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    Sometimes I take super cute selfies and put them on the internet. Follow me on Instagram! @miss.sarah.alexandria Please no DMs for service. SFW only.
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    I did request one of my favorite lady to not wear any makeup on a date, she refused. One thing I can say is that all of you fine ladies of LYLA are gorgeous and you don't need any makeup to hide behind. She agreed to a little makeup and she looked amazing. Just saying...
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    Crake I hope things are a little easier with this now. I am wondering if the feelings weaned off over the week as you mentioned it was just the other day. BDSM, sex and drugs share similar pathways in the brain’s pleasure centers. Some experiences Like these surge our brain’s pleasure centres with happy neurotransmitters like norepinephrine (endorphins), dopamine (happy) and oxytocin (bonding). This over surge of endorphins can bring us to a higher state of happy go lucky for days. But the body has a natural way balancing itself out (Homeostasis). What goes up must come down. Often that drop is lower then the normal chemical levels. So sometimes they balance themselves out but one can lighten the drop by doing small things that boost ones endorphins like going to the gym, snuggles with a lover or dark coco chocolate over 70% (Common for athletes after events). If it is an obsession longer than that its what we call ‘New Relationship Energy’ in the bdsm and poly communities. It too is a surge of dopamine and norepinephrine in particular. it can take days, months years to wear off. I have often been on the receiving end of this from submissive men as dominant in the bdsm community. I have even experienced it twice myself. Once just on my end which was its own kinda hell and once were we both had it. The first lasted about 6 months, the latter is right now with the man I am dating. I agree with the opinions voiced about not telling most providers. They wont be able to do anything about it and are likely to be uncomfortable or in some cases take advantage. Neither is helpful In my case I do prefer to know so I can help them through it. There is very little I can actually Do really do except help one be more aware of it so it holds less power. For me this likely means I shape the start/end of a session differently. it also means making sure can make sure I am not being booked more then the norm for what they typically book with providers. As for what you can do.... Keep yourself aware it is a biochemical reaction in the brain. Try having distractions for when you are obsessioni g. The gym or something that You like that requires focus, get out with a friend. These wont solve it but they will likely help lesson it over time. Make sure you keep yourself restricted to your own boundaries with said provider and do NOT feed into the thoughts or start over booking. Have a friend help keep you in check on this. Its much easier said then done. I hope that helps a little. Please let me know if any aspects need clarification. Its a complex biochemistry to lay out in hread and bear in mind While I do have a back ground in human health I am not a medical professional in this field. hugs.
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    I guess that with the few number of votes, this poll is pretty meaningless. HOWEVER, we do have a winner to announce. The best dancer of 2019 award goes to: COOKIE at Pigale's Go enjoy her every opportunity you have. You will not be disappointed. Please go see ANY/ALL of these ladies and mention that you saw her name in this list. Maybe we can get some more girls online. Go out to the clubs more often if you can. This time of year is the hardest. They've made it through Stacktember, Stacktober, Stackvember, and Stackcember when they mean to put it away for a long, cold winter. It doesn't have to be that way. Go down and warm up a girl on your lap for a while. If you want them to stick around, they need to survive.
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    I wouldnt reccomend voicing these to her, as obsession can lead to closed doors very quickly. Us providers are paid for our time and time only and most of us know this is just a job. Unfortunately, creating unrealistic boundaries in your head can lead to misery and miscommunication. I would suggest not planning a visit for awhile until you can deal with these thoughts. If she ever sees this, it could make her feel very vulnerable and send big red flags. Thanks for listening.
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    I shouldn't have to say this, but I do. When texting for a booking, please include YOUR NAME, AGE, LENGTH OF SESSION DESIRED, AND A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF YOURSELF. I reserve all rights to screen my clients as I see fit. So, please be ready with a reference. Pro tip: YOU MUST CONTACT YOUR REFERENCE, ASKING PERMISSION, BEFORE GIVING ME THEIR CONTACT INFORMATION. If you refuse to follow protocol, you will not be able to book a session. No booking is gaurenteed unless references are provided.
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    Smart man buying a bottle for your wife :)
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    Oh dear excuse the late night typos. I am dyslexic as hell so escaping a long thread without them is always unlikely. Writing/typing is not my best medium for communication for me and is much more time consuming then the average person. The alternative is not responding and I do not want a few typos to derail me interacting on the boards. Its an area of insecurity for myself so I just try to push past it. Sorry to any grammar police or English teachers out there. Its not a lack of care, it just is what it is.
