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    Average height and build, I enjoy a good laugh, conversation, with a nice lady.

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  1. stbus83

    Alexis French

    Got to meet her a couple of times here in Kingston. English was not the greatest, but still had a good time.
  2. stbus83

    Chanel in Kingston

    Correct, she has retired. Last saw her a number of months ago. She has since moved to Quebec. Too bad, one beautiful lady.
  3. stbus83

    Anna Sweets

    Had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Anna a few times now. Always left with weak legs and a smile! But she seems to have disappeared. Noticed that her website has been removed. Anyone know if she`s still in Kingston? Hope she is, she`s a true gem.
  4. stbus83

    Plaza Gentlemen's Club closing

    Totally agree. Only ever went for a VIP at the Zoo once a few years back, charge you $20, and she stands like 3 ft away from you! WTF?? Never been back since. Belleville`s clubs have always offered `real` VIP, so why not here?! Hopefully things might change. Will have to see what the new owners have in mind.
  5. stbus83


    She advertise for awhile here on CERB/Ktown, and on bp, good reviews, nice pics, tall, slim build, late 20`s, said she was centrally located. Was hoping to meet her sometime, but haven`t seen any ads or heard anything about her lately. Any info anyone?
  6. My sentiments exactly. Recently saw one of my traveling favs there, and although the room was great, the first thing you see when you enter the building, is the guy behind the counter! Didn`t give me any trouble mind you, but still, that and the bar staff/customers watching you head to the elevators...and parking sucks downtown, especially if its a busy weekend. Personally, I like the Holiday Inn Express. Had a good time there a couple times. Lots of free parking on site, jacuzzi suites, just off Division near 401, and 10min from Bus station.
  7. stbus83

    Shaker's Lounge Nude Bar

    Sadly its the same in Kingston. Think its been about 20 yrs now since anyone seriously tried to open a new club here. But, of course, there was such an outcry from `the usual suspects`, and the conservative city council listens to these morons, they were hounded out of town. Even the Plaza, the lone survivor, (I remember 3 busy clubs back in the 80`s), keeps getting harassed by CH, i.e., requiring all employees (both girls & staff), to have annual $100 permits, frequent unecessary inspections, etc. Plus I think most communities now have stupid, bizzare zoning laws, that require any new club must now be located in remote, out of the way industrial areas! Hardly an incentives to open a new business.
  8. stbus83

    Shaker's Lounge Nude Bar

    Haven`t been to the Pla-Zoo in years. Like others have said, gets boring with their stupid no touch policy! (and they get a lot of drunk American army guys/college students that take over the place). Though its been awhile, I assume the Cabaret and Go-Go in Belleville still allow contact. What turns me off in any club and sadly am finding more and more, are the girls seem to be getting a lot more pushy and aggressive, they don`t take no for an answer. (same goes with wait staff that check your bottle every 5 min). Turns you right off.
  9. stbus83

    Visiting SP wants your opinion

    Downtown`s nice, but finding parking can be a pain, (especially if theres a concert at the K-Rock Center.) I would agree with others here that Division& 401 would be better, free parking, and not far from resturants, box stores, factory outlets, etc. Easy access off 401, so you don`t have to know the city. I`ve had some fun times at The Comfort Inn on Princess, (they have `fantasy` rooms & hot tubs to play in!)
  10. stbus83

    Chanel still around?

    Yes you`re right, Chanel`s very hot looking. Haven`t seen in a while. Nice to see she`s back.
  11. stbus83

    Candy @ the Plaza

    Been awhile since I`ve been to the Pla-Zoo. What`s the $$/song now? $/beer? Heard they`re under new management. Have they finally got with the program, and allow contact in the VIP lounge now, like all the other clubs do?
  12. stbus83

    Shaker's Lounge

    Ah yes....the old Lakeview Manor! Man, how I miss that place! That`s were I got my `real` education back in my collage days! lol The girls, the bands....lots of great memories....
  13. stbus83

    Shaker's Lounge

    I`ve noticed a new sign out front: `The Plaza Gentleman`s Club`. Not Shakers anymore.
  14. stbus83

    Chanel in Kingston

    I`ve met the lovely Chanel a couple of times, and, yes, those are actual pics. Nice gal. (and my god, that ass of hers! whoa....lol)
  15. Had a great time with the `infamous` Rachelle the other night. Though I`ve had the pleasure of her company many times now, don`t think she`s ever looked as good as does now. She`s been working hard at losing some pounds, and it shows! Always the tiger between the sheets, grrrr lol You go girl!