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    Happy Valetine's Day! ♡
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    Although I've been fortunate that the majority of people who contact me are willing to screen and understand the purpose behind it. But for those who don't understand or new to this hobby I think it's important that we discuss this Let me explain first by saying I've been a part of this community for 10 years and not once has anybody ever had to report that I have ripped off lied or blackmailed any client. Building my business for 10 years to become a successful and a trustworthy provider does not come easy. So with that being said I'm pretty sure it is logical to conclude I would never ruin my reputation over a measly little deposit or your personal information. Nor would any established reputable provider. I would assume that if you've chosen to contact me you have also done your homework such as Googling my phone number researching my ads researching my Twitter profile my recommendations and my business model. And if you've done so you will know that I do not hide much of myself at all. I State my true age, I show my face in my photos ( which by no means do I suggest all ladies should! ) I have Pages upon pages of recommendations here, and my social media choice of Twitter is also very transparent. So I have basically laid it out on the table for you to observe and make a wise choice. A choice that should go in both directions mind you. Why should I expect to accept a visitor into my home when you want to hide behind ambiguity? Should I also not have the fairness of knowing who is being invited into my house and to spend intimate moments with? If you as a potential client wishes not to be screened then do not contact ladies who clearly require screening it as simple as that. After telling someone what my protocol is to be screened and getting a response of "how do I know you're not going to rip me off " is beyond insulting. Well thank you for taking time to read this very long-winded post LOL, but I hope that I've clearly explained and set to rest some new hobbies concerns when considering booking an established provider. 😘
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    Ask her flat out. Nothing is wrong with open communication and making sure both of you are on the same page. Keeping things clear and understood on both sides keeps both of you happy. Most of the time, I will reach out to a client, if I have been given permission to do so. In the form of communication of their choice (text or email). If I need to reach out randomly to someone, I keep it to 9-5 and keep it civic professional. On those occasions its is with someone that I have seen multiple times and we have repour built. I hope things get figured out for you.
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    I have always maintained. A level of discretion in my correspondence Where my Gentleman know that I would never text out of the blue.. If I ever had to because it was a real emergency. The only thing I text is hello. I would make sure that you clear up the intentions right away. , as you never want to have miscommunications, of course, and she should also do that on her end. Maybe she is a new provider who has not yet learned the importance of discretion and clarity I can say that the idea that right now this time of year. It is a bit slower than usual. So some providers may be panicking. It is one of the drawbacks to this industry. It can be feast or famine. . Any other ladies reading this post, and are feeling the pressure. Of being slow. Don't worry. It will pick up soon.😘
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    I can't count the number of times I've been screened/verified (the first time in 2011) and I continue to be screened/verified (not to mention pay in full in advance) If a client doesn't want to be screened/verified simple solution, don't contact her. While it's true it's the lady's rules that the potential client has to follow regarding screening and deposits it's also true that the client is the one who initiated contact. If he doesn't want to follow her screening rules then he simply shouldn't contact her As for risks, potential risks (in a client's mind) are his privacy breached and being ripped off As for risks faced by a companion, it's her safety and security. Put another way a potential client (stranger) initiated contact with her to be alone with her intimately. Don't you think she should know a little bit about the man who wants to be alone with her? And this isn't just a minor thing, just recently and sadly a companion lost her life at the hands of a criminal client https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/murder-day-parole-eustachio-gallese-1.5439020 Next time a client is looking to book a companion and she requires screening and a deposit remember it's her very safety and security she considers versus a clients privacy concerns. And if a client is really that concerned about his privacy why is he even partaking in this lifestyle. Put simply a lady's safety and security trump his privacy. A rambling RG
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    Gentlemen , I am sure it has been brought up here somewhere but please read the ladies information/ad/website thoroughly before booking an appointment. Here is a little insight .... screening starts from your first call or text. When guys contact me asking questions that are already answered on my site I usually don't reply. Guys who don't take the time to read my info are generally the ones who really don't give a crap about me as a human being and are just looking for fast food style service. It also leads to conflict during an appointment about such things as rates or what services are or are not offered. If you are just looking to come over right away order my "McChicken" through the drive through .... please keep on driving...preferably past my house and to another city ! I prefer to spend my time with gents I connect with and can have an enjoyable visit on a human level. I can't speak for other ladies, but I suspect that it makes much the same negative first impression on them also. All the best.
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    I have unexpected availability on Thursday!
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    I always give clients directions so they don't feel lost when they get there! Same with outcalls, I just ask. I never really had any issues, people visit hotels for a lot of different reasons.
