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  1. An interesting read from what sounds like a very interesting person. Thank you for the insights.
  2. Another well done interview. Thank you @Ava Maria Love for highlighting this important topic and thank you @lydiahardwood for helping to keep this site a civil and enjoyable place to be.
  3. I only used the word "private" in the context of the fact that it is a business. Not a government organization. (Opposite of public). Not quite sure what you meant by your rant but my only point was that the owners of this site can do whatever they choose to because they own it. Nobody has a right to be here.
  4. It was Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) in Terminator 2 that started my appreciation for stronger more muscular women. (Yes I'm dating myself lol) She was tough and damn she was hot!! It was a real departure from my previous ideas of beauty. Great interview. Thanks for sharing @conquistador
  5. It's already been said but cold calling ladies from ll without doing any research is a crap shoot at best. Stick with ladies that can be verified as being real. Sites like this one are useful for that. (If several of the established posters have had a good experience, then it's a pretty safe bet.) Also look for things like having a web sites, a social media presence, etc in addition to recommendations. That said, most of the established ladies will avoid text apps like the plague. Like you, they need to verify that you are real, and establish comfort in their own safety. It's give and take. That's why I like to see ladies with an established reputation. You can trust them with your details. Their reputation and business depends on it. They are professionals. I wouldn't worry too much about having given them your details in this case. My guess is they saw the text app and decided to mess with you for trying it. Better luck next time and welcome to Lyla.
  6. Enjoyable interview. I admire your perspectives on this subject and wish they were more common. Thank you
  7. What rules did they break? Irrelevant. Lyla is a privately owned site and can ban or allow whoever they choose to for whatever reason they decide. (Even if the reason is simply for being creepy.) Does the mentioned page have a right to exist? That's between them and Facebook. Do they have a right advertise directly to the clients here, even though they are going against everything that this site has ever stood for? No. No they do not. Not if the mods don't want them here. Plain and simple.
  8. @Mandyxxo Happy valentine's day to you beautiful lady!
  9. Happy Valentines @East Coast Kimmy! You are truly beautiful!
  10. @SarahAlexxx You are unbelievably sexy! It's been far too long.
  11. @MelanieRose you are a special person. I wish you all the best for Valentines day. (and every day!)
  12. As always @Phaedrus, I have enjoyed reading your perspectives on this complex issue. Very insightful.
  13. Welcome back Boomer! Glad to see you back here.
  14. Ever tried grocery shopping with a couple of toddlers without strapping them down in the cart seats? Good luck with that lol.
  15. Definitely glitching. I'm sure it's temporary.
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