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  1. I had been looking for a Mature/Milf with hair of red, and was not disappointed! First, I called to see the about the usual information (dates, time, etc) and found talking to her on the phone as easy an experience as possible. Her phone voice worked for me, it may for you too. Being a bit nervous, she worked at getting me to relax, which was easy to do as she does not put airs about her. What you see is what you get Tiffany would say. She has a clean, decently decorated place, but a warning to those with allergies, she does have a dog. We moved into the bedroom and had a wickedly good conversation while we were getting to know one another. Her amazing eyes (very lively!) and genuine smile made my nervousness disappear. Without getting into too many details, it is safe to say that we both had fun, and I, without hesitation, recommend Tiffany. We went overtime, but that was not an issue as we both enjoyed our company! Definitely one of the better GFE experiences I have had the good fortune to live through, and hope to repeat again one day. Go experience heaven for yourself!
  2. Well, I guess I can answer my own question and maybe help out someone else. I was able to see Tiffany tonight (proper review to be typed up), but to answer anyone's questions, the person in the pictures is her. She is slightly older than some of the pictures, but just as stunning in my opinion. Think of her as a red headed version of Felina - not the same mind you, but similar styles in conversation, taking the lead vs you taking the lead, and in projecting their sensuality. She was able to accomodate my request to see her, even though there was a time change, and was happy to grant a clothing request. I intend to see her again when possible, and highly recommend you do the same! Travellingdude
  3. Are there any recent reviews for Tiffany on WPG's EC? http://www.escorts-canada.com/provider/Winnipeg-MB/4420.html Most of the reviews go back a couple of years. Just curious if anyone has seen her recently? Am planning to see her next week and would like a heads up (pun intended!) on your experience. Thanks! Travellingdude
  4. I have to agree with other assessments. I saw Tanya a short time ago, and found her to be great company, both in and out of bed! While she is a relaxed, quiet individual (read: not at all agressive or telling you what you want), the experience is worth repeating. I was running late, so I had to shorten the appointment (paid for full anyway as it was my fault), but she could have cancelled on me or given me a horrible time. Instead she gave a great massage, a bit of wine, and we had a great time. She is not into DFK or even LFK, but that was okay with me on that visit. Do note that her nipples are sensitive, so gentleness is the key here. With her pictures, what you see is what you get, and it was a very relaxing evening, which is what I was looking for that night.
  5. I had the great pleasure in seeing Felina the other day, and I am still smilling thinking of that now! First, Felina accomodated a small request with regards to her wardrobe, which was well received on my part. We then relaxed and got to know one another (she told some very funny stories, mixing the humour with gentle touching). It reminded me of when you first start to go out with someone - both are revved up and wanting to play, but at the same time trying to put your best foot forward in case it ends. Thankfully, it did not end there. We enjoyed that time together on the balcony, with a great view of Winnipeg as the backdrop to the night. While the details are between Felina and myself, I will say that I plan to repeat again as soon as the schedule works out. She is one of the more genuine people I have met in my travels, and I choose to spend more time with her as soon as I can. Thank you Felina!
  6. I have to agree. I got a response from someone else, and due to rules of the board, I decided to pass.
  7. Greenly, did you find out any info? I've seen both ads and am curious myself. Travellingdude
  8. Hi everyone. I am going to be in Regina next week and was curious about Sensual Sammie on BP. I don't see any reviews on any boards. Does anyone have any info on her? Thanks for your time. Travellingdude
  9. Thanks Manitoba! I will look into them and post a review! Travellingdude
  10. Thanks Flynn. I will post my review when I get there! Travellingdude
  11. Hi everyone. I am going to travel to Brampton and Montreal in a month. I am looking for a recommended MP (possibly a SP as well!) I posted the request in the Toronto section, but so far, no response, so, if anyone does regular travel to Brampton/TO (and Montreal) or has a recommendation, can you let me know who you recommend? I promise to post a review based on your reco when it happens! Thank you! Travellingdude
  12. I'm going to be in Brampton in about a month. I'm just wondering if there are any massage spots with HE that you may recommend. Thanks!
  13. Anus Development (Arrested) The Talented Mr. Anal. (Ripley) Enemy at the Anus (Gates) Clockwork Anus (Orange) The Silence of the Anus (Lambs) Anus Crashers (Wedding) The Analboy (waterboy) Anal Rider (Ghost) Anal City (Sin)
  14. Save your self the time in choosing, take both pills! Surely one will work!
  15. I found myself with some downtime today, and naturally, thoughts turn to Shannon! She was able to accommodate a very last minute request, and as always in the past, gave a fantastic massaging experience! You could say that being easy on the eyes, as she is, helps, or that she has great skill in the art of massage, but in reality, it really boils down to the fact that she is having fun while you are having fun. No mechanical interaction to quickly shoo you out the door, she genuinely wants you to have a great experience. That is so rare today, that it should be celebrated! Happy Canada Day? No, Happy Shannon Day!
