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    I'll chime in as I feel I have a unique perspective as I have worked in the greater Moncton area since 2018 and I do not travel unless its a pre booked and prepaid event. Lets start with why there are very few companions who travel here anymore? Reason for this is most of the local Moncton/NB hobbyists are looking for "hidden gems". Which from what I have observed over the years is what they want is new girls who have LOW rates and LOW requirements. Most of the companions either local or traveling have realistic pricing and policies especially in the current economy. Scams have deterred deposits for most and traveling girls can't take the risk unless they are passing through anyways to a bigger city. Those hobbyists who are not part of the above have favorite companions in which they see regularly and are not looking for new ones which means they will miss the traveling girls who post. Lastly, Moncton and the surrounding area from what I have observed and heard from others has a very low booking to showing ratio. Especially if your newer and don't have a proper path to avoid these. This does not give companions a good taste coming back here. To follow on that, Halifax isn't much further and has a larger population and tourism which creates more opportunity. Has OnlyFans affected the companion industry? Any hobbyists is not going to be satisfied with just OnlyFans. It is a good supplement for when they cannot see you, but is no replacement for the real feel of person to person contact. LeoList and Review Board trust? Over the past few years things have taken a down turn. Especially with scams and false recommendations/ promo threads. Most of the ads are scams these days on LL and certainly are not helping the industry. Nothing seems to be being done and LL does not seem to care since they are making huge numbers from these scam ads. I hope to see some positive changes this year, but am not holding my breath. Angies/ Dance Clubs? I used to work there a few years ago and it is certainly not worth your time. I have heard recently it has gotten much worse since COVID from some of the dancers I keep in contact with. Deposits range from $1000-$2000 depending on how the "owner" is feeling for new girls. This does not include the daily payment to enter the club or the payment to leave early or large fines for arbitrary things. Probably looking a $2,000+ a month just to dance plus the deposit. Now I never had any issues leaving or getting my deposit back. However, the bouncers are useless in a serious situation. The older girls are all doing "extras" and I'm sure more people that I realized were as well. Business is hit or miss, but if your willing to grind you can do okay. You are better off going out to one of the mecca cities or over the border for just dancing. However it is descent to meet other girls in the industry if you can connect with them. Certainly not reliable and the general clientele there are more so there for the sports than the women. I always had fun and ended profitably each month, but for the hours I was putting in it just was not worth it for me. I don't have experience with the SJ Club but they are not owned by the same person that is certain. Take that for what its worth. My personal local experience? 99% of my clients are from either out of province or out of country. I don't actively travel as I provide a very unique experience and atmosphere that traveling would just not suit 99% of the time. I require clients to travel to me and pre booking always required unless they are a long time client and I happen to have availability. Being at the higher end of price and higher end of date time with an average date being many hours and being low volume. This already limits a very large percentage of hobbyists. However, I'm aware this is not the normal and not everyone has the ability to be so choosy especially in this current economy and travel costs. Don't get me wrong there are some wonderful men and women in Moncton/NB. However this just isn't the norm. I have many local clients that are regulars that have been coming to me for many years consistently and I consider more than just a client. However new local clients are not common especially at the higher pricing/ longer date end of things that most of us prefer. I'm also very picky about the clients I see and the ones I will see again, as well as my schedule is normally filled as is. What this means is that Moncton/NB has no affect on my services/bottom line and going elsewhere would be more effective to bring in new local long-term clients and a higher more consistent pay year over year. Plus quality of life in a bigger city. Many of the locals now travel and that makes perfect sense as there isn't much here if your looking for consistency. As most of the good clients traveling girls want have been taken unfortunately. The only reason I'm still around locally is COVID but already planning a move by summer. I started here in Moncton and am thankful for everything here, but it just isn't a booming city for companions. Thankfully out of province clients more than makeup for it in my case. Moncton is certainly not a high ticket city and unfortunately is likely better left skipped unless a pre booked and pre paid trip has been arranged or just passing through. Especially in the colder months when there is little tourism.
