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    As someone who resides in NB and tours full time I can tell you the province can support the higher donations without issue. Just because your budget doesn't allow for some of the higher end ladies - doesn't give your the right to speak for the men whose budget does. Your comments are your personal preference and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so unless you want women to judge you keep your unwanted comments on peoples looks to yourself. Looks and rates do not go hand in hand and a woman pretty ur unattractive as you say can charge what she wants, if people will pay it what's it to you? Expensive isn't always better but neither is cheaper. In regards to your comment on the cheap Asian market, it is no threat to any of us, it never has been and never will be. You can't compare a real verified independent to a bait and switch Asian ad. There is zero impact on any of our businesses by these fake ads.
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    Since you wanna play escort math… Most mid-level hotels are around $500-$550 right now for 2 nights in NB after tax. (I have receipts!) Factor in gas and food for 2 days. Advertising. At $200/hr, you’re clocking in at less than $1000 to see 8 people in less than 48 hours. Eight people!! Do you think we are machines? My NB clients do all work extremely hard. You’re right about that. I would never be so bold as to assume I know anything about their jobs, proceed to get online and tell them, no - you should actually make less per hour than you do. I can tell you that 90% of people in NB aren’t working under heavy stigma and zero labour protections, and aren’t risking violence at astronomical rates when they go into work. This service is a luxury. No matter how low our prices go, there will always be someone to complain. I have been a sex worker for 12 years and the griping about rates on review boards is a tale as old as time. It’s tacky and tired at this point. If you want to see a lady with higher rates, save up a bit longer. If you don’t, don’t.
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    Have you seen the cost of hotels, fuel and food? Nevermind the cost of advertising ($10-$20/bump for Leo) and trying to maintain branding. Also add in, if we are running a real buisness we are having to charge 15% HST and claim taxes. The costs are higher on the east coast due to more of us being independent. We cover all costs and expenses when it comes to running our businesses (incalls, hotels, photoshoots, marketing, admin, vr Toronto and Montreal have high amount of agency's that have multiple people working at any point in time to reduce costs. At my high rate, I need to see fewer people to make my goals, bills and expenses. I personally don't like being a revolving door with clients so I get give each person that spends time with me my best. I am also running into more people not wanting to leave recommendations due to the behind the scenes flood of messages they receive ask about xyz and incriminating the person. Best spots for me for advertising are; https://tryst.link/ https://massagerepublic.com/ https://discreetlist.ca/h/ https://www.cityoflove.com/ P.s. New Brunswick isn't a poor province. It's a cash happy province that has been able to keep money out of the government hands and more in their own pockets.
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    A question for the OP: could you perhaps go about this differently? The fact that you've been scammed on deposits multiple times indicates that something's up. Scammers have always been out there, but not everyone gets scammed. How do you go about choosing which SP to see? If you just go to LL (or wherever) when you're horny, and pick someone that the little head seems to like... well, getting some scammers is inevitable. The thing is, you have to do your research, and research takes time, and is best done when you're *not* looking for some action right now. As others have said here and elsewhere: look for a proper website. Do a reverse image search on the pics. Look for an established presence in the industry; whether that's an active and reasonably long-standing social media presence, or positive feedback from other clients. TBH the long-term presence alone is probably enough - it's all I really go on. Anyone pulling a scam simply won't last all that long before word gets around and they're forced to adopt yet another new identity, and so building up that long-term presence is almost impossible if you're just trying to make a quick buck from the next mark. I don't look at ads until I've *already* decided I might want to see someone and I'm at the point of looking at rates, screening requirements, contact methods, etc. That's what happens to work for me, and obviously YMMV... the point here is that a slower approach may serve you better than making a decision in a hurry. As regards looking for a regular: I get that this is the end goal for you, but again, perhaps... slow down? Providers get many, many messages from people claiming they'll be the best regular ever, and pretty much all of those are from people running a scam of their own (usually that they want a discount, I suspect). Claiming you want to be a regular before you've even met might be a red flag for some providers. Even on the first meeting, making it a regular thing probably isn't going to be on the agenda immediately. Think of it like a first date: do you actually *want* to see this provider regularly? No matter how well you might think you know someone from their online presence, the reality may be different. It happens, sometimes; I've met people in the past who I thought I'd get on well with, and... we just didn't really hit it off. That's not anybody's fault; it's just the way life goes, and you have to be prepared to simply accept that this time things didn't work out and it's time to pursue other opportunities. Finally, I'm afraid there's one thing I really must push back on: Hate to say it, but I think you're being unreasonable here. When you book a first appointment, you're booking that one appointment... and that's all. You met, and had fun, for the agreed length of time? You've got what you paid for. She owes you nothing more at this point. She said she's available for something regular? All that means is that she's happy for you to book again sometime; it is not a commitment to being available exactly when you demand it. The way to become a regular is simply to book again, and again, and again.... regularly. Telling her you intend to do that means very little; actually doing it is what counts. Please remember that the vast majority of people claiming they'll be a regular are, as I said, blowing smoke. No sane provider is going to abandon a tour for someone she's only met once, and the reason she didn't tell you about it before you met was that it's none of your business. If you *really* don't want to meet someone who doesn't tour, it's up to you to check providers' schedules and pick someone who doesn't - and if you take a long-term approach to your research then you'll probably just figure this out without explicitly looking for it, because most providers who are touring will talk about it. And if you're seeing someone regularly and you want to have a say in whether she tours or not.... well, to me that sounds less like being a regular and more like a SD/SB kind of relationship, which is an entirely different ballgame. If you want to keep her at home then you'd best be prepared to pay - in advance - for the privilege, and even then she may not agree. Hope all of that was of some use to you, or at least food for thought. Good luck!
