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  1. In the 14 or so years I have been here, the site has ebbed and flowed a lot. It has gone through periods of high activity and participation, but also through times when there were just a few of the core participants around. The good news is it always comes back around. We just all have to do our part to be respectful of each other and keep the BS to a minimum and it will happen. The one thing that has been consistent here though since I have been here (and likely far longer) is people longing for the 'good ol days' when the site was "better". Make it what you want it to be now.
  2. I have to agree with the above gents. I had a last minute free afternoon and decided to message them. She is tiny, with a tight, fit firm body. I enjoyed her immensely. Go see her while you can. You won't regret it 😉
  3. Sounds like they are reusing a name but the new photos are of the new Maya. Basically they are saying the old reccos shouldn’t apply, but the new photos should match the new Maya if I understand what is being said correctly.
  4. Thanks for the tip Incog. I thought she looked familiar. If she is who I think she is, then she is definitely worth checking out. 😉
  5. Thanks for the great advice everyone. It is a work phone but I'm not concerned about that. It's a pretty easy going organization in a lot of respects. I would likely be the one looking into it if we ever had an employee phone issue. I'd have a tougher time explaining why I had an extra phone to be honest. And I realize that the precautions I use are not foolproof if someone who knows what they are doing is looking. It's the accidental stuff I'm trying to avoid. I am more concerned about the fact that Iphone seems to go out of it's way to be "helpful" by keeping track of everything you do and predicting what you may want. Backing up stuff you want deleted, etc. Iphone people also seem to want to link their accounts to share stuff (which I know is a very bad idea of course). I've already gotten the "we should link our accounts so you can use my I tunes account and play my music...." Um....no. Can't. It's a work phone sorry lol I got some great pointers here though which will be most helpful. Thank you everyone. Mikey
  6. What???!! Sp's have lives outside this profession? Preposterous! How dare she????!!!! Stop being a dick
  7. Great advice thank you. Lots of great tips to look into. Cheers Mikey
  8. So I’ve made the switch. I’ve joined the cult. I’m now officially an IPhone guy. It was for work reasons. Can’t take part in the group texts if you aren’t one of the chosen ;) So, any advice on keeping things private on this new contraption? I got pretty good at covering my tracks on my Samsung. This is all new uncharted waters for me.
  9. I was a big fan of hers when she used to frequent here but I don't believe she is working here these days. I would definitely recommend if she comes back.
  10. Wow! There are so many red flags in that response that they are hard to even count. The Winnipeg section of this site doesn't look particularly active but you may find some legitimate suggestions there. If that isn't helpful, you can also watch for traveling ladies, either independent or from reputable agencies. The legitimate ones are usually easy to verify simply by the amount of recommendations that exist for them. Don't ever send a deposit to someone you can't verify though. There are so many deposit scammers out there, you will likely lose your money. Also as Jane said, find one that cares enough about her own safety to also be concerned for yours. Good luck and stay safe.
  11. I have to question how many times this has actually worked for you? I've been at this a long time and I think most of the ladies I have met over the years would immediately block/ignore you for even asking. (Especially for a one hour appointment). The rest of them would likely have some choice words for you ;) . Maybe I'm wrong but I have a hard time believing that you ask this regularly with any degree of success, at least without offering some compensation for their time.
  12. I have not seen many ads from the Yarmouth area, but you will have better luck posting this in the Nova Scotia section: https://www.lyla.ch/forum/23-escort-discussion-for-nova-scotia/ Good luck!
  13. I'm sorry this has happened, but I'm afraid you have to take some responsibility for this yourself. You've posted in another thread that it has happened to you multiple times. You know the old adage: Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. 😉 Long story short, stop sending money to people with nothing to lose by ripping you off. Established ladies with good reputations simply won't. (It would be stupid to risk their reputation and their investment for such a small amount of money.) Things to look for: Multiple recommendations from established members over time. (Not just first posts from a new accounts.) Social media presence that is established (active and not new) Professional Website Photos in ads that aren't stolen (learn to do an image search) Basically, any indication that it is someone who has put time, effort and money into establishing their business. If you can't find those things, then don't send a deposit. Plain and simple. Otherwise, a fool and his money....
  14. Both sorry to hear you are leaving, and happy for you and your new opportunities. Thank you for your kindness and for your dedication to the site and all of its members. All of the best to you. Mikey And Happy Valentines Day! ♥️
  15. There are no stupid questions if asked respectfully. 😉 Make sure you read the ads thoroughly to see if it has already been answered. Also read all of the recco's and see if it was mentioned. If not, then you can ask her. Again be polite and respectful in your communications. Most don't mind inquiries as long as they are polite and brief. (They aren't looking for pen pals, they are running a business.) I'm guessing there aren't many requests they haven't heard already. They will let you know where they stand on it. You can also reach out to gents who post recco's. Many don't mind answering, at least from their experience. Just remember YMMV. (Your results may vary).
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