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    Clients can screen us via due diligence on our online profiles, social media, reviews, fansites etc to ensure you're meeting someone legit 🙂 We screen with real world info from clients to help ensure our safety when meeting someone new. I'm less likely to be harmed by someone who screens, than by someone who's anonymous and booking with a text app, just from my experience There is no need for a client to have our real world info though.. It's a potential safety concern for us, leaving us open to stalkers and more - also why we use aliases ❤️ Hope this helps! Xo
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    I don't think that its a code that implies any particular kind of service, but should give the impression that the provider may be more open to some things beyond the standard 🙂 I see it as an invitation to ask said provider if you've got something in particular in mind 😈 As long as safety and respect have been considered, and you've done some research into who you're contacting, it's fairly safe to assume that a provider mentioning this in their ads may be more open to discussing those fantasies you've been pondering for some time.. 😛
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    Plz don't ask escort questions on OF.. It's against their rules, and the content creator will likely just block/ban you for putting her in such a position. Content sites are for content, or online play 😈 Use escort sites like lyla, LL, tryst, Massagerepublic etc for escorts 😍
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    I use to put “open minded “ in my ad as I offered a variety fetishes ..but I have since taken it out as It seemed to be more mistaken as I would offer unsafe services. It honestly just depends on the girl 😅 I find we all have different meanings to the terms
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    Hello Everyone, 👋 It's been a long time. I'm just sending a message to everyone that has reached out, and continue to reach out, checking in on me. I'm doing great. I'm still living in France, 🇫🇷 and have been since the 1st Border Lockdown. I am working in France now, and continue to study the language, French. However, I do go to New Brunswick, Canada a few times a year for Vacation, and to visit family. I do receive your emails, and PM's. You hold a special place in my heart, I did enjoy Hosting. You gentlemen were my way of dating. I stayed single for a long time while I hosted, at my choice. Thinking of you at times, and thank you for spending the time you did with me. Someone captured my heart, and I took the leap. My France Love ❤️ I learned to never say "Never", so I won't say it. I'm still here, just not hosting. I hope you all are staying safe and happy! Thinking of you.. Katie xoxo's 😘
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    That part, most clients are worried about being scammed, whether it is by fake pictures, people stealing deposits, a false advertising of services, stating a rate and then attempting to uncharge for everything, etc. there is also a small risk of being robbed and an even smaller risk of being drugged. However, providers are worried about being raped or murdered. Now, of course clients have on very few occasions been murdered, but the ratio of providers murdered to clients murdered is extremely high. I can only think of one serial killer that targeted clients, but most serial killers target sex workers. More importantly, the information imbalance that exists between providers and clients is extremely high if the client is savvy. If you put in even a small amount of effort you will know pretty much everything you need to know about me to do a risk assessment before I even know you exist. For clients who are new to the industry, you protect yourself by reviewing all the information a provider gives you access to. When you view her social media, go to "replies" tab on her twitter profile, see if she engages with other providers. Scammers are now making twitters to look authentic, but they are not taking the time to build community with other sex workers or engage with them for networking because they are scammers and not sex workers. If you make some effort it is not hard to see the type of person you're dealing with. Good luck, be safe, and remember, you want to screen us to not lose a few dollars, we want to screen you to not lose our lives xo
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    Fellow hobbyists, I met Cleo for the first time tonight! I am on cloud 9 right now! Cleo is a very attracting lady. She is very sweet and fun to be with. She has a beautiful curvy body, bedroom eyes, and the most beautiful pair of lips (Mmmmm). She is busty and has a nice firm butt. Don’t trust her pics as they don’t show her beauty. she is a gorgeous woman. The perfect girl next door. Contact was easy and plaisant. She can accommodate in her own place in a quiet neibourhood outside the city. She is very welcoming and down to earth. Shower is available (with man soap). Cleo is great at her profession. She is attentive to your needs and respond accordingly. She is a hot girl who like to have fun and give pleasure. If you have the chance to meet Cleo, you will not regret it. You will be addicted! See you soon sweetbrat Cleo! xoxoxoxo
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    You can thank the laws of NS for no massage parlors, strip clubs, ECT. You are welcome to start lobbying your elected provincial member to start get things in motion for change. I would love to see a strip club in the area. Overall the population in the area of Victoria and Vancouver would be more dense then that of Halifax/HRM. NS, imo, is a very old school traditional minded communities, (as much as they like to think they are forward minded) making it much harder for individuals to offer services and to participate. As annoying as this sounds. If you spend you money elsewhere your local businesses evaporate. If you want more local providers, take care of the ones here.
