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    Went over to my incall to water my plants, and took a tool some selfies while I was there 🙂
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    Hi there! Something was brought to my attention recently and I wanted to bring it up as it happened on here. A few months ago I was going to meet with somebody and gave them a very broad location (The city I'm in), and when it came to giving them a more detailed location they already knew exactly where I was and said they knew from somebody on Lyla. This was concerning for me as they knew my exact street and it's not like I'm on a long street like Yonge st in Toronto that seems to go on forever, and plus the reason I gave them a very broad location was because I wasn't too sure about meeting this person. If another hobbyist messages asking where someones location is it would be really nice if you could direct them to the provider to get that information. A lot of people think Lyla is exclusive but in reality anybody with a computer or smart phone can sign up. I like to feel people out and screen before I give anyone my address and would really appreciate it if clients would respect mine and others discretion and not give out specific locations. I know most already understand and respect this but I thought it should be something to note incase people don't realize. Thank you for understanding, Melanie 💕
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    I am feeling the need to have a refresher for those that have visited an incall before and to those that are new. I have had a few people recently not respect the safety and privacy when it comes to my incall location both as I am traveling and here at home. I am hoping to put this out publicly to help everyone can maintain discretion and safety for all parties involved. Personal, Professional, Private Incall Every provider has their own way that makes them feel safe and be able to provide the best situation for all parties involved. These are items that reflect my preferences. Communication is key. Follow how the provider wants to be communicated with, i.e. text, phone call, email, ect. Follow every direction they give you to a T. We do our research and give you the best way to maintain privacy and discretion for you and the provider. After the booking has been confirmed; not before, an address or location near to the incall will be given to allow you to make your way close by. A rough neighbourhood, or intersection of the location may be given before hand to judge timing on arrival (given this is a short notice appointment). Communicate that you have arrived. The next step if there is one, will be the location and parking instructions if any are needed. DO NOT approach the building till you are communicated to do so. They may need a moment to finish getting ready, or finish setting up a request. If you have been to the location many times before, DO NOT, approach the building until communicated to do so. If you are early, let them know but do not expect to come in till your expected time. The best way to enter the building details will be given; A buzz code, apartment number, door to knock on, ect. I like to add in how to go to elevators and where to go off of them to make it seem more like you know where you are going. If you happen to get into the building without buzzing, please let the provider know. Please knock softly in a large building. The provider is normally waiting on the other side of the door, keeping an eye out for you. We don't want to alert the neighbours to the coming of you or us. Please fully come into the place to allow the provider to close the door. Depending how we dress to greet clients or requests asked for, we may not be able to greet you normally. Save all the good stuff for when the doors are closed. DO NOT EVER EVER EVER! show up unannounced at a providers door. Schedule your time with your provider always. If you have a reoccurring date with them, always confirm before hand. Evening before or morning of date is best. We all have lives outside of this and wish to maintain discretion for everyone. Do not speak to any building staff or management. Do not communicate why you are there with anyone. Maintain the high honour of the awkward elevator silence at all times, okay maybe conversations of the weather is okay. ABOVE ALL remember; safety, privacy and discretion is important for all. Most of us do our very best to be able to maintain that for everyone. Please do your part so we can all continue enjoying the fun we get to have. Hotel, AirBnB, commercial space Much to the same as above but a few differences. Follow how the provider wants to be communicated with, i.e. text, phone call, email, ect. Follow every direction they give you to a T. We do our research and give you the best way to maintain privacy and discretion for you and the provider. If the provider is using a hotel. DO NOT ask which hotel. For safety of both parties. We don't broadcast which hotel we are staying in. We will give near by intersection or location to be able to arrive 5 to 10 mins