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  1. Thanks waterat. My apologies for my perhaps snarky retort @rykky. I honestly meant no offence with my original post and am sorry if it came off that way. (And my second post was unnecessary.) Have a good weekend everyone.
  2. Honestly, I found your criticism of the OP was unwarranted and possibly even a little mean spirited. I thought I'd try to answer the question that he actually asked instead of just jumping on him. My bad.
  3. Agreed. The OP wasn't asking if it was OK to pressure someone into something they aren't comfortable with though. It was more about how to interpret what was stated, and if there was a polite way to ask for clarification without coming off as doing just that. It can be a touchy subject. I would suggest being as polite as possible with the query and make it crystal clear that you are just asking for clarification and that you respect her boundaries. (And make sure you have researched and made sure that the answer was not already given in an ad or website.) Good luck.
  4. If I were you Tico, I'd book her for November 30th right now!
  5. I decided to on a whim contact Mandy this morning and was happy to find that she was available. I've seen her ads on and off for a while now. Truthfully I skipped over her ads at first as I filed them under "likely too good to be true" lol. (I've been at this a while and some ads are easy to spot.) Well, I'm happy to report that I was completely wrong! She is real, the pics are her, and truthfully they don't even do her justice. She is a tiny little thing with a super fit, tight body, that is decorated with a few tasteful tattoos. She is quite attractive, and has a friendly personality. I enjoyed my brief time with her immensely. If you are into the spinner type you will definitely not be disappointed. Thanks Mandy for some much needed stress relief! Mikey
  6. Great Read. I very much concur with these perspectives. Thank you Waterat and Lydia.
  7. North Sydney. Not too far from Sydney itself lol
  8. Wonderful interview. I enjoyed reading your perspectives. Thank you very much.
  9. Two absolutely amazing ladies. You'll be more than astounded by either of them. You will likely have to plan ahead at that hour regardless of who you see though. Many of the ladies are quite accommodating given enough notice. Good luck
  10. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_come_play_with_me_wet_ready-6070246 I believe this is the ad
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