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  1. Hi gentlemen💜 I hope everyone is staying safe and taking care of themselves! I know these past couple of weeks have been hard on everyone, especially with the increase in virus cases and the beginning of very cold weather, but here’s hoping things will return back to normal soon🙂! I am writing this post to announce that I am back to being available 24/7, at your convenience! As always, you can shoot me a text or call me at 902-901-6304 if you have questions about my services! Come visit me this weekend if your in need of some serious relaxation😋 Love, Beautiful Isabella💦💜
  2. Happy Tuesday everyone☺️💦 Make sure to message me at 902-901-6304 to book with me for this week/weekend!
  3. Happy New Year everyone!🎉 I hope everyone has a safe and fun night tonight! In honour of this holiday, I am offering duos with one of my close girlfriends, Skylar, for both tonight and tomorrow ONLY! Catch us while you can in downtown Halifax😘 Feel free to message me at (902-901-6304) if you have any questions or to book with us!💦 Love, Beautiful Isabella 💜
  4. Hello all! I hope everyone is staying safe and warm during these chilly holidays🎄🥰
  5. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all 🎄❤️! Again, I hope that everyone is doing their best to stay safe during this chaotic time! I am writing this post to announce that, starting on December 26th, I will be back to taking all appointments and continuing with hosting my incalls in downtown Halifax! Shoot me a text at 902-901-6304 if your interested in setting something up with me😇 Looking forward to hearing from some of you soon, Isabella 💦💜
  6. Hello everyone! Hope you all are staying safe during the recent outbreak of the Omicron variant within Nova Scotia. I am writing this post to answer some of the questions that you may have in relation to continuing my appointments at this time. First, I would like to apologize for my absence lately, this is due to the fact I have been required to take a couple of PCR Covid tests as I had been at a known exposure site. I have received a negative result twice now, but you can never be too safe, and safety is my most top priority for both myself AND others! With this in mind, I just wanted to let you all know that I will be back to being available 24/7 by next week at the latest, as soon as I receive my results back as negative for what will be the third time now! Thank you so much for your patience❤️ Sending you all lots of love and holiday cheer🎄, Sincerely, Isabella 💜
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