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    😊Hosting in Kingston Wednesday and Thursday 9 am to 3 pm
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    As an established provider who also requires screening and deposits, I second what Lady Sophia is saying! We are looking out for our SAFETY! While the majority of clients are safe and respectful, there are always going to be bad apples in the bunch. Not sure if anyone follows the Maritime Sweethearts twitter page but they had a bad experience where someone actually pulled a GUN on one of the girls, so to say this stuff just “doesn’t happen” in Fredericton is plain ignorance. It can happen ANYWHERE, to ANYONE. I feel I have been extremely fortunate in not ever really have anyone refuse to screen or deposit. I understand that some of my clients and potential clients rely on me NOT sharing their information, and for potential clients it may be nerve wracking to trust someone you’ve never met with such sensitive information, but if we are well established (like Sophia and I) you should be able to use common sense to deduce that no, we are NOT looking to run off with your deposit… or share your identity with the public, that would absolutely RUIN our reputations that we have spent YEARS building to the point that we are able to reasonably expect deposits. It is not like we just strolled onto the scene with no reviews or reputation and demanded half our donation up front… I do wonder what girls who are just starting out and don’t have that reputation that makes clients comfortable screening or leaving deposits, are expected to do though. Of course they can’t expect clients to send them E-Transfers, how can they ensure their safety before being reviewed? Maybe having someone like myself or Sophia or another well established SP vouch for them? I’m not sure. It leaves new girls vulnerable for sure. Just something that crosses my mind sometimes. In light of these recent events I hope it has opened some eyes to the importance of verifying and screening to make your SP feel safe and comfortable, then just do it. We are not out to get you, we don’t want to steal your money, we just want to take some of the risks out of this profession. Most people don’t have to worry when they go to work about being attacked, assaulted, or robbed for the most part people who respect and value the women you go to for service will have no problem with submitting to screening we require. Some of us also don’t have the appointment space to have our time wasted by not showing up or cancelling with enough time to fill the space. I personally only have a limited amount of appointments available per month, therefor if someone books and does not show up that takes time away from another regular who would have appreciated that time with me. Point is, if you respect your SP, respect her booking protocol. We are only looking out for ourselves and as a client you should be respectful of that! If you really some how think you are “too important” or its “too risky” too screen or deposit, please don't expect uncensored access to our bodies, and homes/in-calls. xoxo Jaymie Mae Sparxxx
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    Do you actually think that ANY place talked about on here is safe? Like we're the freaking Illuminati, using code words like 'ending' and 'finish' that nobody else could understand. Most here found this site on Google, ffs. You think LE isn't here checking new posts every morning or knows who gives the 'best tease'? Or the providers themselves either shilling or giving false warnings? Or insurance company fraud inspectors? Or someone from a neighborhood digging dirt on a business? We find out about a new place opening up across town almost instantly. But somehow a neighborhood is unlikely to notice or suspect something happening under their noses, like a different car showing up at private residence every hour for a couple of years. There is always some well meaning shit disturber saying they know of a secret neighborhood webpage, but won't give a link. Or someone who says they saw a guy sitting in a brown chevy across the street. Kitty, Forever, all rumors. Let me say it again, the cops already know more about these places than we do. With the help of this site, they know which girls are doing what and who is the most popular. The way the laws are now, basically they have to witness the actual transaction or have a girl come forward, which is what happened at Notre Dame and without any warning. All spreading unsubstantiated rumors does is hurt the businesses. How can we have each other's back and rely on the information when we can't even agree on which girl is named what? Dude, if you're relying on this site to help keep your secrets hidden and safe, you're screwed. The fact that you're on here means these places are known to the public and a risk.
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    I'm not just the girl next door... I'm the girl next door who is secretly inviting you up to her bedroom when no one is around! I love to meet those who are respectful, enjoy great company and good conversation. My honest character, combined with my teasing seductive playfulness is just a part of what will make you want to come back for more! In private, I am a skilled and confident lover, with a healthy appetite for pleasure. I can be as sweet as pie, or as dirty as you please. I love to dress up in a variety of outfits, both in and out of the bedroom; so look forward to seeing my wardrobe of lingerie, stockings & pantyhose. For social dates I may go with a business casual look. Discretion is paramount for me but I do love dinner dates, movie dates, even a movie night in the comfort of either of our homes would be lovely! Let's plan together! My hobbies include hiking, photography, dancing, sports, music as well as travel. I consider myself a very light drinker to say the least, but I do enjoy a glass of wine or a cooler every once in a blue moon with a special gent! I'm 23 years young, truly love what I do and I like to get to know and enjoy those who I meet. So if you're looking for the girl next door, weĺl? Come next door 😉 🖤 Fetish friendly 🖤 Personal Hygiene & Disease free is a must. 🖤 Clean, safe, quiet location in North Dartmouth with discreet parking 🖤 Highly recommended on Lyla TEXT: 9029120351 - No blocked #'s or apps without a referenance please! If you have a lyla username do let me know! E-mail: [email protected] Website: melaniemystery.escortbook.com If I don't post here, you can always find my scheduele on twitter updated every Sunday @Melaniemystery ** NOTE: I'll be away the majority of next week
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    Not sure what you did with your lunch hour? I spent mine having several amazing orgasms. 🥰
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    I love this thread...i always like to know where the elevators are located before entering the hotel i will sometimes ask the gent where they are before coming i also dress casual and most times will be om my phone to not look the part
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    Good because I would have to the alphabet forward first to get the next letter I need to go backwards. Lol. shouts :Z whispers: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwx Shouts :Y whispers : abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvw shouts X ........ LOL
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    Hope it works out for you, there are a couple of SP's that I have connected with better than others. We are all human and find most SP's to be very genuine people who if I knew them outside of the business that I would really enjoy their friendship. We are now invested in this so you will have to let us know how it turns out!
