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  1. I remember the place on Division st, (forget the name of it), and the one at Bath & Days, both of which didn`t last long, thanks in large part by all the self righteous do-gooder neighbors who can`t mind their own f** business!!
  2. I remember when this city had 3 strip clubs, back in the 80`s. There was the Plaza, The Commandor Hotel on Princess, (total dive...), and of course, the Manor, which, sadly, we lost in 1988. I sooo miss the Lakeview Manor! THAT was one classy joint!
  3. That`s interesting. Would be nice if someone can turn the place into a classy joint. I drove by there today, and see that it`s still up for sale. Heard the asking price is over $1M+! For that sh*t hole!? No doubt will end up like other down town properties, and just end up becoming yet another high rise condo....
  4. Happy to report Channel is back in town! Had the pleasure to meet her this last weekend, still looking as good as ever!
  5. Oh yeah. Venue was in a very up scale hotel. Everything was very clean, shower was provided both before and after. Can`t say enough about YFL providers! Service is awesome!
  6. Spent a lovely 1 hour duo with Leila & Nina from French Lady. Wow, what can I say? What you see in the pics is what you get! Both VERY attractive young ladies! They quickly got down to work, making me feel like I was living every guys porno fantasy! (Nina was the most `aggressive`, super horny, came multiple times.., Considering I`m in my mid 50`s, I was very impressed!)
  7. Sadly, last time I met her, over a year or so ago, she said she was moving to Montreal. Haven`t heard anything from her since.
  8. Guess you didn`t notice, but my post was from 2009. Yes, it was a great time, but sadly, have to report that one has tragically passed away, and the other, as far as I know, is no longer in the biz.
  9. LOL I`m truly flattered by your invite. THANK YOU, it really means a lot. Sadly, dosen`t work for me, but I appreciate the invite. Take care. Till we meet again....
  10. Hey guys. Am seeking a quality mature lady in Kingston, and keep seeing an ad for a lady named Jemma, 47, on Leolist. Anyone have any info? Thanks.
  11. I noticed most of the comments here are from 2017. Anyone been there recently? (i.e, any restrictions due to COVID-19?)
  12. Well, I do hope that we can get together again sometime in the not too distant future, when the world returns to some kind of normal! (I really miss the hot tub! lol) But, regardless of what you decide to do, thanks for some lovely memories, and take care of yourself.
  13. aka Anna Sweets, she hasn`t posted an ad in Kingston since mid March. Wonderful lady. Her website has disappeared! Anyone have any info?
  14. For the last few weeks now, I`ve been unable to access the Ontario site, (or any other provincial site for that matter). Anyone else having this problem? For the record, I`m using Windows 10 on my laptop.
  15. Got to meet her a couple of times here in Kingston. English was not the greatest, but still had a good time.
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