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  1. Someone posted elsewhere about her website being down as well. Have no idea though what’s happening with Avaa or even Daisy Athena who had hoped to book soon. She hasn’t advertised in a while either on LL
  2. Well well if it isn’t Johna the World Nails stalker or maybe more appropriately, owner or maybe Jenny? only thing you ever comment on is the WN gals but no reviews that I recall. please comment on other things as well or better yet leave a review on other ladies in Winnipeg..
  3. Yes I foolishly thought the 1112 location may be what they were taking about way back. now I know that it’s the location behind the old Canadiana that we still don’t much about but it’s possibly a good place to try out once for the milking experience!
  4. Oh my gosh..guess she was the queen of 1 hand massage and other hand on the phone! she’s not from The Fugitive ya know😜
  5. Petty? And do you go anywhere else because every comment you’ve made is about WN so makes me wonder! and I’m sure am not only 1 who’s noticed!
  6. Sorry I had a brain fart when typing this and only realized later that shouldn’t be posting addresses. If that post could be scrubbed or sanitized that would be great! what I meant to say is that this place is on Notre Dame between McPhillips and Wall! Sorry
  7. This could be 1112 Notre Dame which is a Acupuncture and Massage Clinic which maybe saw for 1st time in early part of yr. I go down Notre Dame to get to/from work most days but not always paying attention to what is on sides of the road. so no idea how long it’s been there or if it’s a legit place. It is a College of Massage though and seems to want male and female clients so to me seems like a legit place! But have no intel otherwise and not going to TOFTT either, my $$ are going to places I trust to leave happy!
  8. Well if it isn’t the pot calling the kettle black Eh Sayari..you always think you’re writing so eloquently in the past and now try to shit on other’s who write a review based on their experiences. Guess you were trying to reward yourself for next visits as well Huh! well guess you won’t be seeing The Jess then with those comments about her face, especially if she hears about it. Not very nice!
  9. Well if you could google how to spell Asian that would be a start, grief does no one know how to spell..
  10. Seems to be a home and is in between Beliveau and the Sobeys parking lot. So only a few houses to choose from. have heard that there have been Sunny sightings there as well as I guess a lady from Crystal. Haven’t stepped in Crystal since Sunny was there and won’t be anytime soon. assume they are trying to be silly, no need to take it seriously and am sure tipping is like standard!
  11. 1st off Linda has been gone for yrs already but as for Amy or Amie I don’t know. Haven’t been to WN this yr I don’t think!
  12. Nope she always has ads up and just changes her name constantly! Beware
  13. Next time can ya post the ads if are still up? I just searched under Health & Beauty Services and also Massage Services. Can’t find the ad or ads you are emphatic that have been advertising 🤔
  14. Ok I’m surprised at those 2 names but definitely a better draw than Lola let’s say. but do have to say if you’re gonna write a review take a few seconds to read it over before hitting send, would be nice to have proper name’s written down like Aimee and Gina!
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