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    I'm sorry this has happened, but I'm afraid you have to take some responsibility for this yourself. You've posted in another thread that it has happened to you multiple times. You know the old adage: Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. 😉 Long story short, stop sending money to people with nothing to lose by ripping you off. Established ladies with good reputations simply won't. (It would be stupid to risk their reputation and their investment for such a small amount of money.) Things to look for: Multiple recommendations from established members over time. (Not just first posts from a new accounts.) Social media presence that is established (active and not new) Professional Website Photos in ads that aren't stolen (learn to do an image search) Basically, any indication that it is someone who has put time, effort and money into establishing their business. If you can't find those things, then don't send a deposit. Plain and simple. Otherwise, a fool and his money....
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    I ask for an introduction, so to speak 😛 I'm really just looking for an idea of who I'm about to be spending intimate time with. I don't always require a whole ID, but I do like a name, age, and maybe even a little about you, which also helps me to see past the (often silly) usernames that contact me, and greet your personality 😊 Full sentences are always a nice touch too lol I screen for a number of reasons though; the biggest being safety, and also compatibility, to make sure that our sexy interests align, before you arrive and potentially be disappointed that I give, not receive the Greek, or something similar 😂 If someone is unwilling to have a little conversation to share even some basic info with me, I don't think I'll be able to share my amazing skills, location, and risk my actual life with them 🤷 It's also kind of a respect thing. My point of view does come from a perspective of someone who is easy enough to verify as a genuine provider who isnt here for nefarious reasons, so I appreciate a little assurance of the same from my potential guests. I've been here long enough to know firsthand why we have to screen, unfortunately, and while that doesn't necessarily ensure my safety, it really does help A little introduction can go a long way 💕
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    Hi, I hear your frustration, I really do and I'm not about to preach or tell you off in anyway. Only empathy & some advice on how to verify & also how to be able to tell if she is consistently available. I've had clients I really care about fall victim. I dont know what city you are in but there are other ways to verify SWs, it gets more difficult with younger ones because they won't have the years of good reviews & recommendations. But that is certainly one way. In terms of whether they tour or are actually local, their site & their recos can also help u. You can contact those who have seen or still see them & ask if they really are in town as much as they say they are. Another hint is often if rates work on a declining scale. This will give you an idea that she prefers longer appointments over many 1hr ones, which regardless of how long each appointment your preference is, it will give you an insight into the fact that she prefers seeing less people more often as opposed to quantity or having no preference one way or the other. The trouble is a lot of the SPs who are established, available regularly and have regular agents, dont need to and therefore dont advertise as much. Myself I'm only on lyla & Twitter & although I've been available in Ottawa every week pretty much since I started, if you look into my post history, my 'schedules & announcements' wont reflect that. I'm often already somewhat prebooked & know enough of my regs will contact me regardless if I'm advertising (because they know I do this). I would hate for someone new to constantly be trying to contact me when I'm busy and get declined and give up or think I "never reply" so I just dont advertise unless I think I'll have booking time to spare. I'm also only in lyla & twitter. I'm giving myself as an example but there are many like me. I'm truly sorry for all you have endured. It's really rough esp for someone just starting out, on both sides of the industry. I know you are experienced. Many SWers will accept reference alone. Another key with deposits is if she has her own incall vs renting a space. The reason deposits have become such a widespread thing is because during covid, after months of no income, SWs would get booked, specifically rent their space out (many apts are either just Air BnBs or another SPs incall) they are on the hook either way, they pay the sum & then the gent cancels sitting fear of covid. This was a pandemic on it's own. It didnt happen to me as I have my own incall plus until i was vaccinated i only offered Covid-Smart apts. But it happened to many and so deposits became standard. Scammers saw this and took advantage. Many arent even in canada. (I had a hacker I know trace one cuz I was so mad they got a reg of mine) He blamed himself as he booked off leolist with someone without reviews. So anyway, the fact that SPs who are legit and consistent end up not advertising much, is adding to your troubles. If you're in Ottawa & tell me your preferences, I can vouch for many & know a diverse group. Outside ottawa I cant help. Oh! Many cities have had regular/established ladies create their own network. OIC in Ottawa, IndyCompanions in Mtl, I know TO & even Saskatoon have their own. While not all members are in for the long hall you can tell who is. I really hope this helps you and I wish you the best of luck. C36 