set out below. 1. For your entry to be considered you must: Follow @lyla_forum OR have an account on Lyla. Tweet your answer, use #lovedbylyla and mention @lyla_forum OR leave your nomination on this thread, tagging the Provider's Lyla handle. 2. All entries must be received by 12.00am (PST) on Sunday 19th July 2020 3. Only one entry per person 4. No employees of Lyla (or any of its associated companies), their families, associates or anyone involved with the competition will be eligible to enter. 5. You must be based in Canada and have an account on Lyla to enter. 6. One winner will be chosen at random. 7. The winner will be announced on the Lyla thread and Twitter on Monday 20th July 2020. 8. The prizes are 3 x $150 to the Companion mentioned, paid in BTC. 9. Lyla reserves the right to reject any entry that we, at our discretion, believe may be in breach of copyright or which we consider offensive. 10. The judges decision is, in all cases, final.
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    Tuesday night I had my grand kids for a sleep over granddaughter is 4 and grandson is 1-1/2. During the night my grandson woke up crying and my granddaughter woke up and because she can't pick him up she started singing to him. I chose to stand back without her seeing me and listen to her sing to her younger brother and it eventually made him go back to sleep. It brought tears to my eyes.
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    Fancy seeing you here 😉 I'm excited to say that I'll be available from July 13th-17th in Downtown Halifax and I cannot wait to get back into the swing of things! In private, I'm a passionate lover, with a healthy appetite for pleasure. I can be described as sweet, compassionate, easy-going and understanding. I love to dress up in a variety of outfits, both in and out of the bedroom; so do look forward to seeing my wardrobe of lingerie! Or would you prefer jeans and a T-shirt, workout clothes, maybe a sundress perhaps? I enjoy a variety of encounters including and not limited to a relaxed GFE, a more intense soft dom experience and I also like dreaming up different roleplay scenarios with you. I can accomodate a variety of fetishes and consider myself to be very open-minded in that sense! I l always strive for nothing less of an amazing time and genuinely want to get to know you better. I'm clean, smoke free and disease free and expect you to be both clean and disease free as well. I will not see people who are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. I may enjoy a beverage with an established client, but I'm not party friendly! TEXT TO BOOK: 9029120351 - No blocked #'s or apps E-MAIL: [email protected] WEBSITE: melanierose.escortbook.com EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: onlyfans.com/NSmelanierose TWITTER: twitter.com/NSmelanierose I did alter my companion name from Melanie Mystery to Melanie Rose. You can find all of my past recommendations under the name "Melanie Mystery" or "Melanie Mys". (New name, same me!) 😉
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    Do You Know How To Treat A Lady?Then You Should Be Rewarded.. Older Gents (45's and up, or somewhere there about) 100 roses /hh 170 roses/hour, 280 roses/hour and a half, 360 roses/2 sexy hours. Younger Gents Donations Are: Younger Gents Special: 100/hh 200 roses/hour, 300 roses/hour and half, 380 roses/2hours Are you a older man looking for a mature angel faced woman to spend some time with? Someone who isn't just a woman but real Lady with soft caressing hands and deep kisses.A woman with deep desires and addicted to cuddles. Step out of your fast paced world and step into my slow seduction. I have warm inviting hazel eyes and still blond hair. My classic hourglass figure has curves in all the right places. A natural 36 D and and hips mmm hips that beg to be held on to. I'm NO spinner but I do so love to play. ,Soft scented candles burn in my quiet home in South Ottawa . I will be waiting. Jolie (613)513-9294 XoX
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    What about a night with two preferred providers or maybe toss in a little bondage or kink?
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    Hey everyone. This thread was getting a bit negative/irrelevant so I have locked it. As always, if anyone's behaviour is out of line please continue to report it so we can keep Lyla a positive space. Thanks.
