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  1. AMEN Brother,preach..those boobs are exquisite and she is well worth the cost..will need to see her again soon as my big boob experience is lacking otherwise in massage provider life
  2. 2300 Pembina is Kathy and it's her ad with the cat..Anne is near 1500 Pembina and used to work with Kathy few yrs ago at William
  3. why oh why did ya have to say that 4 letter word that us fans don't want to hear anymore 😧..that back walking setup was 1st time had ever done that and took a few times to get used to
  4. by the way it's Stadacona if I'm understanding where this place was located in the Elmwood area? hope it's a lot cleaner than what guys talked about in the past..
  5. Don’t go to WN too often but have never seen or heard of a Kate. Someone who is always very friendly when I come there is Cindy and would hazard a guess this “Kate” may actually be Cindy?
  6. so guys please check the DND list as noted above..Provencher doesn't want to be talked about,period and exclamation point!
  7. hmmm I don't recall this lady and am sure I would have checked her out just to see those titties..used to go all the time and now I go sparingly..thought I saw reviews on Bella somewhere but not sure where that was..think service was generally ok though
  8. when Nataly was here from the 2nd-9th I was fortunate enough to see her twice..and love to see what she will be wearing for me on other side of the door☺️ what a gorgeous young lady she is and so very sweet as well..wonderful service as well left me breathless and then had time to chat before round 2 happened.. was too bad for her that Sunday-Monday weren't very busy..might make more sense for her normal schedule of Tuesday-Saturday to happen next time..
  9. ever thought maybe it's U? Have to think that the connection goes both ways and if she can't mesh with you then there may be perceived problems..sounds like she has good reviews for most part so if you haven't been pleased,then don't go back,easy peasy!
  10. wow U guys sure know how to ramble on or totally get off the thread "World" if ya want to go on and on and on about how to search or get info or how to PM please start a new thread about that.. getting kind of frustrated with all these off the rail rants and not sticking to what the thread is about
  11. uh we have 3 different threads about the same mediocre place,why are we still talking about this place..shouldn't even be 1 thread if it's basically like how Forever is and was..changing girls names when they feel like it so will be lucky to get who ya booked..
  12. have to agree with other guys about Rona.she was 1 of a kind and I mainly mean from massage aspect.she gave a real good deep massage and sometimes would even go overboard with pulling my arm from behind..but never engaged in too many shenanigans after the massage even though others sure seemed to and agree with Blue0012 with Summer.wish had seen her more than the 1 time I did that's for sure..thought her glasses made her look so cute and naughty at the same time.. "My all time gold star went to a woman that reportedly retired about a month after discovering her, only saw her three or four times before she was gone. Her name was Summer and worked out of 561 Broadway about two years ago. "
  13. just a heads up when ya share an email address make sure it's right so others aren't confused..it's actually [email protected] have seen Miss Leesha a few times and always had a great time..very entertained throughout the session
  14. Was there recently to see Jenny,the owner, and there was a gal there that hadn’t seen before. Name was Victoria and had tight leather pants on and seemed of middle eastern descent.Looked pretty good to me! Definitely not Chinese like all the others. Also Cindy will go to China in late Jan. I believe,not sure how long!
  15. only saw Summer once at Skypeace and all I recall is that loved her look..with the glasses thought she looked pretty hot..don't recall the reach under though,would have never forgot that for sure 🙂 Thought she was talked about a bit anyway at the time but not too much..Sunny was awesome there though as well..
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