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    *Warning PDA* I am not sure if this is a normal post or not, but I am going to share it anyways. 🙂 I have a lot to be grateful and thankful for this past year. A little over a year ago when I started here. I just moved to the area and life was handing me lemons, a ton of lemons: 3 moves, 3 jobs and no friends. 😞 They always say when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Where would I find the sugar to create this lemonade? Enter you, this platform and community. ❤️ Thank you for being my sugar. Thank you for being the icing on the cake. Thank you for opening your arms and welcoming me in. I really appreciate everyone that has taken the time to support me and include me. Thank you to the remarkable gentlemen that I have the pleasure and enjoyment of seeing, building connections with and just being able to have fun together. Thank you to the ladies that have included me, helped me out and above all become friends! You are the best. You are all absolutely incredible and I look forward to seeing where this next year will lead us. From the bottom of my heart to the very top of it; Thank you so much, Stephanie
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    Not sure if this is allowed, but, if it is, enjoy!
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    Happy Valetine's Day! ♡
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    I had the chance to meet with Alex today (as she indicated above). She's real, her pics are real, and she's definitely super chill in person. I had a great time just hanging and chatting with her. If you're on the fence I'd recommend at least tossing her a message. I'm definitely going to see her again. She also left me this on my phone for everyone.
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    In light of whats happening to the biggest advertising site... Yet again! I want to urge people to remember to use alternative methods of advertising. Ladies, dont put all your eggs in one basket, and guys, utilize other sites too! I am found on aprox 5 other advertising sites, YET I NEVER HEAR WHERE YOU SEE MY AD:( Its important when we ask " where did you see my ad" to actually TELL US! So that we know whats working or not. VIP Favours, Nightaway Escorts In Canada Massage Republic Twitter Help us help you:)
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    Went to a HT conference and halifax police said they are going to be starting to go hard on John stings soon because of the new trafficking grant they got. just beware of the girls you are seeing!!
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    Maybe this has been said before in the forums. Anyways lol. Have been talking to one girl who works at a spa . Not all the girls are interested in giving extras . She's told me recently that a number of clients have turned nasty and angry when they find out they aren't getting their tackle felt. One guy tried to grab her when she said no. Please please please don't be assholes if you are turned down . Show some respect for them if not yourself
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    Guess who's thinking about you?
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    I fell in love with this photo the other day and I wanted to share it with you guys! 12 more days until my birthday! I'm so excited to do a rainbow sparkle cake smash shoot, eeeeek!
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    As a provider charge what you feel you are comfortable with...if they want to see you they will pay it I offer three different rates and still get those who try to negotiate Go figure lol
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    It’s just not right to ask questions like this about any MP. It compromises any legitimate MP from those who are FS providers. It can kill a legitimate business if a reputation like that gets around. if you are that interested in fs, go look on Leolist or here for SP. Feel free to message members who may be able to provide info to help you find the right MP for you. For those of us who enjoy a good massage, these questions asked publicly can put those providers jobs in jeopardy. Thanks in advance for being gentlemen.
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    A copy and paste from my other comments on other threads on this topic. LL was making a change before this girl went on a rampage. They were, from my understanding - looking at review site as well. Based on a new twitter handle I followed a couple of days before this happened. So I think the ”ownership” change was already happening. Bottom line folks, our industry is not ever going to be as simple as mainstream. As much as I don't want to get into crypto, almost every single site that we need, will take it. So maybe it is time to just hop on board. What is more important, food on your table or the convenience of a CC. As for prices, its a lot. When that is what you solely rely on. I bet women pay more on there then they do on the forums for a month. Diversity is the name of the game here. I have never and will never put all my eggs in one basket. Not for anything, personal, business etc. That is especially true for this industry. It sucks when things don't go the way we like or the way we think it should go. Yet we have seen that stirring the pot too much leaves us worse off. Bedford case, CL shut down then BP, now this. The storm will pass but how many people will learn this time. Learn how to adapt or learn how to change up your game by diversifying? Bottom line - men will always buy sex and women will always sell it. It is just a matter of how easy or hard you make that within the limits of the ever-evolving industry. I will say if the powers at LL are no longer using an EU based company for processing, then change the currency back to CDN. That is a pure cash grab if they don't. Which again, I recognize is their right and I will continue to pay so long as I want to have my ad on that platform and feel, I get an ROI. Right now a bump once a month is good for me. However, when I tour East/West, I'll use it and pay. If a $10 as is making $250 - I ain't bitching about price. Escort advertising is so cheap compared to the mainstream for real businesses. Hell, my print cost on flyers for just events at my job cost more than a year of advertising on the forums and that is just to advertise to customers I already have. Ladies have to watch, they think guys only look for sex when they want it. That is not true. They research beforehand. You don't need to have your ad up on the front page all the time, you don't need to only use LL on the day you are working. I say take this time to learn about other advertising venues or how to support those who have stay tried and true longer than CL, BP and LL combined. Sorry, that turned into more than I thought. As a businesswoman, I get frustrated at how upset these women get. Only because I know if they just tweaked a couple of things in their game, they wouldn't have to worry as much as they do. I wish there was a magic handbook I could give out. I wish women would put 10% of every booking away for days like today. It would help pay that hotel when you found out after you checked in that you can’t place an ad LL. I wish ladies would use more then one site. It would make sure you had another place to advertise when now stuck in a pre-paid hotel and no LL. To be clear, I'm not mad at women. Just frustrated they have to go through this when I know a change here or there could have made this issue such a non issue for them as it is for me. I wish one person didn't decide for the rest what was good and what was not. First with Bedford and now this trans woman from Vancouver.