has fed this getting worse. The states are worse too. The more laws u add, the further underground it drives it and along come the sociopaths & exploiters! Our laws were fine as they were prior to C36. Alas, all we can do is call our local MPs and organize. Anyhow, I hop my advice helps & I really hope you find what you are looking for. It saddens me because I know theres an SP out there who would love a new reg. Even those of us with regs, they do sometimes leave us before we leave the industry so keep your eyes peeled for ads that may not appear all the time yet say things like "As usual I'll be available from (insert days of the week). " and "my incall is..." if she has an apt itll always have the same characteristics. Also look for recos where the same gent posts again or says "I've been seeing her for the last ___ years" When you go to their sites you can often tell if they tour. Myself I dont tour but I do always set a day or two aside when I'm visiting a city. So I mention TO but it's also clear that I dont go often and dont stay long. If you see far away cities listed as an constant, she tours. Also beyond OIC and such their are twitter accounts that will offer a list of who is active & whether they are local or tour. Finally, network with some of the other hobbyists in your area. Send them a msg and ask who is legit & if interested in a particular SW but cant tell if shes consistently available, contact one of the reco posters & ask them. They'll definitely know if she is around a lot & easy to book with. Take care of yourself ! JessyCeleste .
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    I don't think that its a code that implies any particular kind of service, but should give the impression that the provider may be more open to some things beyond the standard 🙂 I see it as an invitation to ask said provider if you've got something in particular in mind 😈 As long as safety and respect have been considered, and you've done some research into who you're contacting, it's fairly safe to assume that a provider mentioning this in their ads may be more open to discussing those fantasies you've been pondering for some time.. 😛
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    ADHD meds definitely help with clarity and cutting back on dopamine seeking behaviours! If you aren’t living in line with your values, it makes sense youd be feeling really off about it. A common theme in recovery from any addiction is making amends *so long as they do not cause you or others harm*. Causing harm here also extends to people who are unknowing of the wrongs against them. Those wrongs really do become your cross to bear - if you feel guilt, let that become your driving force to do better in the future so *you can forgive yourself*. For clarity for others who may be reading this, I don’t judge anyones motives or morality for seeing SPs in any situation. Such things are highly individual and frankly - none of my business. If your behaviours don’t align with your values though and you’re internalizing the shame around that, it’s reasonable you’d want to make some changes. 🙂
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    I feel people women/men should do whatever makes them feel good about themselves Wether it be hair dyes/clothes/cosmetic surgery/dating younger or older people whatever the case may be how you feel about yourself as a whole is what matters most Some age gracefully while others are not ready to and that's ok People spend way too much time being judgemental It's says more about their character than it does about that person
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    I use to put “open minded “ in my ad as I offered a variety fetishes ..but I have since taken it out as It seemed to be more mistaken as I would offer unsafe services. It honestly just depends on the girl 😅 I find we all have different meanings to the terms
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    Ya know I work both sides of the line…hobbying and providing and at this point I am just gonna lay it out there. Nothing wrong with the services you seek but your expectations and general approach are the biggest things you need to have over come to get a local provider to book you. Point blank. Your really just wasting your time locally. If any of provider local providers were willing to hook you, you would have had a message in your inbox by now. Lots of advice in your feeds but you just don’t want to hear it. That’s why no provider is accepting your bookings. It’s just that simple. Also… My clients do their homework and know about me when they book. I am not taking time out to meet someone who doesn’t want to pay a deposits. I will move on to the next gent that will. I think most experienced ladies here will say the same. You want providers to meet your expectations in how you want to be treated. You don’t want to listen to or accept what we need in exchange.That’s why you can’t get the bookings you seek. again…it’s that simple. #HighMaintenance
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    You can thank the laws of NS for no massage parlors, strip clubs, ECT. You are welcome to start lobbying your elected provincial member to start get things in motion for change. I would love to see a strip club in the area. Overall the population in the area of Victoria and Vancouver would be more dense then that of Halifax/HRM. NS, imo, is a very old school traditional minded communities, (as much as they like to think they are forward minded) making it much harder for individuals to offer services and to participate. As annoying as this sounds. If you spend you money elsewhere your local businesses evaporate. If you want more local providers, take care of the ones here.