to location. Once the appointment is confirmed, the hotel I am at will be given, along with parking instructions if needed. Communicate when you've arrive. Depending on the hotel, I would highly suggest staying outside until given the okay to come in. I have been to a few that you would get lost in the lobby they are so big and busy. Those are okay to wait inside. Stay away from the front desk. DO NOT speak with anyone at the front desk or other staff members of the hotel. As we like to refer to it; You are a ghost to the building. You are there but not known to be there. Communication will be given to elevators and room number when the provider is ready for you. Please knock softly. Depending on the housekeeping location, some providers may have the door ajar for you. This will be noted in communication. Please fully come into the space to allow the provider to close the door. Depending how we dress to greet clients or requests asked for, we may not be able to greet you normally. Save all the good stuff for when the doors are closed. Do not lock the door. The key card and Do not disturb sign is enough. This is safety for both parties. Please be as clean as possible. This isn't our space, we may not be able to use hundreds of towels or change of sheets as needed. There maybe special exit instructions for smaller hotel locations. This may be given in person or with the parking instructions. ABOVE ALL remember; safety, privacy and discretion is important for all. Most of us do our very best to be able to maintain that for everyone. I personally reverse this for outcalls and maintain communication as much as possible with my ETA, when I have arrived and when I am on my way up. Communication gives everyone peace of mind and allows us to feel safe. Providers; if there is anything you would personally like to add to this please do. Clients; if there is anything you like to add or have a question about please share. If you prefer to PM, you are welcome to. Please excuse any spelling and grammar errors. I hope this helps everyone. Stephanie ❤️
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    I don't post much but have noticed that Greenteal likes to hijack threads and create conflict once in awhile. I don't think he is from here and will have absolutely nothing to add about the Winnipeg scene. Always argumentative, best to ignore.
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    Hi fam, As you know, Lyla is a positive board. Our mantra is "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". I know that feelings and opinions are strong regarding whether or not people should be working during this pandemic, but I would like to ask you all to keep your opinions to yourselves. This is not the time for shaming anyone - at Lyla we pride ourselves on having a strong and positive community full of people who want to support each other, so let's make sure we stay this way. If you see anyone being judgemental towards a Provider or a Client for working/choosing to see someone, please report them so we can keep tabs on it. Thanks for understanding. Lydia ❤️
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    Oh my oh my! To start I want to thank you for helping me out on the virtual side as I deal with the damage on the physical side of my life. I have been recently outed by someone I befriended and was trying to help. Lyla has asked me not to post anything at this point hoping things will blow over. I will respect it. She is now trying to be me. Please be cautious of ads and such saying I am working or second accounts that are being created. I want to let you know I AM NOT WORKING during this time. For safety, and privacy during Covid-19 I will not be working. I don't want to risk anyone's privacy, if I come into contact of the virus I would need to let health authorities know everyone I have been in contact within the last 14 days. That doesn't sit comfortably with me. If you do have/see any posts, ads or accounts that are mine please let me know. I will need links as I am documenting and building a case with lawyers. Thank you for being strong with me and helping me out. Big hugs Stephanie ❤️
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    Lots of awesome local girls who have been isolating, in the area too! Don't forget to show some local love.
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    There is more than these beauties growing and blooming... I haven't shaved in three weeks. 😱 🤣😧😅😲🤭😮 I think I can challenge some of the guys with my fine leg hair. 😜😘😜
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    Just a heads up to the Halifax providers, if you haven't heard, there is a huge syphilis outbreak. Double down and protect yourself. Guys, I would personally recommend avoiding any form of bare play, even bbbj, as this can be contacted orally. Don't fool yourself by thinking it doesn't. TLDR: get regular screening, additional screening between new people (if possible, I know that isn't always managable, depending on your hobbying), and educate yourself on proper ways of protection. Stay safe, but have fun!