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    Honestly 60-90mins is what I've always suggested for a first date. It allow time for relaxing conversation and getting to know one another without ever feeling rushed. Short dates aren't an option in my world as I prefer a quality engagement with someone who is looking to unwind and take things at a relaxing pace. There is no option for establishing any form of mental connection in anything less than an hour date. This is just my thoughts and everyone is different, however as someone who has built her business on lasting connections, longer dates have never disapointed.
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    Instead of others having to do research for you... Do they have a website, social media, and/or online content platform? I'd prefer to see 2 of the 3 at least. What comes up for a reverse image search? Do they have reviews or recommendations on legitimate boards? There is a ton of posts and threads for how to do your research.
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    This gunna be long, so buckle up, lol. (Summarization is not my strong suit :D) Personally, it's my opinion that sex work, on its own, is morally neutral. We know that sex is a normal and natural human behaviour. Humans are wired for connection and are naturally drawn towards physical contact with others. The reasons to purchase sexual services varies from patron to patron. Things like; stress relief, kink exploration, human contact, engaging conversation, and "mental vacation" are just some of the reasons I've heard. If there are people who are willing to provide a supply for the demand, that's not inherently exploitative just on its own. (From a worker's standpoint, I felt far more exploited while employed by a cafe for just above minimum wage than I do in sex work where I set my own rates and hours.) I would argue that while sex and human contact can have a therapeutic benefit, it is a far cry from an actual form of therapy. The key difference here being that therapy has a mindfully structured and goal-oriented treatment protocol that aligns with specific methodologies. I would encourage people to do away with the idea that sex workers are therapists. (Even if a sex worker is certified in the field, they may be a therapist, but they not your therapist.) To quote a fellow sex worker on this: We are twice as expensive and half as qualified. As far as sex addiction goes, there's a mounting body of evidence that suggests it doesn't actually exist. At least, not in the way people think. This is because "sex addiction" fails to activate the same parts of the brain that typical addictions do. It does not appear in the DSM-5 as a diagnosable mental health condition. An interesting fact is that, on average, self proclaimed "sex addicts" do not engage in sexual activities (intercourse/masturbation) more than the general population. The difference here is the internalized shame that "sex addicts" themselves have attached to the specific activity. That shame is often rooted in religious ideology that has been taught to them about sex throughout the duration of their lives. Alternatively, shame can come just from the moral code of your environmental setting as well. One of the growing pains of the present time is that our society still has a lot of contradictory views around sex and around the morality of how we engage with sex. These views are mostly left over from a more puritanical time. It really wasn't that long ago that even divorce was a whispered subject and children born out of wedlock were widely considered as products of sin. That's not to say that sexual activity can't become problematic. There are many people that engage in sex and masturbation to the point that it does interfere with their day to day life. This is more effectively treated as a symptom of a larger issue, rather than the primary issue itself. It can also be viewed as a compulsive behaviour. The importance of distinguishing between this and a true addiction is that the treatment procedures for addiction vs. lack of impulse control look very different. As far as trafficking goes, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't agree that it's a tragic evil. The fallacy with your thinking here though is that labour trafficking exists across nearly every sector. I would not say that there are good reasons to see farming, fishing, or hospitality as "evil" industries because of the trafficking that is rampant within them. Labour rights and legal policies that offer protections based in human rights are essential in actually combatting all forms of trafficking. I won't get into the "legal and regulated", because I've already written a novel here, but there is a reason sex workers advocate for a decriminalized legal framework. Legalization models sound great on paper but are often counterintuitive and only cause further harm.
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    The asymmetrical access to info and risks for those involved makes it this way. With some very basic due diligence, a client can vet a SP online and avoid scams. An SP cannot do the same with us. And they aren’t just protecting themselves from scams.
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    What it implies about her is that she is educated and likely intelligent, which many of us find very appealing. I wouldn’t read much more into it beyond that.
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    I read a lot of reviews on several SPs, not that I will ever see them all as I limit my activities, and those three words keep coming, "treat her well" ! Is there any other way to treat a lady that you are about to have a nice visit with however long or short it may be? I would like to know what the other options are! Yes, treat her well, bring her some flowers, a treat for her sweet tooth, healthy snacks, something. Show appreciation! Leave her a tip but not an insulting one, something meaningful. As for me, treating her well is the only option!
