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  1. This is the first thread I've seen in a long time that makes me want to post. I see nothing wrong with it. If EmilyOreo wants this type of thread, so be it. Let MOD decide if it's too raunchy. Or the steering committee. Those who don't like it, there are 100 other threads to go read.
  2. Thank you so much everyone. I lurk. I don't like birthdays all that much, but this one was perfect. Hope ypu're all keeping outta trouble. I'm not. :)
  3. It can close, no need here to relive anything! :) Been there, done that, no thanks. lol
  4. Wearing women's underwear. They're so soft and smooth but I never know which side is supposed to go over my face?
  5. Well well well! Happy birthday to a really good egg. Hope you got what all good eggs get, laid!
  6. The question of what is love has been debated since the beginning of mankind! It's different for everyone. I KNOW that what I experience as love other people may never get the chance to experience. What others call love maybe I call lust? Everyone is different and has different experiences. You can't judge others or what they feel. Take the social misfit who never engages other people except maybe one day he hires an escort. That might be the closest thing to love he'll ever experience. So be it...let him call it love, where we might call it lust. My comment here is this, what is wrong with developing feelings for a client or escort? What's wrong with it? Because it interferes with your business? Know the boundaries and stick to them. If you can't do that, then you shouldn't be an escort or shouldn't be a client! Feelings are good, that's why we're here. Life is about relationships...it's not about who has the most money when yo die, it's about who had the best of times during their life. I look at someone like my Dad that basically had one girl his entire life, married her, she died (my Mom) and now has a new girlfriend but that's about it. He's shy, introverted and awkward around people. Hell will freeze over before I live my life like that. I want more, I want it all. I want relationships, feelings, love, lust, sex, perversion. I want experiences...fill me up until I'm overflowing then when I die it's over. I win. That's what I want.....all of it. You should want that too. Don't be afraid of love, embrace it everywhere you can! imho ymmv :)
  7. I still don't get it.....why are they suddenly going green? What does this mean? Their cups are cardboard...you can recycle them. What's changing?
  8. You have a dungeon? :) Additional Comments: You have a dungeon? :)
  9. Daniel, we'll catch up with ya later, have fun. ;)
  10. Thanks John....I'm just gonna go grab one. I deserve it. :)
  11. Interesting reading. I know this thread is about non ipad products, but I'm used to iphones and I'm looking at an ipad2. Anyone know the cheapest place to purchase one? I'll likely buy it tomorrow.
  12. This Marconi Union is good, but I still like Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells.
  13. Awww....thanks everyone! How come you all know exactly what I like, especially you PistolPete...wowser! I've been so busy I didn't get a chance to see this thread 'till now. It was a busy day but a fun one too.....lots of pumpkin pie too, my favourite. It's always pumpkin pie time around my birthday!
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