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    If I may interject here, this conversation is going nowhere as is. As someone who has lived in the oil patch and understands the dynamic, I will try to help you all understand. To Jaden, I get what you are saying but you are only concentrating on the scammers here. Yes, there are a lot of them on Leolist and there always will be in places like Ft. Mac because there are too many guys there with a big wad of cash and a raging hard-on and little in the way of common sense. So it is easy money for the crooks. However, it is very easy to spot the scammers and to differentiate them from the legit touring ladies such as some of the ones here on Lyla who tour. It is more than just an ad on LL. Take the time to check out both their website & presence on forums such as this and you can tell if they are on the up & up. Also, read the ads closely and start to understand the language the scammers use. They really aren't all that clever. You can't assume every provider is a scam. There are many ladies who I will not hesitate to etransfer the entire donation to. But I will not do it to a complete unknown. If you aren't comfortable with it, don't do it but don't bother complaining about it either on forums like this. It's a waste of energy and only creates unnecessary drama. As for all of you here on Lyla, I understand what you are saying but you are looking at it from your perspective as legitimate providers and clients used to dealing with legitimate SPs. Believe me when I tell you that places like Ft Mac and Grande Prairie and other boom areas will always draw their fair share of less than desirable people. I think Jaden here just hasn't learned the nuances of this industry in these areas. When I first got into this, I had a few disappointments although I was never scammed out of my money. There's a learning curve but I also have always been pretty astute when reading ads. I am merely just stating here that although the complaint here is possibly misdirected to the wrong people, his beef is somewhat understandable. Cheers to you all and have a safe and happy day.
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    I will jump in on this.. Winnipeg1991 on march 20 2019 you had the exact same request? With 15 responses.... Now a year and a bit later same request you have been a member for a couple of years with almost no post.. You are being jumped on for your post many support the fact that what you requested and kudos to them.. But I have been active only a few years and I can name 5 places which whom you request points too... Do what I did...visit...enjoy...take notes.. You will definitely find what your looking for...but i read your request as if you expect to also do more with your specific request...to you I say get off your butt do some visits and you will be happy I'm sure...cheers Play safe
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    Greenteal, I'm sorry but that's a bit harsh on your part. He's looking for something specific, big boobs, I'm sure there's lots of providers that do. That's all he was looking for, nothing else was mentioned. You don't look for specific things in a provider? The whole point is to find someone that we're interested in and go from there. Don't ridicule a guy cause he's looking for big boobs. Like this this the last place to do that.
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    I don't have a website never really cared to have one...but have a great reputation and reviews Not all ladies have one But checking for reviews, how long she has been active watch her social media like Twitter are ways to check if she is legit
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    Ummm No...I've paid in full to companions I have yet to meet and also to companions I've seen before and I'm having a repeat date(s) with It's not very wrong it's actually very normal, check websites of companions across Canada and the U.S. you'll find many companions require at bare minimum a deposit to secure a booking and screening/verification information. Part of the reason companions require a deposit is to make sure the client shows up and avoid NCNS (no call no shows) A client is the one who initiates contact with the lady with the intent to be alone intimately with her, likely saying "trust me." when she brings up questions about payment. Yet shouldn't he (especially since he initiated contact) trust her both when she requires payment in advance and his privacy when she requires screening information? Her concerns are about her safety and security, and they trump his privacy and money concerns. And not to reiterate, OK yes to reiterate, it's the potential client who initiated contact (out of the blue) to be alone intimately with the companion. It only seems reasonable that the companion has policies in place (deposits screening/verification etc) to protect her RG