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    I personally know Alyssa & I can 100% say in confidence she doesn’t scam people. Side note: I find it very interesting how so many providers that have been in this industry for awhile now are all of a sudden getting bad reviews/bad comments from new users… Who knows maybe some girls have gone “down hill” or perhaps it’s fellow SP’s… 🤷🏻‍♀️ I would also like to clarify deposits… As so many people have an issue with them… from my personal experience I’ve been sent to numerous locations for it to be a fake call… and when you’re traveling by cab it gets expensive, $30-$50 just to get there and then back.. I don’t really think people truly understand how many people will be stalkers, time wasters, room collectors, pimps, etc .. IMO and from the years I have “worked” I only can say positive things about people who do send a deposit, as it’s very low risk that something will go wrong, I feel safe as I know there real name incase, heaven forbid something happens. I really had to add the deposit thing as so many people see it from one point of view and think it’s an automatic scam..
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    ❤️December ❤️ 20th-27th off for Christmas break with the fam New year dates to be decided! Will post here once I know ❤️ Biggest thank you goes to all the wonderful men and women who have made 2022 so memorable, fun and happy! I appreciate each and every one of you and am so looking forward to ‘23 to continue our shenanigans! Happy solstice to my fellow pagans, merry Christmas and happy new year to all xo ❤️💋🥂🎄☃️ No same day appointments Pre booking only due to my limited times available 🥰🥂 Contact via text or Email www.mscharlottequinn1.ca Screening required for new clients (picture ID) ***Deposits may be required for multi hour bookings **I do not work on Wednesdays and Saturdays or Sundays ** To contact me the following two options are available Text on 1 (902) 930 1796 Email: [email protected] Website: www.mscharlottequinn1.ca **Rates changed October 1st** Here’s a little recap of my rates, note no half hour appointments ☺️ Rates effective October 1st Hosting/in call 1 hour $300 90 mins: $450 2 hours: $550 3 hours: $800 4 hours: $1100 Out calls :$350 Subsequent hours $250 Duo/couple rates are slightly higher Travel to out of area calls $50p/h (at my discretion) ask for details I don’t sell or send pictures or videos Overnights with trusted established clients to be discussed I post regularly to my Twitter it’s honestly the best place to follow for up to date info and pics! You can find me @Charlotte1Quinn Duo partners available... Ask me for the juicy details!! 🔥 About me.... I am an all natural, bubbly, 5’6” energetic brunette! Sexy and insatiable I offer a very natural GFE and am incredibly easy to get along with! I have been in this line of work for over 7 years and love it more than ever, I have a fantastic reputation, I am low volume and as such pre booking with me is essential to avoid disappointment or long wait times I can make a good day great, an expert at putting a smile on your face and leaving you feeling breathless and enchanted, most definitely looking to come back again and again ... I am your guilty pleasure, your little secret addiction and your perfect drug... Take a look at my adverts on leolist and massage republic to get an idea of what I offer ... When reaching out be sure to introduce yourself and let me know what it is you are looking for… I am a very accommodating woman… never hurts to ask 😉🥰
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    We've already hashed this out with you, in a couple of threads at that, and why you aren't being successful in your endeavors. Don't worry the very few that would entertain the free date probably leave in ten minutes anyways. They also leave with the valuable lesson of why our time is never free.
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    This is why I do deposits for all new clients and all outcalls... No exceptions. Other providers, people looking after them (usually visiting ones) or even anti sex work groups may try to submit fake bookings to discourage you. And when they try to pull the "I'm afraid of being scammed thing" I say do your research and learn about the many reputable providers in our area. You don't get a great reputation, great reviews by scamming people.
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    Is this what we’ve come to?? 🥲 Please, say it isn’t so! In all seriousness, Lyla adheres to a far more ethical standard than most of the other boards I’ve encountered over the years. This holds true even despite its recent shortcomings. The moderation (or lack-thereof) lately is a valid concern that is shared amongst many members here. As far as recos not being posted though, it’s important to keep in mind that things like explicit recounts and numerical ratings of other human beings are not permitted. Negative comments aren’t necessary. If you’ve been taken advantage of through a scam or dangerous encounter… there’s a sub section for that. The way this industry functions presently has rendered review boards, in their traditional sense, mostly useless. I think many would agree that they’ve largely outlived their own necessity. Providers are now verifiable across multiple platforms… a far cry from the way things were at the inception of hobby forums. Recommendations of course are always helpful on both the side of the client and the provider, and there are respectful ways to leave them. Engaging with the overall environment that exists on other boards though is not something I would encourage.
