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  1. spong

    Lexi Grace

    JFC, this thread. "Grace" is an apt moniker.
  2. spong

    Rachael 37

    Is she typically only available when she posts ads, or is it worth giving a call any time?
  3. spong

    Asian massage on kijiji

    Can we not turn this into a trans-bashing thread?
  4. She still posts ads from time to time on other sites. She has a website, try reaching out through that if you're interested.
  5. spong

    Freaky little Redhead

    If someone does see her, it may be a kindness to mention that leaving the watermark on a stolen picture is a very bad idea.
  6. Check out the warnings section for info on this agency. Nothing in the ads leads me to believe "Anthony" has changed policy at this agency.
  7. spong

    24/7 agency

    Thanks for sharing the information. It is NOT on you to take any blame for the circumstances you found yourself in; this was the brazen act of a bully. We're all glad to hear you got through this dangerous situation as well as can be hoped.
  8. I have not seen anyone brush this situation off, or treat it as a joke. It has been mentioned several times that there is a section to post information about bait & switch or dangerous encounters...what else is there to say? If it is a dangerous encounter (as the late-revealed details appear to indicate) then it is certainly appropriate for this section. If it was a case of b&s, then post away. If the poster was unsure, he could always ask the mod, or even post a thread asking members for opinions on the limits and boundaries of dangerous encounter/b&s posts. If it was being seen as a joke, why were there so many expressions of sympathy and understanding?
  9. spong

    Miss voyeur....

    Part of the 'hype' is because she was for a time the only massage specialist in town. For many of us (YMMV of course) she was worth repeating because she is gorgeous, provides an excellent massage, incredibly sexy striptease, and brilliant ending (non-FS). For me, she was a wonderful change of pace from GFE FS encounters, while still providing top-notch, personal, and intimate services. She has a wonderful, warm, kind, funny personality and made me feel welcome and relaxed as soon as I met her. It may seem that she was singled out in a way other wonderful SPs who retired/left weren't, but since she was massage-only, she filled a gap in the services provided in Halifax.
  10. spong

    Abortions and Viagra

    Brilliant comeback. The Onion brought to life.
  11. spong

    What are you drinking?

    Picked up a sixer of Sam Adam's Spring Lager. Pretty tasty. I like it a lot more than their winter lager.
  12. spong


    Nothing, but I suspect many people, like myself, do not have a particularly large budget to pour into this hobby, which is not a cheap hobby to begin with. It can be intimidating to think of putting a large portion of luxury spending money into a possibly unsatisfactory-- experience. This, in combination with the enticement of someone new results in the large volume of "has anyone seen x?" threads and replies. --And of course even a well-reviewed and active commentator sp can have an unsatisfactory experience with a client, but more information out there in the form of recommendations and a well-known 'personality' online helps the hobbiests find the right sp for them, and this means less information means greater perception of risk for the hobbiest.
  13. It's been mentioned in previous threads that Katherine (http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/member.php?u=29603) has provided nuru massage.
  14. spong

    Japanese massage

    The number is on the bp ad. Look for "Fabulous Massage".
  15. Welcome back, and I hope things go more smoothly for you this time. I look forward to reading your ads and posts!