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  1. Next time can ya post the ads if are still up? I just searched under Health & Beauty Services and also Massage Services. Can’t find the ad or ads you are emphatic that have been advertising 🤔
  2. Ok I’m surprised at those 2 names but definitely a better draw than Lola let’s say. but do have to say if you’re gonna write a review take a few seconds to read it over before hitting send, would be nice to have proper name’s written down like Aimee and Gina!
  3. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-massage/winnipeg/best-relaxation-massage/1657616366 Alice is her name which everyone seems to be avoiding and it would be her boss who puts up the ads. well worth the time IMO and hoping for a last massage tomorrow hopefully!
  4. WOW Leslie huh, now that’s very surprising and tempting also to go back and possibly see her. Haven’t been to EB in a couple of years? But definitely don’t like an upsell and never had to deal with that back then!
  5. I used to go there all the time before starting seeing AMP’s mostly and VIP as well starting in 2021. Don’t recall any gals I’ve seen who had 1 foot on floor at all times. Tips were discretionary for most part but felt I gave generously. And had many regulars over the years who had great times with. Leanne for sure was pretty good with me but she wasn’t the cheeriest of people. Hard business plus having to deal with all the BS from ladies, the PO PO and Cal as well! Not easy!
  6. Not aware that Yoki advertises in LL massage but I did see her ad on Kijiji earlier under Health & Beauty Services! Have heard this may be Mya who has been all over at Rainbow, Border and 353 Provencher!
  7. Off top of my head, haven’t seen too many lately. [email protected], Jenny (WN) and Winnie does take off mask for me.
  8. Don’t know why no one has clued in these names all sound like they’re from 311 Pembina. So think your info is a little suspect bud.. plus Crystal may be closest to me but last place I would enter again! assembly line massage and walk ins taking priority over appts. BS
  9. That’s me the douchebag! Though I figured with all the spellcheck and people making it through school that they could spell better. it is my pet peeve just like yours seems to be to point out that others need to behave. maybe should become a moderator like Greenteal or WinnipegJ, they know everything around town
  10. Me fail English, that’s umpossible SMH comfortable
  11. I’m curious as to why CD- ___ is resurrecting 7 and 9 old threads. Is this site that sad that ya have to bring back these ancient topics. kind of like this New Love Boat coming out, like really 🤨
  12. Used to be a hot weather girl in mornings on Global..think she was Asian but no idea of name..was a few yrs back I believe
  13. John Sauder..CBC weatherman.hubba hubba 🤤 just kidding BTW
  14. Pretty sure neither of those places offer massage and have been there for a while..sister lives nearby so go in the area quite often..also saying their nearby The Vic Hospital is like saying that Safeway is too, not that close anyway
  15. Ok rookie south St. Vital is good enough, please don’t share streets on here
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