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    Please forgive me in advance but if I don’t comment I won’t be able to sleep tonight. I’m just wondering why you’d want to drop a bomb like that on someone you’ve been with for 7+ years right before the holidays? So that YOU feel better? Haven’t you already spent YEARS doing so already? 7+?? I’m not trying to be rude BUT unless you’ve given her an infection/ disease, maybe just leave her out of it. Go seek help . Visiting a therapist first would be a healthier decision, there ARE ways to handle these types of situations. You can discuss it and then decide whether you’d like to rip her unsuspecting heart from the inside, or not. Best of luck.
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    Darling, there are literally thousands of my pictures and videos on my maintained, and easily verifiable socials and fansites.. I've left the sexiest trail of breadcrumbs for anyone who cares to do their own research and follow it 😈 If that & 100+ reviews on multiple sites over nearly a decade aren't enough to verify that I'm legitimate, I don't think that my sending a non sexual selfie is going to convince anyone 😂 But for what it's worth, in case a newer sp is reading this.. I would also not meet a stranger in public without a deposit.. Too many scams of people having us show up to random places for a date that isn't real.. It's a big reason why many of us require deposits for outcalls 🤷 I've shown up for lunch dates who no show, only to message me details of how nice I looked, or they liked my outfit, afterwards.. Then they've already seen who I am, and could easily follow me,without me knowing who they are. I do prefer not to be stalked or followed lol For this reason especially, I require a deposit for public meetings with a new guest, just to ensure my own safety and privacy is respected I honestly don't know any providers who are meeting strangers in public first..
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    ❤️December ❤️ 20th-27th off for Christmas break with the fam New year dates to be decided! Will post here once I know ❤️ Biggest thank you goes to all the wonderful men and women who have made 2022 so memorable, fun and happy! I appreciate each and every one of you and am so looking forward to ‘23 to continue our shenanigans! Happy solstice to my fellow pagans, merry Christmas and happy new year to all xo ❤️💋🥂🎄☃️ No same day appointments Pre booking only due to my limited times available 🥰🥂 Contact via text or Email www.mscharlottequinn1.ca Screening required for new clients (picture ID) ***Deposits may be required for multi hour bookings **I do not work on Wednesdays and Saturdays or Sundays ** To contact me the following two options are available Text on 1 (902) 930 1796 Email: [email protected] Website: www.mscharlottequinn1.ca **Rates changed October 1st** Here’s a little recap of my rates, note no half hour appointments ☺️ Rates effective October 1st Hosting/in call 1 hour $300 90 mins: $450 2 hours: $550 3 hours: $800 4 hours: $1100 Out calls :$350 Subsequent hours $250 Duo/couple rates are slightly higher Travel to out of area calls $50p/h (at my discretion) ask for details I don’t sell or send pictures or videos Overnights with trusted established clients to be discussed I post regularly to my Twitter it’s honestly the best place to follow for up to date info and pics! You can find me @Charlotte1Quinn Duo partners available... Ask me for the juicy details!! 🔥 About me.... I am an all natural, bubbly, 5’6” energetic brunette! Sexy and insatiable I offer a very natural GFE and am incredibly easy to get along with! I have been in this line of work for over 7 years and love it more than ever, I have a fantastic reputation, I am low volume and as such pre booking with me is essential to avoid disappointment or long wait times I can make a good day great, an expert at putting a smile on your face and leaving you feeling breathless and enchanted, most definitely looking to come back again and again ... I am your guilty pleasure, your little secret addiction and your perfect drug... Take a look at my adverts on leolist and massage republic to get an idea of what I offer ... When reaching out be sure to introduce yourself and let me know what it is you are looking for… I am a very accommodating woman… never hurts to ask 😉🥰
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    That is an excellent question and I thinks it has been asked before. But I'll answer this question with experience that I had. Many times when looking for ladies to spend quality time with I end up doing my research and finding the perfect one. I always booked for 1 hour because of the same reason you do...I don't want to rush my time with something great. And like yourself I often got disappointed with the date because I'm in and out in 20 minutes and that includes the introduction...shoe removal...clothes removal....the main event...shower(optional sometime)...and clothes back on...shoes and a quick goodbye. All because I felt rushed and she didn't want to be there to begin with. Once you find the right girl to give you what you pay for then I suggest you stay with her for all your appointments.
