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  1. Meh, not like we gonna organize a get together / beer night. I think our secrets are safe. Pretty sure CCC does it. But she likes to keep all the lights on and the room ice cold, so her massages are not for everybody.
  2. If I'm remembering right, Sandra went to Oui and changed her name to Princess Sara. Not sure where she is now. She was famous for her one handed massage like she was wiping down tables while checking her phone with the other.
  3. For sale: 1995 Buick Century. Runs good, very little rust. Not safetied. Best offer. Oh, this isn't where ads go?
  4. There's nothing in the wording that specifically mentions massage, but I would imagine they would fall under the "non-regulated health services". Only issue I see is the "requirement to collect information for contact tracing purposes". I can see a lot of J. Doe or M. Mouse, 123 Any St. on the list with a phone number of 555-1212. Home based businesses are still going to be watched by the neighbors, as only 2 "designated" people are allowed to visit most households. Legal, but could still get a visit from enforcement just to see what's going on.
  5. They can't all be RMT's and no professional massage involves her being naked, so they're ignoring the rules. When both kijiji and LL have next to no ads and all the regulars have gone into hiding, it's probably not the best time to be a plague rat.
  6. It's like quitting smoking. "just one puff and I'll be good..." lol. A co-worker's mother is in the ICU. Doesn't look like she's coming out. I think I can do without for another month.
  7. Crap. She was one of my favs. Convenient, too. Guess I'm looking for someone new when code red is lifted.
  8. Did Winnie leave sunhope on main or is this a new Winnie copying her name? Need to know who to put on my no-fly list.
  9. Well said. We worried about it six months ago. Now it's 10x more risky and the death count keeps rising. Christmas is done, there's no saving it in only five weeks. I feel for the ladies, but 80% of workers in my industry are laid off with the projections being 5 years until it possibly returns to normal. We all have to do our part. But as Blue says, it's an addiction. Maybe if we weren't enabling each other with "hey! you've got to see the new honkers on xxxxxxx!" kind of posts, it could help? Just a thought.
  10. Story time. Three times over a period of about two weeks, I've been talking to or working with a different co-worker, then the very next day they were off to get tested for covid due to someone in their family being exposed. Three times they came back negative. This week I'm off work. Someone I didn't know about went for a test last week and got the results monday. Positive. Different departments, but we all use the same bathroom, etc.. So now I need to get tested. Problem is, if I was positive and asymptomatic, who else outside work would have been exposed? In my case, nobody, because I haven't done shit for the last week or so. But if I was more sociable...? That's how easy this gets passed around. By the time you find out, you could have infected many others. Sure, some MP's are wearing masks. Some have a bottle of hand sanitizer by the door. But it's still close, intimate contact for an extended time. They washed their hands. What about their elbows or other appendages they might use? Are you 100% sure you don't have it? Really? I know I can't be sure anymore. Are you 100% sure the mp doesn't have it? Are you 100% sure the last guy didn't? Nobody sneezed on the hoop, coat rack, or into their elbow and their shirt was rubbing on the wall where yours is now? You might find out in a week, as long as you aren't an asymptomatic carrier. I might be going out on a limb here, but I'd say a R&T is a little more dangerous than a trip to the store for groceries, which we're supposed to be limiting. Just some things to think about while you're guy #6 for the day with your face in the hoop. Y'know, instead of reminiscing about which place was criticized for not washing the towels a while back.
  11. Nope. Nobody in the city does nuru. You’d think there would be at least one post come up when you put “nuru” in the search box, or even check the posts on the first page. But as I’m sure you’ve already done that, you’ll see there is nobody and no recommendations. /s
  12. How’s the quality compared to Linda?
  13. Lots on kijiji that advertise receipts. Not usually worth the paper they’re printed on, as most are not real rmt’s and the insurance companies are aware of the fakes.
  14. That is/was Sam. I've been a few times, she's not bad. I stopped going because I think your hour starts as soon as you turn onto St. Mary's. Probably worth it just to check it out.
  15. Considering she was advertising as an RMT within six months after she gave her very first massage, I’d say you’re right.
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