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  1. Han'sGoldenRod

    Thoughts on tipping..

    Ah thats a good idea. Very thoughful. And thanks Greenteal ill give that thread a read.
  2. Greetings folks, So, I'm wondering if my fellow hobbyist tip their SP's... and by tip i mean $... lol (sry bad pun) 😣😛 If so, by how much ? By percentage or just random.. ? Do you do this for all girls or only a select few (or just your favorite)? Also wonder how common it is for a SP to recieve a tip after service.. is it a common enough occurance you can usually count on it ? Is it rude to not even consider giving a tip ? Personally i always do, like 20$ extra. (I figure its the least i can do since being a SP is probably very stressful). But a while ago i gave a tip to a SP and she gave me a funny look like it was out of the norm. She was nice enough about it. Just seemed surprised. Anyway, just wanted to see what my fellow commrades and SPs thoughts on the topic are. Obviously im sure most SPs would accept the bonus $ happily. Just wonder how common it is amongst hobbyists to do so. And to get an idea on what people think a fair tip is or if its even required... Thanks for any feedback, -Han
  3. Han'sGoldenRod

    Moncton - KarLee

    Yeah I'm very curious.
  4. Han'sGoldenRod

    Moncton - KarLee

    Anyone see her ? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_now_avail_beautiful_36yrs_old_outcall_incall_moncton-4294496
  5. Han'sGoldenRod

    Sasha taylor

    Saw her yesterday. She's legit. Very sweet and bubbly personality, very good looking. I would see her again.
  6. Han'sGoldenRod

    Cleo - Moncton

    Anyone seen her since she's been advertising the past couple weeks ? Just curious if it's a scam or bait and switch. The ad uses the same pics from like 2 years ago. And the number is 207 area code which is the state of Maine. Just wondering if the ad is legit. Seems there are lots of scams/bait and switch on leolist currently.
  7. Han'sGoldenRod


    I saw her again this weekend. Really, really like her. Super sweet and pretty. Such a fine and lovely lady with the cutest brown eyes. Go see her ! Youll leave happy and more then satisfied. She'll show you really great time. And treat you like a king. She completely Destroyed me last meeting lol... In the best possible way.. Lol still a bit shell shocked from the experience. Been walkin on air ever since. So so good. Highly recommend this girl for her great attitude and talent. Hope to see you again soon Catherine.
  8. Strange. She's been around Moncton for years now. Seems odd she'd want to ruin her rep by running scams in the city she lives. Oh well, I suppose anything is possible. Though I will note my review was an accurate assesment of what I experienced. Also, the only reason I contacted her was because of the many past positive recomendations I've seen and read about her on here. *Shrug* so I dont know. I have my doubts about these allegations.. My hunch is there is more then one side to this story. Anyway, as always I'd advise the use of common sense and precaution before making arrangements with any provider, well known or not.
  9. Saw her yesterday and just posted a reco for her. Worth the visit. Enjoyed myself.
  10. Didnt see a recomendation for Larissa under the L's so ill make a fresh one. Saw her yesterday afternoon. She is very cute with a tight, fit body. Tiny little thing about 5' and 100 pounds. Total spinner. Had a great time with her. She is professional and seems to enjoy what she's doing and does what she does extremely well. I plan to go see her again in the future. Location seems discreet enough, though the place couldve been a bit more tidy, but she just moved so ill overlook it. She's a great girl to spend a bit of time with, 9/10. - Hans
  11. Han'sGoldenRod

    7908763C 3F6F 4BA9 9C0C C2609357B5F1

    Wow. Smokin hot babe.
  12. Anyone try these out ? Seems to me like theyll just steal your $ and give you no show... Also, if someone is interested in facetime/skype dates... wouldnt they be better off/safer going on a site like chaturbate or myfreecams ? So just wondering if anyone has tried these backpage ads and had a good experience. Or if theyre indeed a scam. I see them all the time now on BP..
  13. Han'sGoldenRod


    Tiffany is a great girl, really smart an professional. Ive seen her 3 or 4 times in the past 2 years or so. (Im a very occasional hobbist). What blew me away last time i saw her (like a month ago) was that she remembered so much about me, and what i had liked in the past. I couldnt believe she actually cared to remember that stuff.
  14. Han'sGoldenRod

    fredericton SPs on bp

    Are "Freddys Baddest" pics legit at least? lol That azz... fawk.