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  1. YMMV now that one got me laughing out loud.
  2. Tush_Push

    Angela - new with pointy toe and spiked heel.

    It amazes me that anyone can walk in boots like these, but I certainly would love to see you walking in them :)
  3. Tush_Push

    Walking up the walll with my new platform boots.

    Very nice boots Angela, of course they're only as nice as the feet and legs that are in them :)
  4. Happy belated birthday Bethany, I hope you were spoiled and made to feel like a VERY special person that you are. After all, it is only fair that you should be made to feel as great as you've made so many of us feel after a visit with you. Wishing you many more. T. P.
  5. Tush_Push

    Favourite Outdoor Sex Spots

    What an excellent thread! It's been a long time since I've frolicked in the great outdoors, but some of the places that come to mind are - In the back seat of a minivan behind a place of business after hours in the west end (the knock on the window from the LEO brought a quick end at the wrong time) - In the handicap washroom at the Gloucester Centre - In the back seat of a car stopped on the side of Moodie Dr. - At the Conroy pit when the parking lot was further up the road (another knock on the window at an inopportune time) - At a cottage near Kazabazua next to the open fire between the cottage and the road - In a community garden back in the day but my fondest memory was with a girlfriend of mine many, MANY years ago. We were on the grass next to the canal in front of Ottawa U, on the Colonel By side, we starting making out and we got carried away. It was after we had gone out for dinner and the sun was setting... Ah, memory lane, what a pleasure it is to let the mind wander to simpler times... Thanks YoungStud for starting this thread two years ago, I only wish I had run across it sooner.
  6. Tush_Push

    It s A Small Small World Out There!!

    Things always seem to happen when you least expect them. I remember once running across an SP that I had been seeing on a fairly regular basis. We'd always had a great time together and when I saw her at the local drug store I had a moment of "panic" until I realized that I was alone. I wasn't sure if she was alone or not, but I would never expose my hobby, or her profession, in public. As we crossed each other in the aisle we made eye contact and smiled like two strangers sometimes do to silently wish each other a nice day. We exchanged a few emails after the fact and laughed about it the next time we saw each other... This was a few years ago now, and I had stopped hobbying for a few years until recently, but you never know when you'll turn the corner and see someone you know (more intimately than anyone suspects). I haven't had a situation like JuliasUndies describes, but then again, the chances of this happening to an SP are greater than a hobbyist simply because they see more of us than we do of them. But I never thought that they could be so funny, thanks for enlightening us Julia. T. P.
  7. Tush_Push

    Shower with massage...

    Don't forget about beautiful Bethany as well, A shower before AND after your massage with Bethany is a great way to start and wind down your time together. Her massages are very, VERY sensous as well. You will leave a changed and happy man. With a bit of reading on this board you can find all the information you need, but please share your experiences as well... Curious minds want to know. :) T. P.
  8. Tush_Push

    Naughty Angel 2

    Excellent pictures with an extremly beautiful subject!
  9. Tush_Push

    Mattie from Kanata

    I had the good fortune of seeing Mattie a couple of times 2 or 3 years ago. A really nice, mature lady with a great sense of humour, a good massage and a great finish! I have tried contacting her a couple of times since then but she had also told me the last time I saw her that she was contemplating a return to a 9 to 5 job. That's unfortunate for us as she was a good time. I didn't know about CERB at the time, and I don't know if she was ever a member, but if she does make an appearance she's definitely worth a visit. However, the loss of Mattie is a blessing in disguise as we now have Taylor in Kanata! She's most definitely worth more than one visit.
  10. Tush_Push

    BEST PUBLIC SEX (Restaurant/Bar)

    This thread has certainly brought back some wonderful memories for me. Back in the day, before I was married, there was this one girl that I dated that liked the excitement of almost getting caught. It's thanks to her that I'm not as naive as I may look (if you ever met me you would understand). I may look straight laced on the exterior (I have to maintain apperances in my field of work), but on the inside I have quite an adventourous and very open minded side. To get back on topic though I remember us being in the handicap washroom at the Gloucester Centre with someone knocking on the door, having a police officer knocking on the window of the car while we were busy behind the Lee Valley tools, same scenario with Mr. Officer at the Conroy pit, in a car on the side of a busy road in broad daylight, just to name a few. At several restaurants there would be some foot playing in crotches or hands undoing zippers to better reach below the waist... Those were the days.
  11. Tush_Push

    Bethany - Sweetest Message Ever

    This is a first for me as I don't usually share my experiences on the board. But, having had the pleasure of enjoying more than one massage from Bethany, I can also confirm that she gives the sweetest massage that I have had the good fortune of receiving. She is always professional and very sensual. I only wish I could see her again before she leaves for Europe. Have a great trip Bethany, I look forward to hearing about your travels upon your return. T. P.
  12. Extremely well said Angela. I believe it was Shakespear who wrote something along the lines of "never a lender nor a borrower be..." I've seen and heard of too many friendships being ruined by lending or borrowing $$$.
  13. Tush_Push

    Sexapalooza 2010

    Congratulations kfuryon_ca, BUT, There's something about a free trip costing $600 that doesn't sound right to me (and I would assume to quite a few other people too). I would also be surprised if you got a follow up call. I guess in the end you have to decide whether or not you would spend the $600 for a vacation that you weren't planning on taking in the first place. And if it's worth taking the risk of being swindled. I certainly hope that the Sexapalooza people can help you out. I wanted to go to the show this year, but I couldn't talk my better half into going. Of course if I would have gone alone I would have brought back a bunch of toys, oils, lotions and potions (not to mention some naughty clothing) that would never have gotten used. So much for the "it's the thought that counts" I guess. LOL. Oh well, maybe next year...
  14. Tracie, Having been lucky enough to meet you since the "hair cut incident" I can tell you that you are beautiful with short hair! I never saw what your hair looked like before, but your personality and "joie de vivre" are evident and wonderful. The fact that so many people have given you positive encouragement, and reassuring words, only demonstrates what a wonderful person that you are, and the respect that you have earned from others on this board, myself included. I wish all "Cerbites" a very Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays if more appropriate), and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. T. P.
  15. Tush_Push

    Lonely Married Men

    Good evening everyone, So how does this work? Does one ask questions in public to get a discussion going or is it done through PM? I'm not certain that I want to air all the details of "the dirty laundry" on this forum, but I certainly welcome some advice. T. P.