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    Yes I am now softly booking again. 💋Hi, I am Jane a Bi female located in Halifax, NS. I am a pale redhead who blushes when she is ‘excited’. I am a Curvy BBW with a pretty face and a happy disposition. Very open minded, cuddly and kink friendly. I came on to this site a few years ago purely as a hobbyist. I do now take select clients from here. I enjoy the working with quality people that seek a deeper connection, or exploration. My services run from vanilla to the more niche bdsm experience or fetish exploration. I have been dubbed by a few as the ‘Kinky Girlfriend Experience’ which seems to fit about right. I am friendly affectionate and warm. I do provide and adore the gfe, makes me feel as beautiful or sexy as these experience. My reviews: https://www.lyla.ch/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=redirect&url=https://www.lyla.ch/topic/183782-janebondage-%E2%80%A2-white/?tab=comments%23comment-802794&key=bfaa43cb5b4e89c7e03334ec25a1e3ccb875a9f6c5e5bc4b67c975c23ee91ac1&resource= I do enjoy interacting with my clients here, text and twitter before dates and in between. I am connection based and like to get to know y clients as little this way when possible. I think we all need a little more tactile touch and connection after social distancing and I have lowered my multi hour bookings to reflect that. I am extremely low volume so book early to avoid disappointment please. Deposits required for new clients. $220/1hr$300/90mins$400/2 hours $500/3 hours$600/4 hours I am currently booking the week of July 1st through the 3h in my upscale and private location in Dartmouth by Alderney Ferry Terminal. Out calls and multi hour bookings are available until then. Wednesday July, 1st Daytime Appointment Evening Appointment Thursday July 2nd Daytime Appointment Evening Appointment Friday, July 3rd Daytime Appointment I will be available for outcalls throughout the weekend with pre booking if you travel outside of our maritime bubble or book out of maritime providers I ask you please make me aware or not book me. I completely isolated for 80 days so please respect my risk level boundaries and that of my clients by not booking me. I have extra cleaning measures in place, require an off the clock shower upon arrival and reserve the right to take your temperature upon arrival. Fid me on twitter: https://twitter.com/DurgasDungeon
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    *please wait to see me if you have a cough,sore throat, fever or feeling unwell...lets be respectful and take care if each other* Independent and Highly recommended The perfect choice for those mature professional gentlemen 25+ seeking Fun and Excitement I am all about positive energy and good times. I stand 5'7, curveaous, all natural C38, shaved, long black hair with hazel eyes, soft skin with a soft touch and sweet to taste Fetish friendly SAFE DATES ONLY In Halifax (Relaxed non smoking location with shower if needed) Out hotels in the hour ONLY *I will visit your private home if trust has been established and a deposit is required to secure my time* Available 2pm-11pm (Hours may change daily) (902)2*9*2*6*8*9*3 No blocked calls or text apps Follow me on Twitter for schedule/travel updates more ExoticTouchd 15/30 minute Skype dates HOTTT pics and vids *dm For details* Stay smiling my loves xo
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    For me i was always sex worker positive, maybe that comes from being European and seeing way more of this kind of life in the cities of Europe. I love following fellow workers on a lot of platforms and cheering on the ones pushing for positive change in our industry!
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    Interesting question. Skipping early associations from the media. My first interaction was on vacation in Hawaii, as a 15 year old. I had fallen behind my group of friends and was approached by an ‘older‘ woman (Lol probably 20). She asked me if i ‘wanted a date’ my reaction was confusion. She said ‘never mind, i don't want to scare you ‘ only later i figured out what she meant. later, at 21, in a sporty car in DC, a woman about my age pulled up with similar pitch. I said sure, she drove to a dark parking lot... I chickened out... too many risk images In my mind i suppose. so i guess my first impressions were confusion, then intrigue, a bit of fear... finally interest. -cbs Of what I thought of those women themselves? Not sure... i was more focused on my own Risk/reward calculation at the time. Only later as i started to get comfortable, did i start to form opinions i was aware of.