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    From the moment you walk through the door you'll be the center of my attention and affection. Description 23 years young, well spoken with a mature mindset, I stand at 5'6 in height. My photos are real and recent! Brown bedroom eye's with beautiful golden brown skin, you will find me to be caring, friendly and down to earth. You will see how fast my quirky and flirty demeaner will help you to relax. My goal is always for you to feel like the most important man in the world for the time we're together. 🖤 Highly recommanded on Lyla 🖤 Fetish friendly & light dom 🖤 Personal Hygiene & disease free is a must Location: Clean, quiet, safe and discreet location in North Dartmouth (Don't worry about it being in the North End, people make it sound horrible but me and everyone else I know, clients included have had no issues! I shouldn't have to defend myself but I hear it everyday, a lot of people think if you're here you must be a drug addict but that is far from the truth. I assume if you research who your meeting in any area you'll be okay wherever you go. Please ignore in my reviews where people say location isn't in the best area as not one of my clients, friends or myself have ever had a run in or a problem at my location since I've moved and started seeing clients here in 2016, the most you might see is someone say hello to you in the lobby, but that shouldn't be alarming, just smile or casually say hi back! You could come here on a Friday at midnight and it would be just as quiet as a Tuesday afternoon, that's why it's so silly to me that people consider it a bad area, it's just as safe as any other area! Rant over, I've just been hearing it a lot and felt like clarifying lol, as someone who has volunteered in the community, there is much more good than bad, so why miss out on one of it's hidden gem? 😉 TEXT: 9029120351 - No blocked #'s or apps without a reference please! If you have a lyla username make sure to let me know! E-mail: [email protected] Website: melaniemystery.escortbook.com If I don't post here, you can always find my scheduele on twitter updated every Sunday @Melaniemystery
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    I know this post is a couple months old, but I've been in the exact situation where you've been when I first started this lifestyle. At the time, I had alot of money at my disposal, and dispose of it I did lol. I seen a couple different women but ended up going back to the first one I seen. I was in a very bad emotional state at the time and this particular woman took full advantage of it. I knew she had a drug problem, but it didn't bother me. I spent a few grand within the week, on her alone. Not entirely sure what made me snap out of it (probably my dwindling account balance lol) but eventually realized she was playing me, hard. My best advice is basically what the others have said. See other providers in addition to this particular one you feel obsessed with. There's alot of great SPs in this city alone, and ones who occasionally come here on tour. At the end of the day, these women are providing a service, that's it. When you go to the pharmacy, and you have good rapport with your pharmacist, and you just so happen to find her attractive, you wouldn't be obsessed with her, would you? Well you shouldn't, because she's just providing great customer service. I know that's kind of a watered-down example but it's the same core principle. IMO, the difference between an ok service and a great service, is that the latter makes you feel like it's real. Maybe you do have chemistry with the SP, maybe you don't. Doesn't matter. It's their job to make you feel good. Also, just some generic advice... focus on doing things to make yourself feel better (other than hobbying lol) and be productive with your time. Exercise, eat healthy, pick up a new hobby, take a class, etc. Start investing in yourself more, rather than trying to please others. Sounds selfish, but trust me, does wonders. Plus, helps get your mind off things staying busy. Oh yeah, what ever you do, do not tell her your feelings. If you're lucky, she just won't see you anymore. If not, she could use it to her advantage, as was the case in my situation. Best of luck to you Crake.