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    I’ll be visiting again soon in November😊
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    Lyla Tryst Leolist London Sugar Massage Republic Vip Favours Twitter Instagram Discreet List Discreet Ones P411 and the other cess pool boards that end in erb
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    Hi everyone, I hope i can discuss and share my life living as an escort in my village of 3000 people and I hope some of you can help me solve the problem. First of all, i never live in a village before so the idea to move to a beautiful, serene, near the ocean with some acreages sounded like a dream 2 1/2 years ago when i move full time to the province. People seem to be very friendly and are truly welcoming in general. I will have the same opinion about living here if I live and work like "normal" people. Unfortunately, as we all know here, I am an escort with my photos and videos all over the internet and it's way too late to blur them by now. People have treated me differently the moment they realize i am an escort. I have a hard time finding friends, i have a hard time to find plumber, painter, carpenter, contractor or even someone who are willing to help me walking my dogs or mowing my lawn. Everyone keeps the distance since they want they good reputation intact. They refuse to work for me even though im willing to pay them their fee. This issue has been going on for 2 years, just few months after they realize the Asian lady who just moved in the neighborhood from Toronto is actually Allie Zeon 😞 I was stressed at the beginning but now, i truly want to prove to all of them that even though i am an escort, I am actually a normal, good person just as good and "normal" as them. The only difference is i work as an escort. I personally don't have any problem working in this profession since I truly believe that we, as escorts, contribute to the well being of men who deserve human touch, companionship and sex that they might be lacking at home...so what's to be embarrassed about? Anyway, long story short, i've decided to move forward and create my little community of people who appreciate me as a person and as an escort and hopefully we can build a relationship to raise people's awareness that escorts are not necessarily a criminal and/or drug addict. Therefore, if you are a handy man, contractor, dog walker/ pet sitter who are willing to help me, my house and my animals please get back to me by PM. I need your help to erase the negative stigma of an escort. If you happen to lose your job and need a place and food. I can accommodate you with that as well. But you truly have to appreciate me fully and love animals. I have dogs, cats and chickens. I love them, they are my children. Enough rambling. Happy Halloween 🎃 Allie
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    I am not young… I am 20 years old and have ID to prove ❤️
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    Personally...My phones are on silent with clients and put away. Out of sight, out of mind. On the rare occasion I have the volume on, I try to let the client know I am expecting a call. Or if I am dealing with another matter as they come in I do apologize and let them know what's going on. We can't control when the Drs. Office calls for the appointment we need, the kids requiring immediate help or whatever else part of regular life that needs immediate attention. Sadly everyone's schedule doesn't revolve around us together. People that are not taking care of the client in front of them are busy working harder than they need to be. The client in front of them is the one that can become a much loved regular not the ones blowing up your phone that didn't read the ad. The potential clients that read the ad, understand you run a business and will patiently wait for your reply. It's the difference, imo, of professionalism vrs non.
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    I must say, affordability is a deal breaker. And yet, I have had a chance to see things differently in my experiences: these women are making available a precious cargo to us- that is at least worth mentioning. It is not the same as going to Walmart for a pair of slacks; it is much more personal. So, I support SP's charging what they feel that is worth to them.
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    omgg hope someone answers you. xxx
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    This thread is hilarious, I've learned a ton and am going to change the way I approach making bookings. I'm gonna start requiring SPs to send me a photo of them with their keyboard on their head to verify their pics. If they can accomplish this task then they may have the privilege of meeting me for coffee so I can determine if they're truly worthy of me. I'm an old fashioned guy though so I'll gladly pay for their coffee (none of that frappuccino shit though, I don't come across money easily). I expect this rigorous screening process will weed out approximately 100% of all SPs on planet earth and I'll finally have the time and energy to get back to my true passion: whittling.
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    I'm very curious too, as I am part of that "choice words and blocked" umbrella. Unprofessional approaches and lack of respect for someones protocol, doesn't vibe well with most people. This feels like something a "SB/SD" arrangement would start like. First hand actually, yes... this is how most would start. But what people don't understand is that protocol for online SW, Sugaring SW and FSSW are all VERY DIFFERENT. If you get used to the protocol for SBs or online SW, you're going to have to go through alot more hoops and follow a way more strict protocol to see someone who gets paid for their TIME (including random outcall meets). Emotional vampires are the biggest issue when a John goes from OF to booking someone... "$4.33/minute." This means if you email talking about random bs, we're probably not going to respond if you don't attach a payment for our time taken to read and respond. It's really that simple. Manda hit the nail on the head, no sane SW is going to go out in a public place and meet "you" in person, to decide if they should meet you in person. That's fucking weird man. Best of luck. * what also bothers me is that if someone asks for compensation for their time, that they don't willingly offer for free - they get labeled as "not passionate about it." WELL NO! IM PASSIONATE ABOUT MAKING MONEY... not seeing you for free and making a connection to see if we vibe. It's my job to make sure we vibe and if you don't like how the first session went, don't come back. But you're not going to waste MY time to figure that out. I'm still going to be paid. This is not Amazon, no refunds or exchanges. No 30 day trial. You get what you get and you take the chance... I dont ask John's to meet in public first to see if we vibe, I take the risk because that's all part of the game. Okay, I'm done. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk. Have a good day.