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    Hi RG, Thanks for your comments and suggestions - helpful as always! 🙂 Yes the town council is still around and thank goodness they are, they're so valuable to me! Mods won't be going anywhere either and I love the idea of a banner to reinforce our mantra. I also wanted to point out to everyone that we have recently changed our verification process off the back of your feedback. The new process can be found on our FAQs but I've pasted it below also. - Send 3 photos of yourself (from your registered Lyla email address) in 3 different poses to [email protected] - The photos must include a sign which must include 'today's' date - The sign must include your username on Lyla - The photos must not be edited in any way - The sign should also include either the word LeoList (if you are also verified on there), or VIPFavours (if verified on VIPFavours), or Lyla (if you aren't verified on either one). We will then review what you have sent to us, and will get back in touch to let you know the outcome. Thanks
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    Hi everyone. I apologise for the delayed response, I just wanted to read through everyone's feedback and reflect on everything. First of all I want to say thank you for taking the time to provide these comments - your opinions mean a lot to us so please keep them coming. A few points to address here and I apologise in advance if anything got missed. A few people mentioned we need to work on our SEO strategy and I want to reassure you that we are doing this - we aren't expecting just a domain change to bring a flood of traffic, there are other technical things we are working on so watch this space! Thank you Stephanie Mystique for your suggestion on using Leolist to get traffic - I'm not sure many people realise that they can link their Lyla recommendations to their ads on there so I'll do more to spread the word! Sarahalexxx made a great suggestion about having a verified Client badge but after discussing this with the team we've decided not to go down this route for now just in case something went wrong, however we know it has a tonne of benefits so we are thinking of ways to make this as safe as possible so we can introduce it here. If anyone has any input/ideas on how we can do this please let me know. PiperNorth - you mentioned that you're concerned that Lyla will end up having the same toxicity of other boards. I've been on some other Canadian boards and the misogyny and lack of respect is nauseating. This board will NEVER allow that kind of behaviour. I always say that this community unfortunately has to face a lot of stigma and negativity as it is, our job is to fight against that, not contribute to it. I promise you, our mantra will not change. Reviews will not be sleazy, misogynistic or negative, DNRs will still be respected. It simply won't get through moderation and if people don't like that then they aren't welcome here. I also completely agree with putting Providers first - this is something we will always strive to do and if anyone has any ideas on how we improve please let me know, my inbox is always open. Kylie Karma - I am so sorry that you have faced transphobia - that kind of ignorance sickens me to the core and it will never be tolerated here. Maybe one thing we can do as a brand is take more of a stand against this and raise awareness on the issues that trans Providers face. Your ideas on how we can best do this would be very welcomed. I hope this answers some questions but do keep your feedback coming - we rely on your input to make this site the best it can be, and we will endeavour to ask for input from sex workers more in the future, you guys come first after all. Thank you ❤️
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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back xoxoxo
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    As a sex worker, I wholly disagree with changing the URL. This will cultivate the same toxic review culture that exists on other review boards (not that it nearly doesn't anyway). Some providers rely on reviews. Some providers encourage reviews. Others, like myself, prefer to be left out of reviews (recommendations, if that word makes you feel better) because that's not how I focus on building my business. This was a place I felt I could do some light advertising but will feel deterred from doing so once the change is made - I do not want to be associated with the toxic, client-centred culture that will inevitably be created/expanded upon, nor do I want to welcome reviews left without my consent, which often happens on other review boards (and I'm sure sometimes here). As Malika asked a few posts above me, did ANYONE check in with sex workers who use this forum at all prior to announcing this decision? Was there any discussion, panel, vote, anything? I'd be curious to know if this would actually fly with majority of the providers registered/relatively active here. Edited to add: If you're looking to change things up and get more traffic, why not offer something here that other review boards with more traffic (MERB, TERB, PERB) don't offer, namely for the providers who use them? There are sections available on those sites for other cities already. What I despise about those sites is that they're client-centred. Why not make this site provider-centred? The more you provide a safe and healthy space for us, the more we're going to send our clients here and link you on our sites.
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    A lot of the URLs you're visiting at lyla.ch and other sites are already pretty compromising if anyone bothers to look. "Lyla" won't fool anyone. Anyone who cares about this needs to learn about private browser windows, VPNs, etc.
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    Thanks so much for your support, Jessica. We are really prioritising our SEO strategy so watch this space - we aim to be the number 1 board in Canada! 😍 Any feedback or ideas to improve are always welcome, especially from someone so savvy with marketing.
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    its most important that we are all supportive of each others choices at this time and any time to be honest! we dont know the situations each provider lives in and what pressures are on her or not as the case may be... so long as the risks are understood by each person that is helpful and i know as a professional each person i have spoken too was already super careful about cleanliness and now its even better!
