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  1. Hi does she offer incall?
  2. I texted few times no response at all. Gave up.
  3. Hi has anyone met up with Petra in Moncton? Appreciate the feedbacks if you do. She advertised on LL
  4. I texted and got a "How can i help reply?" 8 hours later. And that was it.
  5. Hi anyone has seen her and any feedbacks you can provide? PM me if you prefer.
  6. Hi anyone has any recon you can PM me about Cherri 25 Fton "On top of your Sunday" she posted recently on BP
  7. Hi anyone has any feedbacks you can share on the Hampton middle age Barb thanks PM if you prefer
  8. Saw her post an ad in Halifax on Friday indicating visiting area normally out of Moncton
  9. I have been asked for advance etransfer by a couple of "SP" in Fton area. Typically their safety bs reason why they want the advance. Typically the ad feature a young and attractive babe. I guess too good to be true apply to these cases.
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