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    Such a happy thread filled with love and appreciation, every day should be Valentine’s Day ❤️ @Cheeky.char, @SarahAlexxx @StephanieMystique @MsManda @KylieJane @Emma Barrows @Exotic Touch Danielle @Allie Zeon These women are amazing day in day out … all of these women are badass and so supportive and foster the sense of community that’s so important to flourish here… there are others too I hate missing anyone out … but you get my drift, the list of fabulous chicks with a million reasons to love them is endless!! Sending love and of course valentines wishes to all!!❤️❤️🥂
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    We maybe need a Do Discuss list. DD
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    Hello there! No worries, everybody starts out somewhere, so no worries at all about your situation. Some small suggestions, if you will. First, you’ve taken the right first step. Starting out, I’d highly suggest calling upon a well established regular lady on Lyla than a random ad on Leolist or another site. I'm not knocking LL at all; just, starting out, you’re so much more likely to have a great time from an established lady from here. Remember that when you communicate, be polite and don’t be graphic. Nothing wrong letting them know you're new to seeing escorts; most ladies will be exceptionally understanding and go the extra effort for you. I'd start by looking in the forum "Nova Scotia - Schedules and Announcements". See if anyone interests you, and check their profile, look at their pictures. Many have websites and/or twitter accounts; research there as well. You can also check out the recommendations thread, to see what other people have said. Each lady has different levels of screening to their comfort level. Once you make you decision to whom, contact them and see what theirs is. Some may request a reference from another provider. Some may request a copy of photo ID. Some may request a deposit; sometimes, that’s a warning sign of a scam, but the Lyla ladies are 100% legit and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Take the screening in stride; these ladies are placing themselves in a state of vulnerability with an unknown stranger, so understand their caution. They’re not out to cause you grief, they’re looking out for themselves. I would be VERY hesitant providing any information (or deposit) to a lady contacted at random from Leolist, but you really don't have that worry here. You’re going to be nervous as the time approaches, that’s expected. Here’s the thing... IF you get cold feet and back out, DO NOT ghost the woman waiting for you. Text (or call) and let them know about your anxiety. These ladies have cancelled their plans for the evening just to meet with you, and it’s wrong on so many levels to just not show up. Again, these ladies are awesome and can help you through your nerves. Show up on time; If you arrive early, hang out nearby (though not on the doorstep!) til it’s your time, don’t show up 15 minutes early. Shower before you head out, brush your teeth. Manscape a bit (no one likes a jungle), and shave (or trim if you have a beard / mustache). I don’t know your financial situation, but I'd suggest get at least an hour of time with the lady. I’d even consider an hour and a half or two hours, if you can swing it financially. You'll enjoyting yourself tremendously. Respect their limitations completely; if you’re unsure, simply ask once you’re there. No means no, it doesn't mean "what if I offer you more money". As for who... there’s several options. There literally is no wrong decision if you pick any of these (this isn’t by any means an exclusive list!).... if it were me in your position, I would think Kylie Jane would be a no-brainer decision as one of the best ladies to visit. Charlotte Quinn is a sensual woman who would absolutely rock your world; I've never walked away from a session with her and not been exhaustively ecstatic. Ms Manda has a stellar reputation and would give you a night to remember for the rest of your life. If you prefer the girl next door type, Melanie Rose is breathtaking and such an amazingly nice person, and quite possibly the best "girlfriend experience" I've ever had. Stephanie Mystique is energetic, fun, and sensuous and definitely put the effort into making your time memorable. Re: Covid, the ladies on Lyla are as concerned (if not more so) than you are. Most advertise that they are double vaxxed. Many have cut their client intake down because of the situation. Most will require you to sanitize on arrival. I share your concern as I am equally concerned with Covid (I have a person who is immune-compromised in my inner circle); I would have zero concerns with any of the ladies mentioned above. They have a high level of professionalism; it's their health as well as yours. I would not have the same level of trust in a random person off Leolist. Any questions, shoot me a message!
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    I personally know Alyssa & I can 100% say in confidence she doesn’t scam people. Side note: I find it very interesting how so many providers that have been in this industry for awhile now are all of a sudden getting bad reviews/bad comments from new users… Who knows maybe some girls have gone “down hill” or perhaps it’s fellow SP’s… 🤷🏻‍♀️ I would also like to clarify deposits… As so many people have an issue with them… from my personal experience I’ve been sent to numerous locations for it to be a fake call… and when you’re traveling by cab it gets expensive, $30-$50 just to get there and then back.. I don’t really think people truly understand how many people will be stalkers, time wasters, room collectors, pimps, etc .. IMO and from the years I have “worked” I only can say positive things about people who do send a deposit, as it’s very low risk that something will go wrong, I feel safe as I know there real name incase, heaven forbid something happens. I really had to add the deposit thing as so many people see it from one point of view and think it’s an automatic scam..