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    In isolation getting ready for a video chat.. it was a blast.. xo
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    One thing I like about Lyla is that people can’t come on here and be unnecessarily ignorant to providers. The well known trans escort review board that I have been on for years is not the case, I’ve had multiple unnecessary comments sent privately and publicly on my appearance and things that have nothing to do with my service, and then theres people who have just written complete fabricated lies to garner attention to a post. Regardless of what the name is here, I just hope that type of ignorance will not be allowed. Quite honestly I’ve considered leaving the industry because of blatant transphobia from the same men who book trans providers. It’s toxic and on a personal note I’ve had to attend self esteem and self care therapy because some of it has effected me over the last two years. I have no problem with a respectful negative review about service if its genuine, but trying to tear people down to their lowest and drag them through mud should be unacceptable on any review board. Just my two cents.❤️
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    Hey all. I just wanted to let you know that I have added a rule to ban people from giving out addresses of Providers. Honestly I'm baffled by the lack of common sense from people sometimes. 14. DO NOT SHARE ADDRESSES WITHOUT PERMISSION We can't believe we are having to include this... but do not give out Providers' addresses. That is information for the Provider themselves to share only. Thanks again @MelanieRose for highlighting this, and please everyone keep bringing up these kind of situations so we can work to make things as safe as possible for the community. Big love ❤️
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    I wouldnt reccomend voicing these to her, as obsession can lead to closed doors very quickly. Us providers are paid for our time and time only and most of us know this is just a job. Unfortunately, creating unrealistic boundaries in your head can lead to misery and miscommunication. I would suggest not planning a visit for awhile until you can deal with these thoughts. If she ever sees this, it could make her feel very vulnerable and send big red flags. Thanks for listening.
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    Shared this on twitter. Most havent seen me in my raw form.
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    I'm hosting locally only, as long as you haven't travelled outside of the province... and aren't showing symptoms. Some may judge me for this, but... girls gotta make money.
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    Its one thing to not want to see anyone atm and i totally understand why..but to knock someone who is or may still be providing services is another thing, you dont know what her situation may be and NO she doesnt have to give you a discounted rate and NO she doesnt owe you one either, and i personally wouldnt want to see anyone who expects that These are hard times for all of us and right now we should be being supportive of each other and trying to get through this as a whole But this has really brought out the ugly in some people If you dont want to see anyone right now just dont book, maybe send a deposit for a future booking, send her a gift card even a message to let her know you are thinking of her I have been finding other ways to financially take care of myself by providing on line cam sessions and selling content Anyways...stay safe and play safe xo
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    I'm not going to speak for the entire sw community, but it seems that someone has forgotten that Sp's absorb most of the health risks anyways, and as that risk goes up, I feel, so should our rates. Any Sp's working during the pandemic should charge more, especially if theyre unable to take this time off. I get why many can't /won't do this though, and that's ok too. People are afraid, and some are scrambling to hustle, while some are out to exploit the situation and deserve to be blocked and barred from ever acquiring any pussy ever again 😂 No matter whichever side of the fence you're on, there will be those who choose to hobby through this, and those who choose to stay isolated. I understand and support those who make either choice. I see both sides. No judgement here. In my humble opinion, I definitely don't think we should be considering taking more risks for less money at all though, and I'm sure those who think we'd lower our rates likely wouldn't work through the pandemic for less than their regular wages either lol Patrons do risk being outed or robbed in this hobby, but we risk those, as well as death and disease, more than the average patron, just to partake in this industry. I love my chosen occupation, but the risks shouldn't be forgotten, especially with the cases we've heard about this year.. In Halifax in particular though, we have a history of pushing through crisis, while maintaining a thriving sex industry through it all 😈 I'm optimistic that the community will pull through this as it always has, especially once the fear settles and the isolation period is over ❤️
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    Well folks, it's long past time that this amazing girl had a recommendation that wasn't just a comment in a thread somewhere. I took the plunge after chatting with a couple of others on the board about her. I'm glad I did. If you like slim, tiny, beautiful women with dark red hair, smouldering eyes and a smirk that will make you quiver, go see her now. She's a sweetheart, there's no other words to describe her. The only downside would be her current living arrangements, as she lives in an area that many would consider a "no-go", but hopefully she is able to change her situation for the better, she seems to definitely want to. That being said, her apartment is immaculate, and shows off her own sense of style. That being said, this old nerdy guy took a chance, and was happy that he did.
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    I'll go against the grain and nominate a gentleman, Notch Johnson. He is consistently one of the top posters on this site and I'm always amazed at all the pics he finds. Cheers.