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    I’m from Toronto and I tour quite often. I’ve had issues with prebooking appointments in advance with deposits in Fort Mac. That’s why I don’t visit this area. I’d rather visit Edmonton and Calgary where the gents are much more cooperative with prebooking and deposits. HOWEVER I’d be willing to change my mind if Fort Mac decides to be just as cooperative to! You can quite easily avoid scammers by simply doing your research on the girl. Does she have a few positive reviews on review boards where other gents have successfully seen her and can vouch for her? Does she have a professional website with professional photos? Have you google image searched her photos to make sure they actually belong to her? Does she have a high social media following and interaction with her followers? Doing these things prove the girl has spent her valuable time and money on her brand. Scam girls wouldn’t bother going through the trouble of wasting their time and paying top dollar for all these things. If you get scammed then unfortunately that’s on you for not doing your part and researching any lady you wish to see. I hope these tips help you!
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    I'm curious to know from a Provider and Client point of view, were your views on this industry different before you got involved in it? For me, I have always been pro sex work. The concept of policing what a person chooses to do with their body is an absurd one to me - that goes for more than just sex work IMO. But one thing I wasn't aware of within the industry is how tight knit the community is. The solidarity that fellow sex workers show each other is so empowering, especially in a world where women are often pitched against each other. I seldom see any of that kind of behaviour going on (I'm sure it happens, but it's certainly not as rife as some might expect). So, tell me, have your views changed? Did you once look at sex work in a different light and if so, what changed your mind?
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    Can I just bold and highlight everything you just said?!? It's a two way street. I am willing and able to travel up two hours for an outcall. I am not going anywhere without a deposit, especially with a first time/new client. Do yourself a favour and do the research. If you don't, you will run into the same issue wherever you go to seek companionship.
  45. 6 points
    This has been in discussion on another thread about changes to the site but as Phaedrus mention maybe it should have a thread by itself and I agree. So here is my take on this, we are aware that in the SP section there are things that any clients can't see so why not have the ladies post a recommendation for us clients. Of course this would have to be discussed with the client himself as we should ask any SP about posting a recommendation about her. Any client could have the choice of DNR same as the ladies have about themselves.
  46. 6 points
    Thanks for kicking off the thread, Notch! I think the big problem with this is that a lot of providers will simply not be prepared to outsource their screening to a board. If someone comes along saying, "Hey, I'm verified by Lyla!", then the reply is likely to be... not to their liking, because they'll still have to provide deposits/references/whatever else. And everyone's going to be unhappy about this as a result; the client will be unhappy because their prized 'verification' is effectively worthless, and the provider will be unhappy because they've had yet another entitled person who thinks the rules about screening don't apply to them because they're special.
  47. 6 points
    If you do entertain out of province people right now are you comfortable in the fact that for contact tracing in the event of an outbreak you will be passing on a lot of personal information to the health authority?? i am not... along side limited availability and staying with people i trust and can verify this is a tough time to do business in any field... its better to be safe than sorry though and this thread is great food for thought, i love seeing all the responses it helps guide us all to do better and to stay safer
  48. 6 points
    Pipers comment perfectly summed up my feeling toward this. I love how it is low key and positive here. Likely why I am still around. If it gets flooded with unpleasant types I will not keep myself around that at all. I prefer descression incredibly. I am not sure how I would feel about having my ad active on a website with escort so visable in its name to be honest and can underatand how it could make hobbyists nervous as well. Many do have careers to consider as well as family. I do understand the traffic is needed however feel the choice of name may be a bit bold? I adore it how it is already. It feels incredibly SP focused and I love reading the sassy replies from the badass ladies here. I also feel lyla has the most respectful hobbyists. I appreciate you all ❤️
  49. 6 points
    Changing a name that includes the word "reviews" , and stating the main reason for it is you want "more traffic", and then not 'really' allowing reviews unless they're positive, is everything that is wrong with the internet today in terms of "clickbait" activities.
  50. 6 points
    I had joined some of the other review boards in the past and hated it because of all the negativity in them. Yes there were some honest reviews with positive feedback and when i joined Cerb over 12 years ago I noticed some of the positive reviews/recommendations and I was hooked and have very rarely returned to those other sites (once every 3-4 years) to check on new providers. I'm one that loves this site and will continue to post positive recommendation on it once our lives will get back to normal. That's all I have to say !
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