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  1. Just found this thread, but it's been one month since my 2nd dose.
  2. Monique is great. She was one of my first experiences and I have seen her quite a few times since. My last visit was just a couple of weeks ago. She always has something new and interesting to try out so it is never the same experience twice. She is a member here, so if you have any questions you can send her a message.
  3. If that's an invitation, then I have some shopping to do.
  4. I'm thinking maybe a trench coat/fedora type combo could make a appearance. I seem to recall someone thinking that this would be a good idea. ;)
  5. I had opportunity to see Cleo this week, unfortunately, for the last time. She was the second SP that I had that chance to see when I first started in the hobby and have seen her a number of times in the last few years and have never had anything but a great experience. If you are on the fence about seeing her before she leaves give yourself a shake and hope that you land in her yard. I wish Cleo the best with whatever and wherever her future takes her. I know that where she does land will be a much brighter place and Ottawa will definitely be much less colourful when she is gone. Best wishes and take care to the soon to be formerly Ms. Cleo Catra.
  6. Just Dave


    I'm glad to have had the chance to spend some time with you. It was always a great time and I will never forget your great stories. Best wishes with whatever your future brings.
  7. I had the pleasure of meeting Lola last week while she was in town. Made arrangements through e-mail and met her at her very nice downtown hotel. Lola's pictures are very accurate. She is very beautiful with a bit a an accent, but her English is excellent, so if that is a concern don't worry. When I arrived we talked for a couple of minutes then Lola asked if I would like a shower. When I finished with the cleanup I returned to the room to find her laying on the bed in very nice lingerie. She asked if I would like a massage...who would say no? After the massage Lola proceeded with a very nice bbbj, after which I returned the favour, but she stopped me because she didn't want to cum just yet and pulled me up to get he main event started. We layed in the bed and talked for a few. Lola has a great sense of humour and we got onto some...interesting topics. Lola decided that it was time for round two and climbed on top of me to get things going, then after a few minutes rolled me over on top of her for the finish. All in all a great time and I will be seeing Lola again in the future.
  8. It has been a little over a week since I saw Cleo and Sara and think that I may have just about recovered from this amazing experience. To paraphrase Sara, there really are no words to describe time that I had...and if you know Sara you know that that is saying something. I had met Cleo before her hiatus and had been thinking about battling the CleoSaraus at that time, but unfortunately didn't get the chance. In the meantime I did meet up with Sara a few times and had a great time, so as soon as I saw that Cleo was returning I jumped at the chance to see them together and all I can say is that I am glad that I did. I won't go into details, but seeing the look of pure excitement/terror on Cleo's face when she first opened and turned on the Hitachi that she bought of of Sara's wall of fun was just the start of something that I don't think I will ever forget. If you have the chance and think you can handle it seeing Cleo and Sara together is something that should be on everyone's to do list. I am glad that it was on mine and it is one item that I will not be removing.
  9. Glad to hear that you had a good time. Sorry that things didn't work out for our meeting again this time. :( Hopefully we'll have better luck next time you are in town.
  10. I don't have a lot to add after all of the great recommendations that Sexxxy Rebecca has so far. I had the opportunity to meet this amazing and very sexxxy woman over the weekend and made the mistake of mentioning that I had read her reco's when we were setting up the meeting. She mentioned that she liked that I had read them, but that it put the pressure on her to live up to them. Well, she had nothing to worry about. She did live up to the great reco's and more. She seems to know just what to do and when to do it and I really enjoyed the cute way that she always asked if it was okay before doing anything....Like I am going to say "No, please don't slip your dress off and let me see your beautiful body." I guess I had a little more to add than I thought, but just wanted to thank Sexxxy Rebecca for a wonderful time and for introducing me to a couple of new things along the way.
  11. Well, there isn't much I can add to what was written above. I had been thinking for a while that a duo experience was something that I had to try at least once in my life and what a duo I picked. I had met with Sara and Malika individually beforehand because if this was going to be a one time thing I wanted to make sure that it was going to be with two ladies that I would get along with. If you read my individual reviews you know that was the case, but when you get these two ladies together it becomes a whole different level of great. If you are on the fence about a wanting a duo experience I would definitely recommend meeting Sara and Malika. It is something that you will never forget.
  12. I think that I am like a lot of the other guys that have already responded. I wouldn't have a problem at all with dating someone who was an SP if things went that way, but don't think that I could do it if she was still active. I am only doing this right now because I am single, but if I do meet someone I would not see anyone else while we are together and would expect the same of anyone that I was with. I realize that with someone who works as an SP that is easier said than done and I could never ask someone to change who they are for me, so I don't think that it would ever happen.
  13. Another overdue reco by me. I have to get these done sooner, sorry Malika. I had a great time with Malika a few weeks ago. She has a very nice location that is easy to find and get to. We had been PMing for a few days to set up our meeting and got a good sense of Malika's mischievous attitude from these messages. Once I met her I found out that I was thinking right. I won't go into details of what happened during my time there, but a great time it was. She is a great girl, very easy to talk to and get to know. Unfortunately, our second meeting was derailed by my dental emergency, but I hope to be able to get that back on track soon.
  14. This reco is way overdue and I am sorry that it has taken me so long to write it, because I had a great time with Sara when I saw her a few weeks ago. I got in touch with Sara and had pm'd back and forth for a few days before meeting. I could tell from her messages that she was someone that I would get along well with and I was right. As soon as I got to her location she made me feel right at home. She offered me a water, even though I had brought one with me because you never know what will be available. After chatting for a few minutes Sara let me know that I was overdressed, so we took care of that. I will leave the rest of what happened between us, but definitely had a great time. The only negatives that I have are that Sara managed to only increase my dislike of Dave Mathews by using him as her time's running out tune and my own stupidity of forgetting my water bottle when I left and having a very thirsty drive home. Plans were in the works for a second meeting, but were derailed by a dental issue on my end. Things are getting back on track, so hopefully we can make it happen sooner rather than later.
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