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    Thank you everyone for your entries! We have our winners! 🎉 @MsManda has kindly forfeited her prize as she's already got a featured spot with us (what a babe 💓). So, our five winners are: @SarahAlexxx @kyliekarma @StephanieMystique @Daysha Love @TiffanyMarie Congratulations everyone! Your profiles will be visible as featured spots on the VIP Favours website in the next few hours. We want to run regular competitions, so if you have any ideas of what we could do next feel free to message me about it. 😘
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    With everything that has been going on i understand the fruatrations and stress ... BUT lets take a minute out of each day and post something positive, something you are thankful for something that made you smile Its another beautiful day and i wanna give thanks for that 🌞❤
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    Hey guys, We have some big news; Lyla is getting a name change to EscortReviews.ca. I anticipate that this name change might piss a few people off. After all, we pride ourselves on being a positive recommendation board, not a review board… so, how could this make any sense? 🤷‍♀️ This is where we’re going to be 100% transparent and honest with you, as we always try to be. We want more traffic. In order for us to be successful, we need more traffic to the site. When you look at the most common keywords that people Google to find sites like ours, they usually use terms such as “Canada escort reviews”, “escort reviews in Montreal” and so on. The term “recommendations” barely gets any hits. In order for us to carry on, we need to grow. It’s no secret that Lyla was a bit abandoned and many people stopped coming on here. We’re working really hard to change that, and so far the growth is positive, but we need more. Which is why this name change has come about. We are still going to be a positive board. Other than the name, nothing is changing. We will still only allow positive recommendations/reviews. The site will look the same, the people working behind the scenes remain the same, our mantra will stay the same. It’s just the name that is changing. Why not CERB? Canada Emergency Relief Benefit kinda ruined that for us (but we’re not bitter because what a godsend that was). When is this happening? Pretty soon. We wanted to tell you guys about it before officially changing anything, but now that we’ve announced it we’re expecting the change to happen in the next couple of weeks or so. Will I be redirected? Yes, anyone that lands on lyla.ch will be redirected to escortreviews.ca Any questions? As always, myself and the other Mods are here to answer any queries or concerns you may have. I hope you appreciate what we’re trying to do here and we ask for your continued support. 😘 Lots of love, Lydia ❤️
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    How are you screening the ladies to see if they are real vrs scam? Are you checking their website? They don't have one? Don't see them. Scammers don't have time to rebuild a website and it's history for every scam. They are preying on the boys that have a hand down their pants and texting with their other. on LL, check neighbouring areas. Do they have the same or similar ad running? Did you actually read the ad? There are a lot of key words used to spot a scam. On their website, does it link to other sites for ads and recommendations or reviews? Does their website have a history of photos? Have you done a google search on their name in general? What comes up? Do they have an active twitter? Greenteal can probably link in the thread for verifying SPs. It's been said many times over. Take the 10-15 mins, get your hands out of your pants and check the person you out you want to see. 10-1 you will find the one that will better connect with you and you will get to those throws of ecstasy better that the one that doesn't require screening. Pleasure isn't just about getting off. It starts the moment you reach out. As I like to say, seduce the mind and the body will follow. Good luck, Stephanie ❤️
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    Well don't know specifics about Fort McMurray but paying in advance using e transfer (and providing password) that's not an indication of a scam...the ladies I see I pay (in full) in advance...the only monetary transaction at date time is tip and gift. Right now I have three ladies paid in full already just waiting to schedule our date. RG
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    I would be losing my shit. I work in my personal private home. if I found out someone was sharing that info publicly or privately, I would be taking issue. I would be banning the person, posting all their info on every black site I could find. Totally not acceptable. I'm very sorry this happened to you.
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    I vote for Lydia! Expanded: She's been so helpful to me and hopefully many other members. Without our great Mods, none of this would be possible. They work hard to help keep us safe and respected; dealing with negativity, so we dont have to. My heart goes to you Lyd.
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    It’s a selfie, just on a tripod. Does that count? if not, I submit this one
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    I have been isolated since March 5 when I arrived from Mexico. And its really messed up because my life partner had to isolate alone in another city as he had symptoms ( negative ) So now we can't even travel in same car, we are trying to figure out how to responsibly get back together. However, I have been sharing my household with aunt and best friend. Lol. So this is awkward as hell. Otherwise I am thankful for being isolated with. Amazing people, thankful my Dad is being looked after. Thankful for CERB. Thankful I am accustomed to being a hime body and introvert.