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    Exactly this, different clients value different things. You obviously do not have to have a formal education to hold a conversation, or even an intelligent one, but there are clients who appreciate academic success in a provider. The men in Halifax do not know me, the point of giving information I am comfortable giving is that in turn clients can get a small idea of what I might be like, allowing them to consider whether we are a good fit or not. The vast majority of my bookings are 3hrs+ because clients want to spend time talking with me as they can see I am kind, caring and intelligent. And I only do not show my face to not be harassed on the street, my mom knows what I do for work, I do not truly care what anyone else thinks of me. I think noting the languages I speak is more identifying than that I am in law school though.
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    I once had scammers threaten me with releasing my nudes and a video of me masturbating.. My dudes, you chose the wrong human. I’ve been a sex worker for over 10 years, that shit is alll over the internet already haha 💁🏻‍♀️😎
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    https://haligonia.ca/new-extortion-scam-involving-a-cartel-making-the-rounds-in-hrm-290936/ "Halifax Regional Police have recently received a number of reports in relation to a new extortion scam circulating in the Halifax area. Scammers call or text victims, accuse them of attempting to use an escort service and demand payment. The scammers then claim to be members of a “cartel” and send graphic photos depicting violence. They threaten to harm the victim or their loved ones if they do not respond and/or deliver the money." Stay safe friends and remember to always be doing your research. Safety measures for yourself and us are always important so we can all be safe and have fun.
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    Hey ! My name is Cleo! I'm a laid back, very frisky lady! I've got a very sweet personality and genuinely love what I do! Soft, Kissable Lips, Tattoos, Huge full breasts (36 DDD) that will leave you wanting more I don't party, or smoke, I am extremely low key. I offer safe service, and I also do massages. My space is clean, extremely high end & in a safe neighborhood. I take care of myself physically and mentally, and I'm a true companion whom is well known and well liked ❤️ Some basic rules: I DO NOT NEGOTIATE NO 15 min service or B N G I have additional photos and videos for money - if you're looking for further validation I have twitter, onlyfans and IG. However I am verfied on Lyla with reviews as well on CAF. When contacting me please state your name, age, race, etc No Shows, Last minute cancellations will result in being blocked. Sometime before next spring I will no longer be accepting new clients. Text ONLY 5068896962
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    Why are you always such an asshole Greenteal?
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    I'd add to this that in most cases, people looking to rob or scam a client will probably not go through an entire screening process before they see someone. Tactics generally involve advertising lower-than-average prices as a lure, and then telling someone to come over right away. There is little to no barrier in the way of getting you there. However, just because a provider doesn't screen doesn't mean they will rob you... And of course, there are always outliers, so to echo others' sentiments, due diligence should never be overlooked.
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    I think that the lack of reviews could be a problem with this review board, not sure what going on. I personally have left recommendations and reviews in the past, and for some reason they just don’t appear.anywhere. This site is not what it used to be for some reason.
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    I’d like you to consider that if you are going to blame it on onlyfans - that indicates that those individuals prefer online dynamics and don’t want to be offering FS. I would attribute the “dryness” to things such as: -hotels & costs - many req you be 21+ to book in and have a credit card with a min deposit sometimes of $300. ** my rental car incidental dep was $300. So say your cc limit is $500 that can also be a factor -credit limit/access -transportation costs Uber, cabs to and from airport, to outcalls etc rental car * rental cars charge a higher rate to people under 25. The daily insurance can be $30/day if you aren’t insured (aka you dont have your own car where you are) -flight costs -the tendency for ppl to refuse deposits meaning the overhead costs can be dangerous for people at risk of being no showed and having nothing to show for it to cover those base costs. - the anti trafficking / swerf propoganda that exists in the East Coast due to the gang history of trafficking young impoverished women to Ontario. there’s no spas for workers to dip their toes in the water and no strip clubs either. there’s so many factors at play. it’s not onlyfans my love and if it is why there’s less in person providers here they have every right to not offer in person work that being said! I will be touring Moncton THIS WEEK Tomorrow Monday Feb 20-21- I will consider extending by 1 day if I have a confirmed booking for the evening of the 21 by 8pm tomorrow. I will be back also in May/June Please review my website for how to book https://samanthaknoxx.com/book-sam-2/
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    Trust me, SPs are grateful for those like yourself with this mindset @RayRenpelle 💕 treating us “well” and with respect should be a must that goes without saying.