  16. I have to agree with SteveyK. From the sound of the original post (get the monkey off my back), this sounds like something you have been pondering for awhile, maybe letting it get to you? So, when you do take the plunge, you may have some emotions to deal with, depending upon where you are on the tough guy to the guy who wears his heart on his sleeve spectrum. I think most would agree that sex should be fun for both of you! It makes perfect sense to research your choice to pick someone you feel comfortable with, as leaving these things to fate do not always give the same intimate response. I was in the same boat in my late 20's, and decided on the spot to stop in at one place after a night with friends. While it was certainly fun, I was so extremely nervous, I would have probably agreed to anything since I was so far out of my comfort zone. In retrospect, knowing places like CERB exist now, I could have researched someone that would have clicked with me (and me with her!) more, and gotten great advice along the way. Afterwards, I wished I had put more effort into choosing someone I would have liked better to make my first time more memorable. That kind of bugged me for a time. But, like some so many experiences in life, how you enjoy it, and remember it, is how you choose to look at it. Go in with a positive mindframe and that is how you will live it and remember it. You have that choice now, so take advantage of that and see who would make this experience memorable for you! Since you know yourself best, narrow it down to what works best for you (body type - BBW to spinner, experience you are looking for - meek to wild, GFE to PSE, etc) and then look over the recommendation section here, or just ask. Either way, you will get honest answers or opinions (keep in mind that they are opinions!) to help you decide. When you do take the plunge, you have the option to take stock of how things went and what you may like for an experience again. Hope this helps! Let us know when you have had fun how it went.
  17. So, after reading about this place, and having not been there in awhile, I dropped in today hoping to see Karen. Karen ushered me to a room, and in walks Helen. Excellent massage, but no touching until the end. Sigh, that is at least half the fun for me! All in all, still a fun time was had by me.
  18. Rytheman, I had a very similar experience. Karen, who is extremely nice, does not mind some playful touching, but I get the sense, that is all that it will ever be. Helen I found to be flirty, but was more reserved when it came to mutual touching, especially the knees! Usually the session is on a massage table, but once I saw Helen, it was on a massage mattress on the floor (table was broken?). She seemed to find it was easier to give a massage, at least that was my impression. Karen,however, is the one that makes me want to return.
  19. While in Vancouver a short time ago, I had a friend recommend to me this Maria, who on BP, goes by "Because you Deserve the BEST - 50". While I tend to go to the younger MPs, I was a bit curious, so I decided to take the plunge. Her pictures are as recent as I would have liked, but the experience was fantastic. We made some small talk, then proceeded to the massage. While the expression YMMV is always true, if you are a gentleman, you will always be treated kindly in return. She gave a top-notch massage, with mutual touching and teasing, just as promised. She also provided prostate stimulation, which was a first for me. Highly recommended! I would recommend Maria and would likely see her again when in town.
  20. I had the good fortune to be in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago, and when travelling, look for MPs that provide both a good massage and good company. As I have a thing for redheads, when looking in BP, I noticed Joy, who bills herself as a "Seductive Sexy Redhead" I set up an appointment (the last of the day) and have to say it was an experience unlike any other I have ever had with a MP. First, though, there was a dog there, so for those with allergies, call ahead. She greeted me in a fantastic red dress, and while she is not a BBW, nor a spinner, she is just right in between. We made small talk, shared a drink, and both had a great time! She is extremely, but genuinely, flirtatious, which is such a change from the ones that go through the motions. Some might say she is flightly (she is 420 friendly), I think we both connected and I would love to see Joy again the next time I am in Vancouver!
  21. The last time I was in a short while ago, Jane/Gian did a pretty good back massage, but then Rose comes in. I did ask Rose if she would be willing to remove her clothes, and she kind of smiled, kind of like she was never asked before, but indicated that would not be possible. Perhaps you have to go there more often? Anyone else have that happen?
  22. It should be fairly obvious if you are visiting an RMT, they could lose their license (and livelihood) if they offer extras. Kind of a common sense kind of thing. Where it gets fuzzy is when you go to a non-RMT, some will have "creative ads" but not live up to that billing. The only way you will know is if you ask. But if you assume that they offer extras, you make an ass out of . . . you get the idea. It would be so much simpler if people dropped the games and came clean with what they want to offer. But I guess life would get less dramatic!
  23. The latest I have ever had an appointment is 9. So, even though she advertises 10 to 10, I think that is not always the case. But still a pretty good massage. And Bigtime, I did that too my first time (with going up the outdoor staircase). Fortunately, she was not busy at the time, but made sure I knew to go use the other one. How would you know until you try?
  24. Hemsky, she looks fine to me as well. I have been meaning to give here a call. Rob, do you know if she offers body slides? When I go, I will post. With a description of Escada if possible.
  25. Is she advertising anywhere? So far, I have not seen it since before she left on vacation in February. If not, can I PM for contact info? It would be a drive into the city to see the contact info. Thanks!
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