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    Like seriously just stop...not everyone is financially stable like you, if you arent okay with it then just stay in your safe zone and dont participate in any services and if you arent going to be supportive even with a kind word just dont say shit at all...and i feel no way about being so blunt sorry but not sorry Sick and tired of the negative attitudes But then again thankful for peoples true characters coming out Anyways .... everyone stay safe play safe and keep smiling
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    I think we all know that many SPs will struggle financially over the next few months. Each of us also know the regulars we enjoy and trust. Want to help someone you care about? Simply send a $150. deposit now toward your next booking. And next month, do the same to another of your trusted regulars. This allows for some cashflow to live and pay bills. Some don't need it....but many will...ask! Lastly, this is not the type of service to be pressurizing for discounted rates. Creating pleasure and enjoyment, with a smile, takes a rare combination of professional and personal skills...full fee payment is our best way to say "thank you".
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    I have been a long time member of this site and had met many wonderful ladies throughout the years, I even met some of the male members which were also great people to talk with because we had so much in common(all you amazing ladies that we like so much). I'm frustrated this morning because of some guys(maybe not all from this site) have canceled or no show with a traveling lady that I have been looking so much forward to meet and now she had to cancel on me. For those that know a little about me, know that I post a lot of pictures, pictures that I find inspiring for myself in hope that some of the ladies that I meet would wear similar clothing and I would get to see them in it. I try not to get involved in the hot discussions where someone is to blame for something or the negative ones where bashing is going on. I want to share my positive view of the wonderful ladies that share this site with us and praise them for what they do. I hate fighting and always try to solve any problem between friends, so I often apologize even when I know I'm not in the wrong. Here is my rant, Earlier this week I saw a posting from a traveling lady that I have been looking to meet for a long time. She only comes to Ottawa once every few years and this time around her schedule and mine were perfect, I emailed her to ask for a time and day during her short stay and it was all going my way until this morning when I read her email. She told me that she knows that some people will cancel last minute and that there will be no shows so she had booked a few people for her stay and only one showed up so far. At 3:40am this morning she said that she didn't want to take the chance of a no show with me and that she was going to bed and needed her sleep. If I wanted to meet her it would have to be at noon or later. If I were single and had all the time in the world I would have jumped on this but because I have a wife and she expect me at home a little after noon I can't go ahead with her proposal so I wrote to her that I couldn't see her at that time. Am I mad that she did this to me? Yes, but I understand where she is coming from and respect her decision. Will I ever want to see her again? Most definitely but will our schedule line up again? Only time will tell. So my rant is to all the guys that don't show or cancel last minute with any ladies that travel to our city or even if they are local ladies.
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    You're right. But it stops fake ads or BS girls.
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    I agree with most everyone here. All sides are very valid. However, I do believe that if you change the name, you will have a fight on your hands. I 100% support the idea of changing around Lyla to be more SP friendly. Were already labeled as a feminist site... why don't we keep it that way. I had messaged Lydia about a verified client badge, making it easier for us SPs to screen. The client would have to have 3 girls (verified on more than 1 site) vouche for him... like @PiperNorth did for me. As always, you can screen however you choose. But it would help. Bring back the status bar for our own main page. Go through all the forums and take out the word "review" anywhere it is... maybe make the new name CERF(Canadian Escort Recommended Forum)
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    I have no clue who shared it as the person who it was shared to didn't tell me exactly who, only that it was someone on Lyla. If I knew who I would have messaged them directly but maybe they will see this post. A street name is very specific, especially if it's a street with say 20 homes, it wouldn't be hard for somebody to drive down the street and spot a person sitting outside or walking down the street and follow them home or something. I do realize most people already know this, (not to share personal info) Just wanted to put it out there in case maybe the right eyes see it
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    Well this looks fun! What I cant pop on the wall I may as well provide here 💋
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    Hope everyone is staying safe xoxo We will get through this together
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    Lol. Those gentleman that DO see any new girl that comes to town, normally gets a 'stamp collector' tag in my books. Not necessarily a bad thing, but there are many different types/styles of "hobbiests.' I love getting to know humans, that's the first thing I normally ask when having a meeting with someone... how they conduct their actions. Some enjoy quick one offs, others want the new girls, some stick to one girl they enjoy and never test the waters again, some require a fetish dispenser, others want something closer to Sugaring. Theres so many different personalities and reasons for seeing providers that one word cant nearly describe everyone.
