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  1. Fair enough. Like I said, many already have an Onlyfans account and post it right in their ads. Sounds like a good avenue to alleviate your concerns. Good luck.
  2. I don't know. It would take an awful lot of money to get me to leak my identity here lol. It had better have a lot of zeros. How about yourself? 😉 Seriously though, I doubt you were offering enough money for her to risk outing herself if she doesn't want to be outed. That said, each lady is in a different situation and some are less protective of their identities than others. Some even choose to show their face in ads. (My understanding is that this is less and less common as facial recognition software is making it increasingly hard to travel to the US if your face is associated with this profession. Like I said, there are many reasons.) I'm sure if you keep looking, you'll find ladies who will work with you. Just don't be surprised (or judge them) if they don't. I wouldn't.
  3. I can think of many, many reasons that the ladies might decide to guard their face pics and identities. And sending them to guys they don't know is about the same as posting them online themselves. She had no guarantee you will respect her privacy. It's a small investment to meet someone once and decide if you want to repeat with them. Many even offer an inexpensive hh option which might be a good way for you to meet them. Use the tools like this board to help decide who you think you might like. Many of the members here don't mind answering specific questions by pm as well. Repeat if you click with them, move on if you don't. Just Don't overthink it. Enjoy the ride. Otherwise you are missing the whole point 😉
  4. Many of the independents also offer onlyfans pages you can subscribe to. Sounds like that might be a good route for you. Just remember that the 2 lines of work are separate, and you should not ask about in person meet ups through OF. (It could get their account suspended.)
  5. Sonia is beautiful and well worth the visit. The pics are accurate. She has perfect curves. She's only in town till tomorrow and likely won't be back till the fall so do miss out ;)
  6. Several discussions about her here and most is quite positive. She also goes by Hot Carpenter Kitty which should help with searching here.
  7. Maybe. The op has had an account since 2011 though. That would be an impressive “long-con” lol
  8. She has a Twitter account that seems active. Not conclusive by any means, but seems like she might be legit. https://twitter.com/EllieMonroe18
  9. It's an agency with ladies who travel here frequently
  10. Looks like @Alexis.R is back in town: https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_other_hosting_halifax_tiny_hot_dfk_gfe_pse_dt_cob_msog-7593189 I've not yet had the opportunity to meet her but I very much intend to as soon as my schedule allows. Measurements definitely seem to fit the "tiny" bill, that's for sure.
  11. I remember the gentleman’s club well. I discovered it shortly before they were shut down for the last time. It was so civilized 😂. No appointments required. Have an itch? Go scratch it lol. Simpler times.
  12. FYI, new Twitter post from them: Dear friends, we are upgrading our website and for this reason please follow our schedule on twitter and ads until its back online. https://twitter.com/Yourfrenchlady1/status/1757169134628909101
  13. It now says the domain is available to purchase. Not a good sign. Hopefully just a glitch.
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