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  1. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_upscale_petite_freaky_brunette_incall-8414860?source=list
  2. No. Most are not real. They are different from most of the Asian ads that are currently listed though. Most (not all) of the Asian ones at the moment actually have real providers on the other end. They just aren't even close to the ones in the Ads. They fall more into the bait and switch category. Most of the "Indo" ones are simply fake ads that exist only to try to get you to send a deposit. Likely not even by someone in this Country. Either way, I'd avoid without further evidence. "Mixed" as a category on it's own is pretty broad and used by both real and fake ads. I wouldn't generalize on that one though.
  3. Exactly. If it looks like they pics are stolen from an IG model, then they likely are. That said, when in doubt, search the photos with a site like yandex.com. You'll quickly figure out where they were actually stolen from. I wouldn't even waste my time searching these ones though. No chance they are real. Most likely a deposit scam. Try the recommendation page on this site as a place to start. Far more likely to find someone real. At least until you get comfortable researching ads that is. You'll be far less likely to be taken advantage of.
  4. Your French lady. A Montreal based agency who has ladies who tour. Here is the latest touring lady: The agency has a good reputation and track record
  5. Agreed. I’ve had much better luck with yandex lately. Tineye used to be good but seems to miss most of them lately. As far as that list goes, most are unknowns so would take some heavy research to comment on them all. (Too many for me to tackle it at this point.) Yandex.com for image search is a good place to start. If the pics are stolen, then move on. I believe # 9 (Emma) has some reccos here though if I’m not mistaken. Good luck
  6. Yup. This one actually looked like it could have been legit. I can see how you might have been taken in. Verify, verify, verify. Best advice. Sorry this happened to you. Best of luck in the future.
  7. Not sure what I’d do without urban dictionary. I learn so much 😂
  8. Phone number is correct. (5008). I’d say yes
  9. Are these from ads that you contacted? If so then sounds like details in the warning section with specifics might be appropriate. Not something anyone should have to go through. Best of luck
  10. Stolen photos. At best it's a bait and switch. More likely it's a deposit scam. At least some of the photos are stolen from her: tps://fapello.com/sleepingbeauty23/ Here's another site using the same photos in Montreal. Again stolen https://www.callescortgirls.ca/escort/montreal-quebec-sensual-and-very-open-minded-escort-5714916/ yandex.com is a great site for searching photos. Not fool proof but it will catch a lot of them. Be careful out there and always think with your northern head 😉
  11. Not sure if I’m just missing something here but some more details would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. There are really none to speak of here. The laws around such things have been pretty strictly enforced in the past so those who have attempted it didn’t last long. At least for those who have advertised as an agency anyway. The French ladies are from Quebec but do frequent here often. They’ve not sent anyone in at least a few weeks though. Not sure why. Lots of good local independents though. That’s your best bet around here. Just beware the deposit scam ads. Do your homework. Cheers
  13. Instead of pointing out that this site funnels people to the same providers, we could simply recommend somebody else? 🤷‍♂️ My point with recommending he find someone with some reccos is that it’s often difficult for a newbe to tell the difference between the real ads and the thousands of scam ads. Until you figure out how to do image searches and other verification, it’s safest to stick with someone that is well recommended by established members. Especially for a first time. I’d hate to see him fall victim to a deposit scam on his first attempt. Keep us posted on how it goes Steve. Best of luck to you.
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