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    Like seriously just stop...not everyone is financially stable like you, if you arent okay with it then just stay in your safe zone and dont participate in any services and if you arent going to be supportive even with a kind word just dont say shit at all...and i feel no way about being so blunt sorry but not sorry Sick and tired of the negative attitudes But then again thankful for peoples true characters coming out Anyways .... everyone stay safe play safe and keep smiling
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    First skype session went well. Dont you think?
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    With everything that has been going on i understand the fruatrations and stress ... BUT lets take a minute out of each day and post something positive, something you are thankful for something that made you smile Its another beautiful day and i wanna give thanks for that 🌞❤
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    Or ppl can do what is being asked...more like plead to, to stay away. Why does any one need to go get a rub down? stay home, stretch, use a foam roller, do some yoga. Smarten up!
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    Hi everyone. This topic was getting out of hand, so we aren't allowing further discussion. We try to keep Lyla as positive a space as possible, so please play nice! Lots of love x
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    Well not a video but a couple of Beatrix Kiddo And her mauling of a roll of toilet paper (that was the second roll BTW) was way before the shortage so it can be posted here now LOL. If she did that now it would be a trip back to the shelter for her LOL (I'm just kidding everyone) RG
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    When all else fail, puppies and kittens videos always work.
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    I can not believe how this is going. This section is supposed to be about positive review or request information. I fail to see the positivity in this thread now. Yes, I too am in a position where I feel relatively secure financially and was able to retire at an early age. But I also know how hard it was to reach that goal and it certainly would not have been possible when I was in my 20 or 30 years of age. I am a believer in people in general. I have confidence that the majority of people are able to make decisions that would not lead to harm to themselves or others. Yes, there are exceptions of course but I feel most will know when the risk is too high. This does not need to become a tug of war where no one wins. Instead we should be positive, encouraging and helpful to each other. This will not happen if all we do is dump on each other. Let us just be kind to one and all!!
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    Its one thing to not want to see anyone atm and i totally understand why..but to knock someone who is or may still be providing services is another thing, you dont know what her situation may be and NO she doesnt have to give you a discounted rate and NO she doesnt owe you one either, and i personally wouldnt want to see anyone who expects that These are hard times for all of us and right now we should be being supportive of each other and trying to get through this as a whole But this has really brought out the ugly in some people If you dont want to see anyone right now just dont book, maybe send a deposit for a future booking, send her a gift card even a message to let her know you are thinking of her I have been finding other ways to financially take care of myself by providing on line cam sessions and selling content Anyways...stay safe and play safe xo
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    Wishing you all a good day..i cannot wait to see you all again and give you a big hug! But for now i do offer 15/30 minute skype shows, texting, xxx pics/vids Dm for details 💋
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    You dont know that though...just like im sure alot of guys cannot wait to see us again
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    Alot of guys still like the entertainment...some just like to watch and not touch
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    I'm not quite sure that SC's will ever go away as long as there are young guys that enjoy seeing beautiful girls removing their clothes and old men who have money to see that as well in private. That is why a fresh coat of paint will help among other things as well. I have seen some pretty nice looking establishment in the west coast some years ago and did think that if we had this around home I would visit more often. Keep in mind that I'm a married man and live far from any city(at least 1 hour anyway) so it's tough to come up with an excuse to visit them. It's not that I don't agree with what you are saying GT but I think there is still hope for them with a facelift.
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    I am thankful for the people in the front line, everyone will remember the doctors and nurses and I do agree but we should all remember the grocery store that stayed open and fast food restaurant that served you at the drive thru. One special kind of people that many don't realize are working hard are the truck drivers that deliver those foods to the grocery store and restaurants, many of which I heard have not seen their family for 2-3 weeks because of the shortage of them. I also want to mention the hardware store that supples the paint, do you know how many will take this time to repainted their wall and ceilings at home. Because they have that paint on hand many will do that and that paint was delivered by a trucking company. Just saying...
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    Hot wet t shirt video and pics...dm for details
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    Well, I saw this on Twitter yesterday and I was thankful for such beauty and it made me smile! 🥰
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    At a time when we're all social distancing, it's only natural to crave a tender touch.. While I'm unfortunately unable to responsibly do so in person at this time, I can definitely think of a few ways to amuse ourselves while self isolating Introducing my text, phone, and online play packages! Whether you're feeling lonely and would simply love a little sexy company during this lonely time, or you have something more intimate in mind; allow me to distract you, if even just for a little while 15 mins to weekly arrangements available; just let me know what tickles your fancy for rates! Pic sets, custom pics & videos also available Think it's too good to be true? Check out my twitter to see that I'm real @MsMandaHfx Daily updates on Onlyfans! Www.onlyfans.com/msmandahfx See years of my Stellar escort/fetish reviews here on Lyla too! Pm or email for more info! xx
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    Whoever wants to judge me on continuing to work, can feel free to send me the payment for my rent, car and other basic necessities. One missed payment can easily result in repo. Keep that in mind when your local booty call has to keep her booty available. Ps: please deposit here [email protected]
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    A little something to keep those who follow my shennannigans entertainied while isolated 💋💋💋 Always up for for company but do encourage that we practice what is most safe for us all ❤️
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    I think we all know that many SPs will struggle financially over the next few months. Each of us also know the regulars we enjoy and trust. Want to help someone you care about? Simply send a $150. deposit now toward your next booking. And next month, do the same to another of your trusted regulars. This allows for some cashflow to live and pay bills. Some don't need it....but many will...ask! Lastly, this is not the type of service to be pressurizing for discounted rates. Creating pleasure and enjoyment, with a smile, takes a rare combination of professional and personal skills...full fee payment is our best way to say "thank you".
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    What part of this do you not understand?: ''All businesses that are not listed in the schedule of critical services that accompanies the Order must close between April 1st and April 14th. ''
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