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    I am feeling the need to have a refresher for those that have visited an incall before and to those that are new. I have had a few people recently not respect the safety and privacy when it comes to my incall location both as I am traveling and here at home. I am hoping to put this out publicly to help everyone can maintain discretion and safety for all parties involved. Personal, Professional, Private Incall Every provider has their own way that makes them feel safe and be able to provide the best situation for all parties involved. These are items that reflect my preferences. Communication is key. Follow how the provider wants to be communicated with, i.e. text, phone call, email, ect. Follow every direction they give you to a T. We do our research and give you the best way to maintain privacy and discretion for you and the provider. After the booking has been confirmed; not before, an address or location near to the incall will be given to allow you to make your way close by. A rough neighbourhood, or intersection of the location may be given before hand to judge timing on arrival (given this is a short notice appointment). Communicate that you have arrived. The next step if there is one, will be the location and parking instructions if any are needed. DO NOT approach the building till you are communicated to do so. They may need a moment to finish getting ready, or finish setting up a request. If you have been to the location many times before, DO NOT, approach the building until communicated to do so. If you are early, let them know but do not expect to come in till your expected time. The best way to enter the building details will be given; A buzz code, apartment number, door to knock on, ect. I like to add in how to go to elevators and where to go off of them to make it seem more like you know where you are going. If you happen to get into the building without buzzing, please let the provider know. Please knock softly in a large building. The provider is normally waiting on the other side of the door, keeping an eye out for you. We don't want to alert the neighbours to the coming of you or us. Please fully come into the place to allow the provider to close the door. Depending how we dress to greet clients or requests asked for, we may not be able to greet you normally. Save all the good stuff for when the doors are closed. DO NOT EVER EVER EVER! show up unannounced at a providers door. Schedule your time with your provider always. If you have a reoccurring date with them, always confirm before hand. Evening before or morning of date is best. We all have lives outside of this and wish to maintain discretion for everyone. Do not speak to any building staff or management. Do not communicate why you are there with anyone. Maintain the high honour of the awkward elevator silence at all times, okay maybe conversations of the weather is okay. ABOVE ALL remember; safety, privacy and discretion is important for all. Most of us do our very best to be able to maintain that for everyone. Please do your part so we can all continue enjoying the fun we get to have. Hotel, AirBnB, commercial space Much to the same as above but a few differences. Follow how the provider wants to be communicated with, i.e. text, phone call, email, ect. Follow every direction they give you to a T. We do our research and give you the best way to maintain privacy and discretion for you and the provider. If the provider is using a hotel. DO NOT ask which hotel. For safety of both parties. We don't broadcast which hotel we are staying in. We will give near by intersection or location to be able to arrive 5 to 10 mins to location. Once the appointment is confirmed, the hotel I am at will be given, along with parking instructions if needed. Communicate when you've arrive. Depending on the hotel, I would highly suggest staying outside until given the okay to come in. I have been to a few that you would get lost in the lobby they are so big and busy. Those are okay to wait inside. Stay away from the front desk. DO NOT speak with anyone at the front desk or other staff members of the hotel. As we like to refer to it; You are a ghost to the building. You are there but not known to be there. Communication will be given to elevators and room number when the provider is ready for you. Please knock softly. Depending on the housekeeping location, some providers may have the door ajar for you. This will be noted in communication. Please fully come into the space to allow the provider to close the door. Depending how we dress to greet clients or requests asked for, we may not be able to greet you normally. Save all the good stuff for when the doors are closed. Do not lock the door. The key card and Do not disturb sign is enough. This is safety for both parties. Please be as clean as possible. This isn't our space, we may not be able to use hundreds of towels or change of sheets as needed. There maybe special exit instructions for smaller hotel locations. This may be given in person or with the parking instructions. ABOVE ALL remember; safety, privacy and discretion is important for all. Most of us do our very best to be able to maintain that for everyone. I personally reverse this for outcalls and maintain communication as much as possible with my ETA, when I have arrived and when I am on my way up. Communication gives everyone peace of mind and allows us to feel safe. Providers; if there is anything you would personally like to add to this please do. Clients; if there is anything you like to add or have a question about please share. If you prefer to PM, you are welcome to. Please excuse any spelling and grammar errors. I hope this helps everyone. Stephanie ❤️
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    Janebondage largely has it right. I understand it may be easy to get obsessed with a SP , particularly if the experience is a good (outstanding) one on a recurring basis. One feels "the connection" and comes to believe there is a mutual attraction particularly when the SP is very good . I have had similar experiences (twice). but have learned that outside of the professional service time there is no room for a personal relationship. The SP may even "like" you as an individual and "enjoy" the time together but she really does not want a relationship beyond the "paid" time. If the SP wanted the personal relationship she would determine a way , place and time to communicate that piece . And the flip side is of course that the large majority of hobbyists do not want a relationship over and above the professional one. Crake...you have opened a valuable thread judging from the responses here. I suspect there are many "non responders" who have had your experience and the advice given here will be helpful. Enjoy the hobby but do not expect to find a lifetime partner from this activity.
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