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  1. She was rotating between main and henderson for a long time. She quit a couple of weeks ago. Confirmed by a message from her and another from ness.
  2. No new and even the old aren't worth seeing. Crystal is pushing their new(?) EI hard, but they've burned enough bridges nobody cares. Any new shops that popped up were a disorganized, disappointing, expensive mess. The old reliables, if their best talent hasn't quit, are so repetitive it's like Groundhog Day. Not worth having to scrub off the stench of their bargain baby oil. And the cost! This is a luxury, not a necessity. Raising rates because of inflation doesn't work - it just means even less customers. $350+ for ex-studio? It better come with a good steak dinner and limo ride home.
  3. The whole scene is dead. MPs aren't advertising much. The quality is gone, being replaced with fresh off the boat and no skills, or fakes and flakes. Nobody that's a must-see. Nobody wants to say anything here because of the DnD list, even though there hasn't been a mod around here in a year. Meanwhile, the other site is ruled by a nazi that won't let you talk about well known MPs if they have an ad because they're 'legit'. 🙄 It's so boring out there, the last time I looked on kijiji for a massage, I ended up buying a guitar instead. 🎸
  4. Wrong last 4 digits. And she always, and currently has a paid kijiji ad up top.
  5. What we know: They have four kijiji ads running leaving little doubt about what goes on there. The address exists behind an already sketchy hotel. The blinds are closed as typical for a place like this. There are no signs. The lights are out and there are no cars near there during their 'business hours'. They either don't return texts, or take a very long time to respond with the massage rates that are in the ad. They don't respond to trying to make an appointment. One person supposedly got in a few days ago but was short on any details. What we don't know: If it's legit. If it's a sting. If it's already been shutdown by LE. If they are time wasters collecting phone numbers. What the pricing is like beyond the massage. (if it exists) Which country runs it. If it's really Sophie Trudeau just trying to make ends meet. <-- most likely scenario based on how it's run
  6. Under health & beauty, they have two paid ads running at the top. Considering how there doesn't seem to be any customers there, it's strange that they take so long to reply. Probably busy doing radar and eating donuts. 🤔
  7. They literally have four ads on kijiji right now with the phone number, One even has the address and prices.
  8. No response to texts. Drove by this evening and the blinds were closed, the lights were out, and there were no cars out front. No signage. Found out they actually have an ad on kijiji for a 'Miliking table'. Between the lack of contact, the lack of discretion in the ads, and the location, it's even sketchier than usual. If they are legit, they're starting out very badly.
  9. Standard tip? Or more Studio type pricing?
  10. The ‘tip’ would never be included in the receipt. All these places usually have a deal with one rmt that supplies fake receipts. It’s not something I’d be claiming on insurance. When I worked at GWL they had a whole floor dedicated to fraud and investigations. Half the detectives in the city worked for them. It would suck to get put on their bad list and have every prescription or dental claim delayed and questioned. Pretty sure they can notify your employer about fraud too, but can’t give the details. Still curious who you saw.
  11. Y'know, that shop on Notre Dame. How can anyone not know about that shop. We all know about and been to that shop where the ladies do that thing. No point in talking about it because they might be listening. Besides, everyone knows.
  12. Anti-vaxer, conspiracy theorist, but generally ok. Keeps your contact info and will text you years later.
  13. TOFTT and tell us how you like him. Did he make you leave happy?
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