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  1. Hi, I was lucky enough to visit Adele at her new establishment in Centretown a couple of weeks ago. The location was easy to get to and is absolutely gorgeous inside, with dark wood lending a mysterious ambiance. Each room had its own theme, and Adele explained each one to me in turn. The hardest decision was which one to choose, as my imagination was working overtime fantasizing about the things we would be doing in each of the beautiful environments. I should mention that Adele is drop dead gorgeous, and makes me feel like a tongue tied teenager every time I see her, so these were some pretty graphic fantasies ;). Eventually I came back to reality and decided to try a new experience, namely the aqua room which has a waterproof massage table and shower next to it. The next hour was a blur of warm water and warmer Adele, as we showered vertically and then experimented with various techniques on the massage table. Her company was joyous as always, with laughter and smiles, and the finish was amazing with her sultry look and sweet kisses. If you haven’t tried a horizontal shower body slide before, it’s definitely a worth experiencing... I’m very much looking forward to going back and trying the other experiences with Adele or one of her new Sensualists. Thank you Adele for creating another great option in the Ottawa MA scene! Platypus
  2. I've had a couple of fun sessions with Dani. Even with surcharges, hotel outcall is on par with an incall session in Ottawa. Platypus
  3. Hi, as far as I'm aware, Jude doesn't offer sensual massage anymore... Platypus
  4. Hi, Lara is a cute, very petite young woman. I was actually surprised at the force she was able to put into her massage (when asked of course). She is well trained, and similar to Jude in her boundaries. Platypus
  5. I actually had a very similar experience. I had a MP that I'd had several excellent sessions with, and with whom I thought I shared a rapport completely drop me out of the blue (didn't answer phone when I showed up for appt, didn't respond to email after the fact). I was pretty hurt at the time, and more so reading reviews that others posted about how wonderful their sessions were during the same time period. Eventually I just decided to put the negativity aside and move on... whatever her reasons were, they were hers, and I wasn't getting anywhere by dwelling on it. One thing I will say is that there are plenty of beautiful, talented, intelligent women here on CERB, and I'm sure you'll manage to recover from one missed connection... Platypus
  6. Sorry Attikus, unless the hostess posted pics herself on CERB or for another spa, you aren't going to find any. I can definitely recommend Gina, Stacey (only there infrequently), Ashlynn, Courtney from personal experience. I haven't managed to see Jordyn, but she has some great reviews.
  7. There's a note on the ALO site indicating she has moved back there...
  8. lol... Yes it is the "one and only" Courtney. She's back at ALO after a long hiatus. She's a cute girl next door type with reddish hair. I'd definitely class her as a MA and not MP, but she is smart and friendly which is a must for me. Platypus
  9. I haven't been around as long as some of you guys, but I've got to go with Courtney (ALO)... hands down. Wasn't the best masseuse out there (my money is still on Jude for that honour), but once you looked up into her beautiful eyes with a naughty little smile on her face, you were done for... Platypus
  10. Hi November, if you right click on the desktop and select Screen Resolution, there is a Multiple Displays option. You should be able to select "extend these displays". Then you just drag a window over to the second screen and bob's your uncle...
  11. I tend to agree with Megan. Buffets are like trawler nets, that bring in lots of fish, a small percentage of which are the high rollers that will spend a lot on ladies. The owner gets the illusion of a full club for the cost of free meals, which is a short term motivator for the ladies until they catch on that they're not making much more money than a slow lunch. I think the money would be better spent on some type of loyalty system that would benefit the ladies and the club (like a capital investment in an intimate vip area accessible during the day for repeat customers or subsidizing the ladies to do reduced price dances), but that's just me... Posted via Mobile Device
  12. I'd recommend not wearing a hoody to Pigales, at least in the evening... definite no fly on that one. Luckily I had another shirt in the car.
  13. Hi Baller, no you won't find any pix of the ALO girls around unless they used to work at another place and had one taken there.
  14. All I can say is wow. I saw Gina yesterday evening, and if I was wearing socks, she would have knocked them right off me. She was everything I remembered, but her confidence and charm was off the chart due to her new assets. I can honestly say that it was the best time I've had with a MP... Thanks Gina!
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