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  1. It used to be the case that not paying it could mean at worse, losing your license in that province until it's paid. You didn't lose your license elsewhere. Not sure if this is still the case. I know someone that couldn't legally drive in NB for a long time until he went and dealt with it. The fact that they wrote down the wrong province on the ticket means they may not even be able to find you, let alone know for sure if it was in fact you. I'd be tempted to let it ride and see what happens myself. I am a bit of a gambler though. 😉
  2. Mikeyboy


    I do understand why you ask the question. I've found in many cases that when I've paid for the hour, the lady rushes me through and tries to end it as soon as possible. There have been a few occasions over the years where I've paid for the hour and still found myself in the elevator after 20 minutes. It's one of the reasons I do more hh appointments now than hours. Honestly, it isn't even about the number of pops. The fact that she's counting, often means she isn't looking at it as time I'm paying for. It can be an indicator that paying for an hour doesn't necessarily mean an hour of her time. My own observations of course and obviously doesn't reflect on all ladies in all situations. It's just happened enough that I'm weary 😉
  3. I too have been hear for almost 10 years and have seen a lot of changes over those years. There have been upswings and downswings in participation in that time, and the one thing that has remained consistent since I started here is people longing for the good ol' glory days of the site. 😉 Human nature. People are naturally averse to change. (Me more than most). That said, I do understand your frustration Ice as the changes in the past year have been dramatic. The new moderators seem to still be finding their groove. As I understand it though, there are good reasons that they have to be so particular about images of overt genital nudity. It has to do with not wanting to be classified as a porn site which comes with a lot of additional rules and headaches. (Correct me if I am wrong on that, but I seem to remember it being explained that way at some point). That is also as I understand it, why it can be shown in groups, as long as they are private groups that are accessible only by invite. I would hope though that with a long term established member, there would be the courtesy of a warning first though before more dramatic measures were taken. I think that at the end of the day, that it's worth sticking it out here though. It is important for us to have a site like this, even if there are limits on what can be shown or discussed. Hang in there Ice. Mikey
  4. Mikeyboy


    I not sure which post you are referring to. The only one I see that commented specifically on your services was Rambler1980 in which he said: He then when on to talk about experiences where he had requested it, but I assumed he was talking about other providers. Maybe I missed something else in the thread. For the record, I too can echo his comments. I have had the privilege of meeting Danielle on a couple of occasions and would definitely recommend her based on those experiences. 😉 (Even though I also didn't specifically request this particular service.)
  5. Mikeyboy


    Natasha has some good reviews with a few mentions of "edging abilities". Have not met her myself but she seems to be well liked. Her ad and recommendation links are below. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_natasha_booty_of_a_goddess_specials-3541460
  6. Mikeyboy

    Lyra to good to be true ??

    Why is it that when the question is "Too good to be true?", the answer is always yes? 😉 Trust your gut gents. This one is obvious. I won't even waste my time checking the pics.
  7. Again, this has been the case in the past, but as I understand it, that is about to change due to some new funding being allocated to NS to address the problem of HT. (Which was the op's point, and one that I have also heard elsewhere). Stings are the only tool they have. They do intend to start using it from what I understand. That said, if you do your homework, it's often easy to tell who is real and legitimately independent. You just need to use your head. Be careful gents.
  8. Unfortunately it's the only tool they have. There is very little they can do to help a girl who is refusing to cooperate which is almost always the case. She isn't breaking any laws so they can't arrest or even detain her. There is seldom any evidence that the pimp is either. He likely isn't even there. Arresting and publicly shaming Johns in hopes of creating a deterrence and curbing the demand is the sole intention of the "Norse model" that our current laws are based on. There is little question that this is where they will focus their efforts.
  9. I think it's likely been said enough but he paid you for your time. What he chose to do with it was his choice. He paid for an hour and you generously gave him an extra 15 minutes at no charge. For that he should be thankful. If you had chosen to spend more time with him at your own expense, then that would be your decision. It should never be expected. If he expected you to hang out for 2 hours, then he should have paid you for 2 hours. I think if his boss expected him to work twice as many hours at his job at no extra pay because he should enjoy it, he may have an issue with it.
  10. To bush or not to bush..... I'm betting there is an age divide on that. (Just a theory 😉 ). It's human nature to desire what you can't easily have. Those of us... er... over a certain age (lets say 40's) grew up in an era where clean shaven just wasn't really done. It was seen as not only extreme but there was almost an implication of a desire for prepubescence in the suggestion. That made it taboo. (and nothing drives desire like a taboo.) The younger generation grew up on easy access to porn, where everyone was completely clean shaven. Whenever something becomes common or mainstream, there will always be a backlash against it. Thus a new push back toward the bush. Again just a theory. I do tend to overthink things.
  11. Mikeyboy

    High heels

    Wouldn't call it a fetish but I'm 6'4 so I appreciate the extra lift they give a lady. 😉 I also just love the look of them. What they do for the appearance of the legs. Not a fetish but a strong appreciation 🙂
  12. Mikeyboy


    The other pics didn't get any hits for me, and somehow looked more realistic. That one is definitely stolen though.
  13. Get tested for your own peace of mind, but in the meantime, don't worry about it. You're fine.
  14. Mikeyboy


    No. Pics are out of Pintrest. 😉 (At least the first one) https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/353321533261052407/
  15. Mikeyboy

    Really? A one woman demolition team

    They have announced a change in ownership of LL on the site, although it's unclear what it all means. An official comment would be welcome. Announcement of Change of Ownership To our incredible community, We wanted to let you know of some super exciting news, LeoList is now under new ownership. LeoList has been connecting people in every Candian city for over 5 years and with your help and support has experienced incredible growth and health as a company. You all make LeoList what it is today and we're really thankful. In light of the changing payment landscape and events beyond our control the sale of the business to a more experienced and commercially robust company was the best solution to ensure we can continue to deliver a world class service, to you. Under new ownership, we'll continue to deliver innovation, continuity and be your No.1 choice in Canada. Some exciting new innovations are: Substantial quarterly donations to bodies and organisations whose principles are in line with those of our users A further-refined and improved customer service process including proactive moderation, live-chat and, as always, active support for law enforcement officers Establishing a Community Board comprised of advertisers through which the voice of our customers can reach our owners Relaunching LeoList and hosting our site on a brand-new domain Releasing features centred around increased interaction for users and their audience, including an Instagram-like gallery, improved private chat and ad statistics Switching to the use of third-party service providers who recognize the importance of privacy in today's world. Providers such as ProtonMail Working with payment providers who are conscious of our user's needs and concerns As a community and as a business we're excited to continue to serve you and provide your customers with only Canada's finest. Continue to watch this space for future announcements! We look forward to the next chapter of our growth, together. Thank you very much! Only the best, LeoList