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  1. My ATF for the past decade, Jasmine, is a Filipina with C cups, a rare but glorious combination. She only works Friday nights now at the Nuden. There are a number of other Asians at the Nuden, so I'm always quite happy to visit!
  2. I think the Conservative government would really rather not legislate on this issue. This reminds me of the hysterical reaction last year when there was a technical issue on dealing with gay divorce and all the opponents of the Conservatives jumped on the issue and claimed that the Conservatives were just itching to abolish gay marriage. Instead, the issue fizzled mere hours later when the government announced that the laws would be updated to encompass gay marriages. Harper isn't interested in promoting conservative issues, as he's shown again and again with the abortion issue, gay marriage, etc. He is interested in winning elections. Coming down with heavy legislation won't do that--it will just appeal to the Conservative base, who would vote Conservative no matter what.
  3. It's by far my favourite club in Ottawa, but it helps that its so convenient for me to get to, my ATF Jasmine is there, and and I know a lot of other girls. The decorating is far nicer than most other clubs and the new CR while totally lacking in privacy has extremely comfortable couches (totally unlike the cattle stalls in Barb's). It's far from downtown though, so it gets far less attention on here.
  4. But the food isn't exactly high-quality--I think there must be a special "strip club" super-cheap cut of beef that the wholesalers sell to these places! :) It's a similar deal at Barb's, but I think slightly more money--I don't recall the exact details as I haven't been there for a few years, but one of the other friendly neighbourhood pervs here will definitely post!
  5. I first met her at the Nuden several years ago, and saw her at Barb's and Barefax after that. I ran into her a couple of weeks ago (not at a club) and was glad to hear that she was back at the Nuden, as that has always been my favourite club. She's Ukrainian, by the way. Last year I posted this about her:
  6. My favourite bar (Nuden) is polling low, but since my ATF is there and I know lots of other girls and it's close to me I prefer it by far, as I'm sure is the case for many in making their selections.
  7. Unfortunately I don't get to go to the Nuden as often anymore as I used to, but she seems to be a night girl who gets there in the early evenings late in the week.
  8. Max has one of the most interesting shows I've ever seen. She's extremely energetic and she dances to "world" music that has probably never been heard in any strip club before. She's very sensuous in the CR too, and busy--the last time I was there she came over to me right away and said sorry she couldn't dance for me that night as a regular had reserved her for 3 hours!
  9. Great report Cato! I absolutely love duos. Had some fabulous ones with Megan in the past, and will probably have many more with my long-time favourite at the Nuden Jasmine in the future!
  10. When the proprietor of Megan's Touch used to dance her music was instantly identifiable as the probability of hearing it when anybody else was dancing anywhere else was infinitesimal. There's a girl at the Nuden named "Max" who dances to "world" music that has a middle eastern/latin sound. In my professional opinion (!), choosing unique songs seems to be an excellent strategy rather than going with standard strip club beats.
  11. I don't tend to have change or small bills in strip clubs as the whole place seems to run on $20's, but I hate the idea of giving the guy $20 to turn on the tap for me. My strategy in the Nuden is to go straight into the handicapped stall directly inside the door--it has its own sink and paper towels too so you can leave directly without going past the guy.
  12. Yeah I agree--she sat down and chatted with me for 10 minutes, and then was kind of surprised that I suggested a dance instead of just chatting! Probably not the best way to maximize her income, but it was a refreshing change.
  13. The most private strip club in Ottawa is the Seduction Lounge at CMJ.
  14. When I see a sign like that I tend to turn around and avoid the club. Same with metal detectors--my favourite club in Montreal (Kingdom) has them and they make me uneasy. Although they're probably a good idea--my favourite Ottawa club (Nuden) has shootings but no metal detectors, so a little security effort would probably be a good thing all in all.
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