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  1. Mikeyboy

    Skye and Hope!

    I think he Is implying they are the same 2 people. Perhaps. They look similar, but a lot of the tats are new if that is the case. Thoughts? Here are the ads. Skye and Hope: https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_best_interactive_duos_you_ll_be_110_satisfied-5710032 Elsa and Perle:
  2. Tried this once with a lady I had already seen a couple times. Her incall wasn't available that night so she convinced me to give it a go. I already knew her and it sounded a little exciting to be honest. I'm about 6'4 so needless to say it wasn't the most comfortable experience for me. I wouldn't do it again for that reason alone. ;) That said, I do also understand the safety issues and can see why most would avoid it. Bad idea all around. Stay safe folks
  3. Mikeyboy

    Jocelyn Ardenne

    I stand corrected. Glad to see she's still around.
  4. Mikeyboy

    Jocelyn Ardenne

    Moved on to other endeavors from what I understand. Beautiful lady.
  5. Mikeyboy

    Amber Glory

    I think he answered that: (I know this seems like a silly place to try to start an "Escort Discussion") 😉 It's an interesting concept. I'm not sure how much demand there would be but the idea is intriguing though. Anyone here ever try this kind of service? For the record, there was a discussion about her, and this kind of service in general a while back.
  6. Could be the most kick ass, wet and sloppy BJ you ever had!
  7. I just noticed that yesterday was my 10 year 'Lyla-versary'. Hard to believe that it's been so long. While my participation has had many upswings and downswings over the years, I've always valued and enjoyed the site and feel it had an important role to play in this industry. I've witnessed many changes here over the years but the importance of such a site has remained unchanged. Thank you to all of the members for your contributions in that time. I have learned so much from you. My journey here and with the hobby in general have added much needed adventure to my life. Thank you all. Mikey
  8. Mikeyboy

    Rose French YFL no reply

    I've always had trouble contacting them by email (never got a response) but text always worked and they were usually prompt. That said, it's been a while. Keep trying I guess. They also have a twitter account. You could try sending a message there. https://twitter.com/Yourfrenchlady1
  9. Mikeyboy


    Definitely worth a visit. I've met her a few times. There are a few different recco threads on her here as well: She also used to go by Christina4U:
  10. Mikeyboy


    When I first started this hobby, it was all about variety of experiences for me. I would see a lady once or twice and move on. Over the years, I've met several ladies who keeps me coming back. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from familiarity. I think it is me who has changed, not the ladies. What I'm trying to get out of the hobby. It used to all be strictly about the physical experience. (And yes that is still very important to me). I have also learned however, to value connection, and that is harder to achieve in one meeting. Not sure if that makes me a regular with these ladies, but for me it feels that way.
  11. It used to be the case that not paying it could mean at worse, losing your license in that province until it's paid. You didn't lose your license elsewhere. Not sure if this is still the case. I know someone that couldn't legally drive in NB for a long time until he went and dealt with it. The fact that they wrote down the wrong province on the ticket means they may not even be able to find you, let alone know for sure if it was in fact you. I'd be tempted to let it ride and see what happens myself. I am a bit of a gambler though. 😉
  12. Mikeyboy


    I do understand why you ask the question. I've found in many cases that when I've paid for the hour, the lady rushes me through and tries to end it as soon as possible. There have been a few occasions over the years where I've paid for the hour and still found myself in the elevator after 20 minutes. It's one of the reasons I do more hh appointments now than hours. Honestly, it isn't even about the number of pops. The fact that she's counting, often means she isn't looking at it as time I'm paying for. It can be an indicator that paying for an hour doesn't necessarily mean an hour of her time. My own observations of course and obviously doesn't reflect on all ladies in all situations. It's just happened enough that I'm weary 😉
  13. I too have been hear for almost 10 years and have seen a lot of changes over those years. There have been upswings and downswings in participation in that time, and the one thing that has remained consistent since I started here is people longing for the good ol' glory days of the site. 😉 Human nature. People are naturally averse to change. (Me more than most). That said, I do understand your frustration Ice as the changes in the past year have been dramatic. The new moderators seem to still be finding their groove. As I understand it though, there are good reasons that they have to be so particular about images of overt genital nudity. It has to do with not wanting to be classified as a porn site which comes with a lot of additional rules and headaches. (Correct me if I am wrong on that, but I seem to remember it being explained that way at some point). That is also as I understand it, why it can be shown in groups, as long as they are private groups that are accessible only by invite. I would hope though that with a long term established member, there would be the courtesy of a warning first though before more dramatic measures were taken. I think that at the end of the day, that it's worth sticking it out here though. It is important for us to have a site like this, even if there are limits on what can be shown or discussed. Hang in there Ice. Mikey
  14. Mikeyboy


    I not sure which post you are referring to. The only one I see that commented specifically on your services was Rambler1980 in which he said: He then when on to talk about experiences where he had requested it, but I assumed he was talking about other providers. Maybe I missed something else in the thread. For the record, I too can echo his comments. I have had the privilege of meeting Danielle on a couple of occasions and would definitely recommend her based on those experiences. 😉 (Even though I also didn't specifically request this particular service.)
  15. Mikeyboy


    Natasha has some good reviews with a few mentions of "edging abilities". Have not met her myself but she seems to be well liked. Her ad and recommendation links are below. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_natasha_booty_of_a_goddess_specials-3541460