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  1. Ingrid

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    The Gorgeous Girlfriend Experience
  2. I found it through the localescorts.ca site which I used to advertise on. Sometimes I forget about it from time to time and then I stumble back in here and am welcomed with open arms and lots of love. I love you guys!! xo
  3. I agree, I'm the same way. There are exceptions though, clients who have suddenly disappeared and I think about from time to time and wonder if I'll see them again. Usually they are clients who I have really hit it off with and it sucks to not be the one who can try to reconnect. Que Sera! I have one client who has seen me once a year since I started on his birthday. I'm his present to himself ;) If one year I didn't hear from him, I would definitely notice but I wouldn't be upset or hurt by it.
  4. Thanks PistolPete (and Cato!) You are guys are sweet :) I'll be getting more pics done soon to show off my new hotter body!! stay tuned!!!
  5. A maid walked in, saw us going at it, then asked "should I come back later or clean now?" I considered asking her to fluff the pillows
  6. wow! can't compete with Angel's proportions but I fit the bill! 36DDD-27-34 Tall and athletic build
  7. I had a couple pairs go missing but I've also received many pairs as presents so I guess it more than evens out. Not happy when I realize they've been stolen though :(
  8. thank you! Comments like that make my time on the stairmaster almost bearable!
  9. Ingrid

    Ingrid Sexkitten

    are you a fan of stockings and garters too? ;)
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