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    In my experience, if you can't find something it's because you're not looking hard enough. There always ladies(and men) specialized in certain kinks. But also regular providers who will offer certain experiences if you take the time to know them, build trust and set ground rules. It's amazing the kind of things you can do when you take the time to communicate with someone.
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    Something a little different for you all 😘
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    Sometimes I take super cute selfies and put them on the internet. Follow me on Instagram! @miss.sarah.alexandria Please no DMs for service. SFW only.
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    Found an oldie going through some photos. ♡ enjoy.
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    1. polite is taking your shoes off at the door. 2. That's not just considerate, that is a requirement if you want to participate in a mutually satisfying relationship. When it comes to Sp's it is not a necessity to drain her of all her energy so that she is useless for the rest of the day. You are not in a relationship with her and she won't be lazying around for the rest of the day remembering the glow. She will have other things that demand her energy and focus. If your enjoyment includes giving, let her decide to what extent, and ignore her methods. Focus on your part of the deal. That is part of a business transaction. Noises are a part of the act and have messages. If you ignore them because you are overthinking, then she will find another way (5 minutes babe). If an sp has instructions to how everything should go, then read and follow them. If most of it left up to a natural flow, focus on what you like. You owe nothing (except to follow within her boundaries of allowable service). That is the beauty of a business transaction. And you can be all of this and still be 'polite': "Politeness is the practical application of good manners or etiquette. It is a culturally defined phenomenon, and therefore what is considered polite in one culture can sometimes be quite rude or simply eccentric in another cultural context". So look at this service as a 'culture'. What is rude in one culture is perfectly acceptable in this culture...and vice versa. Take your shoes off at the door, and wash your hands before eating and you should be fine.
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    Miss Alexxx is taking appointments for the week of April 16th - 20th. When booking a session, please keep in mind that your service is being provided in a home. Pre-booked sessions are a requirement, as I have a girlfriend who is also taken into account. Please respect that. Rates and Services: $300/2hrs $150/hr* $80/hh GFE/PSE/FS/DATY/COB/MSOG/KINK/FETISH *All kink sessions must be a minimum of 1 hour. No exceptions.
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    Booking for: Tuesday April 16th - Friday April 19th. Incall, homebase. Appointment necessary.
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    There's no wave of change here. This board has always been a positive environment, there have always been other boards where you can trash providers if you like, and people have always complained about not being able to do it here. Of course, if you're looking at negative reviews, you'll need to figure out the difference between the ones where someone genuinely had a bad experience through no fault of his own, and the ones where someone had a bad experience because he deserved to (e.g. by pushing a provider's boundaries), and the ones where someone's pissed off because he wanted services that the provider doesn't provide/didn't get a discount, and the ones where someone else in the business is trying to destroy a rival's business. Exactly how to tell the difference between all of those is left as an exercise for the reader.
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    You haven’t met us all 😉
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    Can anyone help me? The sun seems to have disappeared. My bikini is very sad to be trapped in the bottom drawer. I know a sun dance if you'd like to learn the steps :). I prefer not to move back to Australia!