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    Just some boobies for you😋
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    He requires? Any girl who has been around for even a bit of time would never do this. Any good client like myself would never ask a girl for a free meetup. Your time is valuable, people like him are just there to waste it. The longer the encounter the better. I cant see how a 15 or 30M encounter could be anything memorable as there is no time. 1.5 -2H atleast for a proper introduction. I might be used to the USA scene where longer dates are the norm.
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    Please forgive me in advance but if I don’t comment I won’t be able to sleep tonight. I’m just wondering why you’d want to drop a bomb like that on someone you’ve been with for 7+ years right before the holidays? So that YOU feel better? Haven’t you already spent YEARS doing so already? 7+?? I’m not trying to be rude BUT unless you’ve given her an infection/ disease, maybe just leave her out of it. Go seek help . Visiting a therapist first would be a healthier decision, there ARE ways to handle these types of situations. You can discuss it and then decide whether you’d like to rip her unsuspecting heart from the inside, or not. Best of luck.
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    Hello Gents, I’m Nikki, a charming and playful blonde beauty based in Kings County, NS. I work primary out of the Valley, but visit the city once a month or so, and I have some availability coming up. I would be delighted to get to know you! 💋 Halifax (downtown/central) - Incall / Outcall November 8 | booked November 9 | afternoon & evening November 10 | booked ABOUT ME… Delight yourself in the company of an intuitive and empathic woman with a sexy slim hourglass figure, beautiful face, fun free spirit, and passion for sharing private indulgent experiences that make our toes curl and melt away the world around us. I’m all about connection, flowing with erotic energy, and exploring the desires our bodies/psyche seek and need. Often called muse or nymph, there is a duality to me that is hard to express... I'm both a wild temptress and fun girl next door. Sexy, passionate, and sensual, but also laid back, sweet, and often silly. I’m university educated and well travelled; someone with whom you can be a total hedonist behind closed doors, then discuss politics over fine wine or play Pokemon Go with. Upon meeting, you'll first notice my striking grey eyes which have a tendency to smile and dance on their own. Beautiful facial features, long platinum blonde hair, natural D's, minimal make-up, and soft curves in all the right places will draw you further into my warmth. Come explore with me, and find out for yourself xox I offer the following services for discerning gentlemen seeking an upscale, sumptuous and sultry experience: 💦 Erotic Massage 💋 Girlfriend Experience 🍑 PornStar Experience (extra$) 🍷 Dinner Dates / Excursions 🕰️ Multiple Hours 🌃 Overnights (Available to select suitors after our first date) 30 mins - 200 60 mins - 300 90 mins - 450 2 hours - 600 3 hours - 800 *+50/hr for outcall at my discretion TO BOOK: ➡️ 📧 [email protected] ➡️ 💬 902-500-6413 Please email (preferred) or text your name, age, location, request date/time/duration, and a bit about yourself and interests to start a conversation. Screening info and/or deposit required from all new clients. Pre-booking highly encouraged. ❣️❣️❣️ I’m new, but 100% real, sexy, and eager to please. Check out my first reviews and recent acclaim Twitter profile link
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    Hello Gents, I’m Nikki, a charming and playful blonde beauty based in Kings County, NS. I work primary out of the Valley, but visit the city once a month or so, and I have some availability coming up… let’s have fun!! 💋 📧 ➡️ [email protected] Halifax (downtown/central) - Incall / Outcall November 8 | 7pm-9pm November 9 | 9am-9pm November 10 | fully booked ABOUT ME… Delight yourself in the company of an intuitive and empathic woman with a sexy slim hourglass figure, beautiful face, fun free spirit, and passion for sharing private indulgent experiences that make our toes curl and melt away the world around us. I’m all about connection, flowing with primal energy, and exploring the desires our bodies/psyche seek and need. Often called muse or nymph, there is a duality to me that is hard to express... I'm both a wild temptress and fun girl next door. Sexy, passionate, and sensual, but also laid back, sweet, and often silly. I’m university educated and well travelled; someone with whom you can be a total hedonist behind closed doors, then discuss politics over fine wine or play Pokemon Go with. Upon meeting, you'll first notice my striking grey eyes which