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    Honestly 60-90mins is what I've always suggested for a first date. It allow time for relaxing conversation and getting to know one another without ever feeling rushed. Short dates aren't an option in my world as I prefer a quality engagement with someone who is looking to unwind and take things at a relaxing pace. There is no option for establishing any form of mental connection in anything less than an hour date. This is just my thoughts and everyone is different, however as someone who has built her business on lasting connections, longer dates have never disapointed.
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    So, I’ve been seeing Baby Paradise for a while now and figured it was time to write a proper review. Firstly, she is extremely sweet. She’s meek and mild and seems shy at first, but don’t be fooled, she knows how to handle herself and definitely knows how to handle a man. She’s young and tends to be a little submissive. She accommodated all of my requests without question. She’s tiny, really tiny. Her pictures are accurate but don’t really do her justice. She’s cute as a button. She was very self conscious about her front teeth and had some dental work done. This really changed her appearance and now she has a real “girl next door” look to her. If you haven’t seen her in a while, it’s worth the return trip just to see the change. I obviously can’t go into details here but if you’re curious, feel free to shoot me a PM. She hosts in her apartment which is private, clean, and comfortable. She has definitely become my goto provider in Fredericton and I highly recommend a visit with Baby Paradise.
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    Before I started in this industry I researched it for awhile, I followed some providers on social media ect. But honestly all the research in the world won’t truly prepare you for making this your full time job. You need to learn a lot of different skills. Marketing, scheduling, safety protocols, photography, learn where/how to make ads, reading personality over text/email/phone calls ect. also comes down to the type of person she is, does she have thick skin? Will she deal well with the not so good side of this industry? Overall only she knows these things about herself but she can feel free to reach out to me if she likes.
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    Incase anyone has seen the post in the scam section about me I’d like to clear it up and say it’s not true, I don’t even take deposits (unless it’s for a very early morning) or someone unwilling to send reference or ID (which hasn’t happened since my return) which I’m sure people can vouch for if you’ve seen me the last 3 weeks since my return. unless this person was scammed by someone else using my photos (which I have no record of happening) then I think it’s bullshit. I have had issues with stalkers and other things which was apart of my long hiatus and need for ID or references from other providers when visiting me now. it seems their back at it again, if you do happen to take a look you can see the account was made 14 hours ago and this is the only post they’ve made. I will not be bullied out of this industry. I have lots of wonderful clients who can and will vouch for me. I’ve been around for 6+ years and consider myself a very kind soul. Who would never do such a thing. at most I’ve had to reschedule a visit here and there which I always give discounts if it’s something that’s come up in my own life. Everyone’s always welcome to their own opinions but figured I’d give my side. Xo Savannah
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    I'm sure Greenteal will pop on by with his words of wisdom and trademark snark, but I'll offer some of my own hard-won advice. Face pics are a pretty sure sign the person advertising is fake, especially if they don't have any other internet presence. The second, third, and fourth ad you listed, for example, look really fake to me. Not all providers who show their face are fake, but if if they seem way too good to be true and have zero other presence internet presence (twitter/insta/website/reviews) they are usually fake, a bait & switch, or a straight up scam. Rates are another indicator for me. If anyone is charging less than $200 an hour, they are probably a scam, or if they want to be paid in gift cards or via a deposit up front, again, probably a scam. there are a lot of regular providers who live in Halifax and work most days of the week, and they generally have a very regular presence on Leo or here, but there are also a lot of providers who travel around canada and keep a fairly low profile, and Halifax is a common destination for them. if you see an ad on leo that you're interested in and have never seen before, feel free to send a message to that person and ask things like if they are indeed in Halifax, for how long, how much their rates are (if not posted) and which part of the city they are located. From this you can get a pretty good idea if they are serious and you can figure out if you want to trust your gut or not. This is the method I use to suss out providers and it's been pretty good to me, it's not 100%, and sometimes you have to be prepared to drive across town only to walk back to your car and drive home once you realize you've been baited and switched. It happens. With the exception of asian providers, I find if the provider is staying in a reputable hotel, they are generally legit, but even then, don't send a deposit. If they are staying in a very cheap motel, that also speaks volumes. The first and last adds you posted seem real to me, but I can't say I've visited with either of them. reaching out to the users on here is also quite helpful. as this is a recommendation board, no one says anything negative about the ladies publicly (and rightfully so), but sometimes people will say they have visited with someone and then not say a good thing about that person and that too will speak volumes. Sometimes when you reach out members will tell you exactly how they feel about a particular provider (good or bad), and sometimes users will point you in some pretty good directions. I met a provider I otherwise wouldn't have taken a chance on because of another member's recommendation to me, and I have since visited that provider a dozen or more times. hope this helps.