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    I got this from a friend today and wanted to share with all of my friends on Lyla. Not sure if this does help, but keeping hydrated is always good. The new NCP coronavirus may not show sign of infection for many days, how can one know if he/she is infected. By the time they have fever and/or cough and goes to the hospital, the lungs is usually 50 % Fibrosis and it's too late! Taiwan experts provide a simple self-check that we can do every morning: Take a deep breath and hold your breath for more than 10 seconds. If you complete it successfully without coughing, without discomfort, stuffiness or tightness etc. it proves there is no fibrosis in the lungs, basically indicating no infection. In critical times, please self-check every morning in an environment with clean air! SERIOUS EXCELLENT ADVICE by Japanese doctors treating COVID-19 cases. Everyone should ensure your mouth & throat is moist, never DRY. Take a few sips of water every 15 mins at least. WHY? Even if the virus gets into your mouth...drinking water or other liquids will WASH them down through your esophagus and into the stomach. Once there in tummy...your stomach ACID will kill all the virus. If you don't drink enough water more regularly...the virus can enter your windpipes and into the LUNGS. That's very dangerous. Pls. send and share with family, friends and everyone about this ! Take care everyone and may the world recovers from corona virus soon. May all be well and happy.
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    Whoever wants to judge me on continuing to work, can feel free to send me the payment for my rent, car and other basic necessities. One missed payment can easily result in repo. Keep that in mind when your local booty call has to keep her booty available. Ps: please deposit here [email protected]
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    I think we all know that many SPs will struggle financially over the next few months. Each of us also know the regulars we enjoy and trust. Want to help someone you care about? Simply send a $150. deposit now toward your next booking. And next month, do the same to another of your trusted regulars. This allows for some cashflow to live and pay bills. Some don't need it....but many will...ask! Lastly, this is not the type of service to be pressuring for discounted rates. Creating pleasure and enjoyment, with a smile, takes a rare combination of professional and personal skills...full fee payment is our best way to say "thank you".
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    Although I've been fortunate that the majority of people who contact me are willing to screen and understand the purpose behind it. But for those who don't understand or new to this hobby I think it's important that we discuss this Let me explain first by saying I've been a part of this community for 10 years and not once has anybody ever had to report that I have ripped off lied or blackmailed any client. Building my business for 10 years to become a successful and a trustworthy provider does not come easy. So with that being said I'm pretty sure it is logical to conclude I would never ruin my reputation over a measly little deposit or your personal information. Nor would any established reputable provider. I would assume that if you've chosen to contact me you have also done your homework such as Googling my phone number researching my ads researching my Twitter profile my recommendations and my business model. And if you've done so you will know that I do not hide much of myself at all. I State my true age, I show my face in my photos ( which by no means do I suggest all ladies should! ) I have Pages upon pages of recommendations here, and my social media choice of Twitter is also very transparent. So I have basically laid it out on the table for you to observe and make a wise choice. A choice that should go in both directions mind you. Why should I expect to accept a visitor into my home when you want to hide behind ambiguity? Should I also not have the fairness of knowing who is being invited into my house and to spend intimate moments with? If you as a potential client wishes not to be screened then do not contact ladies who clearly require screening it as simple as that. After telling someone what my protocol is to be screened and getting a response of "how do I know you're not going to rip me off " is beyond insulting. Well thank you for taking time to read this very long-winded post LOL, but I hope that I've clearly explained and set to rest some new hobbies concerns when considering booking an established provider. 😘
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    I feel like if you book in advance people are more likely to be able to accommodate late night appts, I don't typically stay up late but if I knew in advance I could plan around it. It's the same with early mornings, I love to do them but let me know the night before so I can be up and ready 🙂
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