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  1. Miss justice actually advertises as 4' 10"! That's tiny!
  2. Mikeyboy


    Seems like a recipe for an awkward situation. Even if he would be OK with it, she may not. Many SP's like to keep a clear line between their business lives and their personal lives. Personally, I'd advise him to play it safe and see someone else.
  3. Mikeyboy


    Not sure why everyone gives the Asian agencies a pass on the whole bait and switch thing. We've all just accepted it as standard practice. Why look at the pictures as a reference at all if you know they aren't really her?
  4. I think its important to let people explore the site first and see what it has to offer. Why would they want to otherwise? Let them view up to a given number of pages (10 maybe?) before you hit a "sign up here for a free account" message. (The site used to do that.)
  5. It isn't about giving them more perks for joining. It's more about limiting their perks until they do take that time. No we can't make them contribute once they have. You can lead a horse to water....... We can get them closer though and once they have an account they are far more likely to. More members makes for a stronger site.
  6. Currently, you can't view recco's without signing in to an account. There used to also be a limit to how many pages you could view without signing in too. I don't believe that that is still the case though. (I just tried signing out and it let me navigate the site for a while without shutting me down, just couldn't see the recco's). I think that would be useful if it were brought back as far as converting the people dropping by to become members. (Assuming I'm correct about it no longer being in place.) You also couldn't view anyone's personal page before which no longer seems to be the case. Again an added incentive to sign up perhaps. I'm not sure what more you can do. If you restrict access more than that, you risk people losing interest. You have to show them what the site has to offer in the first place. You have to find the right balance there. Interesting ideas. Worth considering if there is interest from the sp's.
  7. Mikeyboy

    Jen - LL ( The Ultimate Companion )

    There you go. An alias to search as well if you want even more reccos. Already sounds great though. There is an account for kaceLane that was created in 2014 but with no posts. It does have a recent sign in though so it may still be used for monitoring purposes. (Assuming it's her) https://www.lyla.ch/profile/198239-kacelane/
  8. Mikeyboy

    Jen - LL ( The Ultimate Companion )

    Some great sounding reccos in the New Brunswick section.
  9. I don't care who he was. Starting an encounter with intimidation and implied threats from a 'muscled guy' is not my idea of a good time. I'm out! 😉 Thanks for the heads up onepond!
  10. It's amazing that the idea of 'repeat customers' or 'word of mouth' doesn't occur to some people. Pretty short sighted. Then again, not her photos anyway so she can just steal new ones and start again I suppose. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Here's an ad posted by the real owner of these photos. (The one who's life Danii White seems to be set on making miserable.) Not the type of practices I want to support. Must be frustrating. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_taylor_sweet_my_photos_stolen-4629545
  12. Mikeyboy

    Satisfaction Guaranteed - LL

    This was it:
  13. Save your money. That's a scam ad. Photos stolen from: Reverse image search is your best friend in this hobby. Also, never send a money transfer to an unknown lady. It's the fastest way to make money disappear. ;) Cape Breton seems to be full of these scam ads. Not sure if there is much of a real industry there or not. Maybe someone local can make some suggestions? I know there are a few well known Halifax ladies who travel to Sydney from time to time which is worth keeping an eye out for.