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    Hey everyone! I’m a 26 year old, short, sweet & sensual independent companion based out of Halifax, NS. I’m also an internationally published model, a natural beauty with a free and kind soul, looking to make long term connections and memories for a lifetime. Offering Incall and Outcall within HRM. FMTY available for the right gentlemen. Offering GFE, PSE & kink friendly. Couples welcome. First timer friendly. Safe services only. Screening is a must. August Schedule 8th-10th Outcall Only 11th-13th (morning check out) Incall & Outcall 13th-15th Outcall only. Text 19028121408 Email [email protected]
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    I particularly don’t think you’ll find what you’re looking for on here… from looking at the other thread.. about meeting up and such before hand….. maybe search dominatrix in Halifax.. but every LEGIT dominatrix that is SERIOUS all have the same precautions and screening as majority of us.. my best advice is perhaps walk around some sketchy areas/streets and perhaps just approach someone who you think can “beat” you up… who knows maybe they’ll take your offer for coffee or “wrestle” you for free.. I think for your best outcome is to just be yourself and you’ll probably get into that fight you want 🙂 Hope this helps!
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    Why would you wish for more women to be in such a vulnerable position that they have to walk the blade? How vile and disturbing tbh.
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    After a re-read of this thread I was reminded of an upcoming date (yes it'll be post op but one I'm very much looking forward too) that I'm having so a deposit (2nd one) has been sent to the lady. And I've paid deposits (well in full) since 2011 (unless a lady doesn't take deposits) and never lost a deposit. So I'm going to continue paying companions by etransfer, including for this date. A Rambling From Someone Who Doesn't Hate This Industry RG
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    I'd like to send Valentine's Day wishes to a few Lyla ladies. Starting with... Lydia Hardwood not only is she a Moderator on Lyla she interacts with members both on Lyla and Twitter Athena Lust a lady who is the epitomizes positivity. Her shout out posts mostly on Twitter I know brighten my day and likely other's days too. And a few other ladies I've either interacted with on Twitter or here on Lyla (or both)...Jessy Celeste, Sara Alexx, MsManda, and Allie Zeon. Happy Valentine's Day Ladies And just a Couple Valentine's Day Handshakes too 🤝 ...if not inappropriate 🙂 to NotchJohnson not just for his contributions but also wishing him well with his current health issues. And to Greenteal for his ongoing daily contributions to Lyla A Valentine's Day Rambling RG
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    That was obvious from day 1 that he/she signed up. All the “reviews” were only from a group of certain establishments. So it’s ok for an owner to masquerade as a customer to shill their own business. Yet if one of us makes a comment about receiving poor service then we get in trouble. Got it.
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    Well it is nice to now know you are an Owner from this public comment. For me many of the messages from the past are now understood from a different perspective.
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    He requires? Any girl who has been around for even a bit of time would never do this. Any good client like myself would never ask a girl for a free meetup. Your time is valuable, people like him are just there to waste it. The longer the encounter the better. I cant see how a 15 or 30M encounter could be anything memorable as there is no time. 1.5 -2H atleast for a proper introduction. I might be used to the USA scene where longer dates are the norm.
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    We've already hashed this out with you, in a couple of threads at that, and why you aren't being successful in your endeavors. Don't worry the very few that would entertain the free date probably leave in ten minutes anyways. They also leave with the valuable lesson of why our time is never free.
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    There is no way you can relax and build any type of chemistry in 30 minutes or less.. That's too rushed (Quickie in and out) Personally I prefer an hour or longer to talk, catch a vibe and take our time getting to know each other and go from there
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    Humans are complicated and believe it or not... rather picky too. Although I'm Asian too, those Asian providers who post fake pics will not be on the same level as some of us, professional providers in here. Hobbysts, like the rest of us have taste and preferences too. You can read the comments about those hobbyists who have seen them, and most of them stated, they won't repeat. Bait and switch will not work for long time. Therefore, those Asian ads with fake pics will be disappeared soon. Why? The market in NB is not big enough for them to lure innocent, newbies for long. They might be doing ok for a week or two and then they will have less and less clients till not even worth it to post an ad. On the contrary, those of us who have established in here, will see some of our regulars or from time to time, seeing travelers or business men out of town who have heard our name regularly. They know the level of our services and like our look and style, and they keep coming. I almost do no advertisement on my onlyfans and still generate few grands a month, although no longer reaching 5 figures every month. Business is ok and stable... rather quiet in my case but that is ok. At my age, it's already expected and predicted anyway lol. Enough rambling, Allie
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    Me personally I like... Hi Danielle how are you, I seen your ad on---and would like to set up a time to meet you when would you be available and what are you booking procedures I do not like one word messages and or explicit conversations Just be polite and respectful 🥰
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    I just got wet reading what @Phaedrus wrote 😍
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