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  1. if she asks for any kind of deposit upfront, RUN!
  2. There's only one that i can think of. But she's isnt posting right now. If I see her Ad i will ping you the link
  3. bro she's known scammer you should have seen previous threads here.
  4. Yes couldn't really find anything
  5. KC on Leo is very restrictive, idk who have you that info but it might be someones own personal experience. I would say KC is not even GFE, let alone PSE.. but I hope you get what you want. Let me know how it goes if you do end up seeing KC
  6. It's clearly a scam, don't waste your time brother.
  7. Can you post the link again If possible
  8. Seems legit but majority of scam ads have Snapchats linked so be careful. Don't do any deposits but I think this would be safe to TOFTT.
  9. She's fake bud https://www.instagram.com/dorisfrye800/ https://www.instagram.com/meleniaosborne/
  10. SHE'S FAKE GUYS! I think its not a money scam. its a data hoarder scam. They just get your phone number and probably collect that data.
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