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  1. OK. Time to take a break from the usual topic of who tickles your Elmo the best or which Betty is really Betty. Why in whatever deity you pray to's name do MP's use such horrible smelling oil? Let's use Ness as an example, even though they all seem to be the same. You're lying there all relaxed, well, as relaxed as you can be with someone sitting on your legs till your feet turn blue, then out comes the oil. Not just a little splash, but enough to get the Ever Given unstuck from the Suez Canal. A whiff of baby oil lightly dances across the room. Life is good. A while later you're done and allegedly happy. You get up to put your clothes on, then it hits you - you smell like an 18 year old hot oil wrestler at closing time. By the time you get to your car, it's like the smell is getting worse. Sweet tapdancing Buddha, it's following you. You got the windows open and the A/C on, and the shit seems to be fermenting. Can't even check your rear view for a cop or insurance fraud detective because your eyes are watering so bad. You need to go to the store but you know everyone is going to be thinking, "he's been to a house of ill repute". Judgy bitches. Instead, you rush home and make a beeline for the shower, avoiding other judgy bitches. You scrub and scrub, but the water is beading better than a new teflon frying pan. You consider acetone, but it would probably melt the shower curtain. Besides, the smell of your Axe body wash is starting to overpower the rancid baby oil. Now it's time to go wipe the oil slick from the car seat. Thing is, there's some damn good massage lotions out there that don't smell like vagrant's butt crack. Diamond Athletics sells some good stuff, but it's more than $2 a gallon. Has anyone found an MP that uses unscented oil? Or at least something that doesn't make you want to sew bounce sheets into a face mask?
  2. Could be your ISP. LL has a completely stupid geolocation filter that blocks the pictures. They block Starlink users, even though every other site shows the IP is from Winnipeg.
  3. Why? Who’s doing inca... oh. 😳
  4. To be fair, they really stretched the definition of a MP and were blatant about it. Not to mention them advertising and operating during the last lock down, when even the less than honest places had the decency to shut down. A truce can't last when one side is basically rubbing the other's nose in it. If they got a visit from Johnny Law, the only surprise was that it didn't happen sooner.
  5. Yeah, that's definitely not Winnipeg for a massage. Here a fair tip is equal to the massage fee. But good to know there's no point in bothering if I visit Ottawa at those inflated rates. And not once have I ever tipped in advance. That's just asking to be taken advantage of with lousy service.
  6. Meh, not like we gonna organize a get together / beer night. I think our secrets are safe. Pretty sure CCC does it. But she likes to keep all the lights on and the room ice cold, so her massages are not for everybody.
  7. If I'm remembering right, Sandra went to Oui and changed her name to Princess Sara. Not sure where she is now. She was famous for her one handed massage like she was wiping down tables while checking her phone with the other.
  8. For sale: 1995 Buick Century. Runs good, very little rust. Not safetied. Best offer. Oh, this isn't where ads go?
  9. There's nothing in the wording that specifically mentions massage, but I would imagine they would fall under the "non-regulated health services". Only issue I see is the "requirement to collect information for contact tracing purposes". I can see a lot of J. Doe or M. Mouse, 123 Any St. on the list with a phone number of 555-1212. Home based businesses are still going to be watched by the neighbors, as only 2 "designated" people are allowed to visit most households. Legal, but could still get a visit from enforcement just to see what's going on.
  10. They can't all be RMT's and no professional massage involves her being naked, so they're ignoring the rules. When both kijiji and LL have next to no ads and all the regulars have gone into hiding, it's probably not the best time to be a plague rat.
  11. It's like quitting smoking. "just one puff and I'll be good..." lol. A co-worker's mother is in the ICU. Doesn't look like she's coming out. I think I can do without for another month.
  12. Crap. She was one of my favs. Convenient, too. Guess I'm looking for someone new when code red is lifted.
  13. Did Winnie leave sunhope on main or is this a new Winnie copying her name? Need to know who to put on my no-fly list.
  14. Well said. We worried about it six months ago. Now it's 10x more risky and the death count keeps rising. Christmas is done, there's no saving it in only five weeks. I feel for the ladies, but 80% of workers in my industry are laid off with the projections being 5 years until it possibly returns to normal. We all have to do our part. But as Blue says, it's an addiction. Maybe if we weren't enabling each other with "hey! you've got to see the new honkers on xxxxxxx!" kind of posts, it could help? Just a thought.
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