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  1. Also have a llok at the "other ads from this user" at the bottom of the ad. Multiple ads in multiple different places at once. That's about as red as flags get 😉
  2. Definitely stolen photos: https://www.pinterest.dk/pin/805862927048687880/ Hits all over with this one
  3. Amazing coincidence how that one photo disappeared from your ad just before you posted this. Unbelievable timing 😂 I simply stopped checking your pics when I found the one stolen one. It was all I needed to know. I would waste my time further checking the other photos after that comment, but gt has already done it for me. nice try
  4. Stolen photos. https://vk.com/wall-217632945_1547 Do not send money.
  5. No..... but I have some swamp land in Florida you might be interested in..... 😉 Seriously though. It's just an ad for an only fans account
  6. I seldom even bother checking when the pics look like they are stolen from an Instagram model like that, but they are easy enough to rule out with a quick search. Copy and paste the photo into yandex.com/images (right click on the photo and select copy image, then hit Ctrl and V in the search bar of yandex) It will tell you where else in the world the pics are being used if anywhere. Like this: https://www.sex.com/pin/65723274-chivas-mom/ Or this: If it looks too good to be true though, then it likely is. 😉 Be careful out there and good luck
  7. My first post got cut off somehow. Another wonderful addition to the lineup from @Yourfrenchlady. (This was a final birthday gift to myself lol). Lily Rose is not only beautiful, sexy and skilled, but she is also personable and quite charming. I enjoyed our conversations almost as much as…. Well ok I enjoyed the other parts even more 😉 She’s is fluent in English but with a sexy French accent. She has blonde hair, perfect lips, striking blue eyes, beautiful tattoos and an amazing body. I highly recommend checking her out while she’s in town.
  8. Another wonderful addition to the line up from
  9. OK. I couldn't resist. This is who they were stolen from originally but they are all over the internet https://twitter.com/illicit69kitty
  10. With 100% certainty.....Yes Not even going to justify those photos with a reverse image search.
  11. Heaven has an active twitter account. I can't comment on her services personally but based on the account, she seems to be legit. https://twitter.com/hhhheavenly
  12. What it implies about her is that she is educated and likely intelligent, which many of us find very appealing. I wouldn’t read much more into it beyond that.
  13. I believe they mean her: If it is her, then she is worth checking out for sure.
  14. Stolen photos https://ru.pinterest.com/pin/476185360599691322/ https://sumosear.ch/images/webpage/international-spa-in-santa-rosa-707-228-4936-21/15268367
  15. You're dreaming alright 😉 Hits on the photos from all over. Not's sure who's on the other end of that ad, but it isn't the girl in the photos.
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