have a tendency to smile and dance on their own. Beautiful facial features, long platinum blonde hair, natural D's, minimal make-up, and soft curves in all the right places will draw you further into my warmth. Come explore with me, and find out for yourself xox I offer the following services for discerning gentlemen seeking an upscale, sumptuous and sultry experience: 💦 Erotic Massage 💋 Girlfriend Experience 🍑 PornStar Experience (extra$) 🍷 Dinner Dates / Excursions 🕰️ Multiple Hours 🌃 Overnights (Available to select suitors after our first date) 30 mins - 200 60 mins - 300 90 mins - 450 2 hours - 600 3 hours - 800 *+50/hr for outcall at my discretion TO BOOK: ➡️ 📧 [email protected] ➡️ 💬 902-500-6413 Please email (preferred) or text your name, age, location, request date/time/duration, and a bit about yourself and interests to start a conversation. Screening info and/or deposit required from all new clients. ❣️❣️❣️ I’m new, but 100% real, sexy, and eager to please. Check out my first reviews and recent acclaim Twitter profile link
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    I love foot fetish boys. I love new people who contact me and follow protocol. I love putting people at ease, because I'm super fucking chill. 😉
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    For those of us who make an escorting as a profession to truly support our life and part of our main stream income. It's very important for us to keep a good relationship with our clients, present and future. We won't scam you for few hundreds $ and may risk the chance of losing much more $$$ in the future
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    It would be nice to have this option… but.. That would require active moderators who give a shit about this site. 🙃
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    Till you get your bearings I would highly suggest avoiding any adds that have mention they are party and those that work late night. Avoid the raunchier adds and seek someone who offers gfe (girlfriend experience). While it may not be the girlfriend angle you want it speaks to the ability to empathic in what your needs are there emotionally. I would also suggest when messaging, mention your age upfront, tell them your seeking a professional with more experience so they aren’t worried about taking a magic moment away from you without you putting in the thought of what your needs are. Be ready to show Id if not in advance in person. You can black out or tape over personal info and such. Anyone worth their salt is going to want to make sure your of legal age. So while they want to respect your privacy they are gonna want proof your the age you say you are and are a legal adult. Lastly, don’t be offended if you get a few rejections before you find your girl. They aren’t rejecting you, or that your a virgin. Trust me it’s not a worry for most providers and many love being that core memory for someone. It’s simply age…each provider has their own limits to what age they are comfortable serving or they don’t want the hassles of asking for so they avoid younger clients. Take your time shopping for the right person. It will be worth it if you do. Good luck and keep us posted 💜
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    Hi baby💕💕 I’m Sweetie! Just like my name, I’m as sweet as can be😋 Being extremely skilled, and with passion for what I do, I am a great choice if you want to come get your mind off life and relax for a while… 😍 ‼️DUOS AVAILABLE. I am happy to announce that I will be working with @jadedollaka Barbie Doll Jade and we will be offering duos along with a variety of extra services upon request.‼️ 🥰We have booked an upscale private residence, downtown halifax, please come visit me🥰 902-448-1762🥰 I will ask to verify and make sure you are legit before disclosing the address 🥰. i offer a variety of services. i am extremely open minded, willing to do many kinks, fantasies, rollplays, domination, pegging, mistress domination, and many other things, as long as they are within my boundaries and restrictions! Don’t ever be afraid to ask! I’ll never judge, just let you know what i’m comfortable with! discounted sessions available, as well as quick-rates, multi-hour deals, and specials, if you’re looking for a deal, or you can’t afford my regular rates! I also offer a wide variety of online services if you prefer to get to know me first before meeting in person *SAFE* GFE and PSE service also available Looking forward to hearing from you💋💋💋 ABSOLUTELY NO UNSAFE SERVICES - NON NEGOTIABLE
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    I’ve had a few clients say they posted reviews and they haven’t gotten published. I’m not quite sure if they were new accounts or why they haven’t been posted but I wonder if this is a widespread issue.
