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  1. Happy Birthday to a beautiful Lady, a day to celebrate you!
  2. The smell and taste of banana bread. A genuine smile, giggle or laugh. Just one kiss...that kiss! Her scent.
  3. Happy Birthday to you. I'd sing if I could.
  4. I can't believe that as a mature person you would write about keying cars and think this is funny.
  5. E is for Expletives used during that moment of Euphoria.
  6. S is for Seven days makes one weak!
  7. G is for Going down the road to see a beautiful lady.
  8. E is for that Excited state of Euphoria
  9. B is for Bodacious Babes.
  10. Z is for Zaftig ladies.
  11. X is for Xtra towels after the squirting incident.
  12. I is for the Intensity of the pleasure.
  13. Y is for dining at the Y and Yummy.
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