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  1. Ask and ye shall receive @Barney 😉 https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_incalls_only_dartmouth_hotel_ivona_fox_morning_specials-6533667?source=list
  2. There is also a recco here from a few years back:
  3. I get the impression that when she is advertising, she is available. Otherwise she likely is not. I could be wrong but that seems to be the case with her. I'd wait until there is an ad up. She is definitely worth checking out though when she does post some availability. (And that's not just the young Zelda fan in me talking lol).
  4. Sounds like OF have done a 180 on the decision to drop porn: https://variety.com/2021/digital/news/onlyfans-drops-porn-ban-sexually-explicit-policy-1235048705/amp/?__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR3MMoqasWpF5L-B9IZwdp9Gv0Gg5af6SJ7O3PkEl9hHg8eyJGreKfh0M-g Claiming they have secured new agreements with the banks. I'm sure they have already done a huge amount of damage to their business as most of their content providers have been moving to other platforms.
  5. Absolutely. Generally we Canadians are so polite that we rarely tell people directly what we are thinking. We imply it, but we rarely say it for fear of being percieved as rude. That's particularly problematic for people on the spectrum, although it also often leads to miscommunications and misunderstandings for us "neurotypicals" as well. We would all be better off if we could learn to be a bit more direct. Politely of course 😉
  6. Also not an expert in the field, although I have in a previous life worked with youth who were on the spectrum. There are so many different ways and degrees in which it can present itself that it is really hard to generalize. I've met some who would be considered high functioning (Asperger's) that it is really hard to tell. Generally though, a lack of being able to interpret what most of us consider obvious social cues is a very common trait. For example, the person may talk about something of interest to them to the point of borderline obsession, without even noticing that the other person in the "conversation" is not enjoying it and possibly even trying to exit. For the most part, the best way to interact with people on the spectrum is to be direct and specific about your expectations. Tell them the expectation outright and remind them if necessary. Don't hint at it as we are so used to doing. For example, tell them you've enjoyed hearing about this topic, but I would like to end the conversation now. It has been my experience that they prefer to know exactly what is expected of them. Again, these are some of my own personal experiences and generalizing is always impossible. This lack of subtlety would definitely make it difficult for many to participate in this industry in so many ways. That said, if an sp ever has a client who identifies themselves as being on the spectrum, my advice would be the same as above. Be specific about your expectations. For example, if the appointment time has ended and they are still talking away, don't be afraid to interrupt and politely tell them it is time to leave. Subtle suggestions or implications may not even be noticed. I would also be interested to hear as well if there are any sps or clients that are on the spectrum and what strategies they might use to navigate the industry and to overcome communication barriers.
  7. I do see both sides of it. There are so many "deposit scammers" out there that I can understand why some guys run from deposits as fast as they can. I hear it all the time. On the other side of it though, if it were my business, I'd absolutely consider requiring deposits. Time is their product and if it is wasted, they lose it forever. Just remember that there is a huge difference between booking an unknown from LL, and booking with an established lady. You don't need to develop hard and fast rules that apply to both situations. The bottom line is that if she has invested years developing a reputation that is her livelihood, then she is not going to risk that over a $50-$100 deposit. Would you risk your career and reputation over 50 bucks? I would not. It just wouldn't make any financial sense. That said, if you can't find any other information on her (verified of not), then I'd move on. The challenge on our end is being willing to spend a little bit of time doing research to be able to tell the difference. In most cases it is obvious.
  8. OK now I'm curious lol 😉
  9. Here's an ad from her from BC from June. Has some images with positive reccos in them in the photos. Seems legit. I'd be interested in hearing more as well. She has intriguing "assets" 😉 https://sumosear.ch/images/webpage/last-chance-hh-100specialsweet-tight-treat/38763179
  10. I didn't get any hits on the photos after a quick search. Doesn't mean they are real but they aren't obvious fakes.
  11. Looks like they are back to touring here again though. http://yourfrenchlady.com/fw-event-taxonomy-slug/maritimes/
  12. Not personally but I believe she used to go by Remy. There are some posts here that refer to her.
  13. Love this! 1st dose down. A little disappointed that metal things don't stick to me though! Talk about a superpower! 😉 Anxiously awaiting #2.
  14. I think it's really hard to generalize on what guys prefer. I had a disagreement recently with a friend of mine who doesn't like tattoos on a lady. I personally find them sexy as hell. For every guy who is put off by them, there is another who is turned on by them. Go with what makes you feel best about yourself, because at the end of the day, nothing is sexier on a lady than confidence! (at least in my humble opinion ;)
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