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    *Cheeky Charlie enters the chat*
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    I usually suggest 90 minutes for a first meeting as i really enjoy getting to know each other. Can even share a glass of wine , etc. Foreplay is also very important during a session as it creates more excitement. Chemistry do play a lot into that however. In the past i offered 30 minutes session and i just dont like them , it feels too rushed and inpersonnel. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to this.
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    You can never avoid "those moments". Consent can change at any point in time. How can you be on the same page prior to the date without incriminating yourself? Maybe I run things differently, but I want the safety of my clients held at the same level I expect it for myself. Discussing any activities before hand can incriminate you for purchasing activities. Imo, if I allow this discussion I am not doing the best I can to keep my clients safe. They may be safe with me to do it, but what if the next person they message isn't safe or it's an operation? I don't help them in the future by allowing them to discuss these with me. Best to do research (many of us have multiple profiles on different platforms that have lists for you to look to see what may be available to you), read recommendations and book to see them. You never know until you meet.
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    That is an excellent question and I thinks it has been asked before. But I'll answer this question with experience that I had. Many times when looking for ladies to spend quality time with I end up doing my research and finding the perfect one. I always booked for 1 hour because of the same reason you do...I don't want to rush my time with something great. And like yourself I often got disappointed with the date because I'm in and out in 20 minutes and that includes the introduction...shoe removal...clothes removal....the main event...shower(optional sometime)...and clothes back on...shoes and a quick goodbye. All because I felt rushed and she didn't want to be there to begin with. Once you find the right girl to give you what you pay for then I suggest you stay with her for all your appointments.
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    There is a lot of bad stuff on leolist now New arrive isn't excitement it's extreme caution.. if location is bad pics seem unreal and offerings to good than go with your gut.other options prevail daily if unsure ask on lyla and wait till u get a referral ..so go out an support the hard working verified ladies.. this line of work im sure isn't easy.. East Coast Kimmy..Ms Manda..Kylie Jane ..Stephanie Mystique ..Bella Bianca..Mya. Tailia..Emily Wilson Lilly..Riian..Ava Maria and YFL our out of town guests...sorry if I left you out.. Stay safe out there tough times call for tough measures
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    i agree she’s one of the sweetest girls i’ve ever talked to and i only ever talked to her once!!! highly recommend she’s all that 😍😍😍
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    I’m Ms. Styles, an Independent Companion. I love music, chocolate, animals, interesting conversations, intellect, kindness, generosity, humor, excitement and intensity. I am a down to earth free spirit with a wild side. I am selective in choosing my dates and will only devote my energy to a person I feel I could have an amazing time with. I value substantial and memorable connections, which is why I am low volume, and have a personal screening process for compatibility. I love having long term clients and relationships that flourish and I’ve found that this is the best way to do that. In the end, I want us to both have the best time. My aim is to make you feel at ease and relaxed at all times as I strive to create an unforgettable, personalized experience, without the drama of everyday life. My hope is to create a discreet friendship, where we connect on many different levels. My ideal gentleman is someone who can bring out my feminine energy. He understands that a strong bond can only be created with trust & time. Every engagement we have will only increase in value, as extended engagements allow me to be my most authentic self. I am a giver and I love connecting on a deep level and helping to create a unique and incredible experience. Let me take you on a heart-pounding journey full of unforgettable pleasures. Contact me now and get ready for an unparalleled experience in erotic companionship. Inquire about Fetish sessions and 2 girl playdates, meetings with us get pretty hot! Natalia is Available all day Tuesday April 18 th . Thank you for your consideration, Ms Styles
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    This is an older pic. Sitting at a 32DD now. The rest of my face is pretty nice too... but you won't be looking at my eyes for long. Promise. 😉
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    Maybe I am the weirdo here but I actually feel the opposite, for city of such a small size Halifax is actually a great place for hobby! I have lived in several places throughout North America and I am actually quite pleased by the choices here. In big cities you have to travel a lot to meet, it gets really frustrating trying to schedule when it takes you at least 30 minutes to get from one place to another, whereas in Halifax at times I have scheduled with my regulars at even 30 minutes notice.
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