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    This winter weather is wicked, but I'm happy to brave the cold to help warm your bones hehe In case we've not yet had the pleasure.. I'm a 5'6 true brunette with a movie star smile and bright, blue/green eyes that you'll love to have look back up at you. With a toned & tattooed, all natural body that I love to show off and share with certain respectful gentlemen and couples; Let my body be your playground.. I offer my sensual, pampering attention for those who appreciate the sweeter side of a lady; and a naughty, kinkier experience for those with more - curious tastes 😛 The possibilities for pleasure are endless; just share with me what you might enjoy, and I'll take care of the rest! Available In Halifax: Feb 13: Til Midnight Feb 14 - 18: 9am - Late, Duos/Trios With ShantieMtl and TsLaurence! 😈 Feb 19 - 21: 9am - Midnight Prebooked Duos With local beauties @YourSerafina and @savannah_sol ❤️ Twitter & onlyfans @MsMandaHfx Highly recommended, check my reviews here on lyla 🙂 Please visit my site for details, or email for more info! xx
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    ♡Open Late & Open Minded Professional Relaxation Massage♡ ♡$100 Full Body Massage♡ ◇$150 Full Body Massage Plus◇ ☆Relax and leave happy☆ Text for more info: 902-900-9207 Discreet, private, massage services!
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    Actually surprised this hasn't been brought up on Lyla yet. Parolee (already convicted of murdering his wife) murdered a 22 year old companion. Seems appropriate for the news forum. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/murder-day-parole-eustachio-gallese-1.5439020 https://globalnews.ca/news/6470101/investigation-ordered-into-parolee-accused-of-killing-woman-in-quebec-city/ RG
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    Excellent post Stephanie! I thought that this should be fairly straightforward and common practice that folks would normally be doing this anyways. But that you have to point it out, really must mean that there are some hobbyists that need to learn basic principles of this business. So definitely good on you, to lay down the ground rules so that everyone knows what they are doing! I definitely like how you say that we are a ghost. Indeed, you want to be on super stealth mode. I don't want to at any moment bring attention to myself. I would add that for a hotel, always act as if you are staying there, and are just returning to your room. And if it is a private home or apartment act as if you are visiting an old friend and have been there before. And probably always act cool and chill, and remember to keep your distance. As Han Solo once said, "Fly casual."
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    Calgary companion visiting the East Coast for the first time and looking to experience that famous East Coast hospitality 😘 Touring March 14-15 with incall availability Lover of human connection, deep conversation and sensual exploration. I'm your wild west dream with a refined side... Visit www.meetcarmenscott.com or follow me on Twitter @Carmen_Scott_ for more ♥️ Please fill out a booking form at www.meetcarmenscott.com and mention my Halifax tour to connect **Screening will be required**
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    Chiming in on this Thread. 😉 Screening is Very Important! Some Ladies do, Others May Not. To Each Their Own. I May Not Have Sceeening Stated on My Profiles/Ads but, I Screen All the Time, Every Single Client,Phone Call, Text! I Have Since 2016..When I Was Stalked For Months! It Got to the Point that I Stopped Hosting for about 1 Year. That is Something that A Person will "Never Forget"!!! Actually, During that Time of being Stalked, is When I learned how to Screen/Trace, In Many Many Ways! I Has "Nothing" to do with "Discretion", as some May Worry or Think! "Its Safety"! It's Extra Work Screening but, i can not Imagine Not Screening. The Voice Call To Comfirm, No Apps Numbers, Asking If Your a Member of Cerb/Lyla..What is Your Handle Name, Member of any other Boards, Using a Real Phone Number, Weather is Booking by Email ect.... Well, Sorry but i still want a Phone Number/Voice Call. Is That the Only Screening I Do... "Heck No". If Proper Information Cant/Wont be Given.., Well Sorry...Carry On as Your Not Booking With Me. You know Info about Me.. I want Info about You.. Before we spend Any time together. If We have had the Pleasure of Meeting Already.. You passed. If You Tried and We Havent ...Most likely a Reason For That. I am "Very Discrete" ... For Myself and You. To the point that if Discretion is Not Kept in any way...We are Done For Good. Discretion is 100%.. So is Safety for Both of Us. This is not All About the $$$.. I may come across as being "Blunt" .. and Yes, i probably am. However, Im Down To Earth and Dont Fake It. Sooooo.. Is Screening Important.. Some Have No Idea. xoxo's 😘
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    I decided to give Michelle a try and I'm happy I did. Firstly the pictures are real but they do not do her justice she is gorgeous. Secondly she is such a sweetheart and has magical hands. I am definitely booking her again in the near future.
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    I also provide a shower for 2. Lots of fun to be had when you're wet. 😉