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    ⁽*ᴵⁿ ᵃ ᵍᵒᵒᵈ ʷᵃʸ ;) †ᴹᵒʳᵉ ᴳᵉᵉᵏʸ ᶦᶠ ᵇᵉᶦⁿᵍ ʰᵒⁿᵉˢᵗ ˡᵒˡ⁾

    Hi I'm Miss Artois; I'm an early 30's BBW provider based in Kitchener, ON. I am a low volume provider hosting in a private apartment which is only a short trip from Guelph, Hamilton, London and surrounding cities :) I am also open to outcalls if they are above a certain length of time.

    In addition, I provide online services- this can be a fun introduction, and they're both affordable and 100% covid safe :) Options include pic grab bags, text-only sexting, phone sex, sexting w live pics/clips (my fave😉), custom photos and videos. I'm very open minded, with satisfied clients who can attest to my online skills (well, and my offline skills too 🤭)

    If you're interest in getting acquainted, online or in person, feel free to visit my website linked below for contact info, or you may DM me here to start the conversation. :)

    Hope to hear from you 😘

    Ms A
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    An experienced BBW SP/Online Provider based in Kitchener, Ontario.
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  1. Done mourning the loss of BYOBBBW (RIP🌹lol) new acct is @BasedBBW (Double *edit*: Insta is same and still there and I am a dumb😕) 😄 Nothing there yet but soooon (...eventually 😏) ❤️
  2. Here is the subforum to ask that on, it's definitely not only you but this forum is supposed to be for general topics for all of Canada not "is ___ in ____ real?" Lol.
  3. I've used Newton since June, slightly before Leolist got rid credit card payments because it got around their 1€ cc transactions under 50€ fee 😒 You have to verify with ID; I think that's par for the course with most coinbases however, and Loserlist doesn't get any of my info which is mostly what I care about haha. You can add $ with etransfer, so it's convenient and usually deposits in a few min. The transaction itself costs maybe 15-30 cents from Newton's end; LL still gives a shitty exchange rate, but at least that's only happening on one end. It takes some getting used to, and once in a while it's down for maintenance, but usually at 3am or smth. I would recommend.
  4. Posted this in another thread, but posting here too for visibility as this is a Frequently Asked Question (so to cut down on repetitive threads...) here is a list of tips on finding a safe provider compiled by Greenteal.
  5. Here is good post that breaks down all the verifying an ad, etiquette, etc questions. I see you were PM'd but for anyone else who has the same question and doesn't want to comment themselves. Thanks to @Greenteal for compiling the links.
  6. Uh, Leolist is actively getting worse though, many clients and definitely all advertisers on LL can vouch for that. 😕
  7. I never have a problem with the "restrictions" question; but would like to mention though SP is different, myself and many others don't like being asked "what's on the menu?/what all services do you offer"... Being asked that implies there's a one-size-fits all menu; and while restrictions apply to everyone, there's some things that I might offer to one client but not another based on hygeine, ability to listen, feeling safe, chemistry etc. Some things can't be determined til actually meeting in person and especially dislike the alphabet soup approach ("hey u bbbjcims yes or no?") If someone would be put off by a SP not blindly saying yes to ppl without a second thought, that would honestly put me off that client -_- That said, I agree one should beware suspiciously low rates, and everything-under-the-sun inclusive rates lol.
  8. ...this thread is 12 years old 🥴😂😅
  9. Just want to mention something FWIW, I'm face hidden in my ad below the nose- it's possible to verify and maintain privacy. Some won't even go above neck and if they have any identifying marks like tattoos/birthmarks they can blur those out. I very much agree providers shouldn't be required to be face out, and they should be able to conceal identifying marks but speaking as a provider I think it's kind of bollocks to use someone else pics. Even if it's representative of their body type, it's still deceiving people. Taking and editing photos can be DIY'd cheap and easily on cell phone with a $10 BT shutter and $5 cell phone tripod too so I don't feel the "pics are expensive" argument holds water. My 2c
  10. You do you, I'll do me. Cheers:) Edit: Swear I'm leaving it after this 😅 but FWIW, posting about it *has* tuned some people onto their shit when they were previously unaware. Enough people? Not yet, but it's had some benefit. I'll reserve when I do, but it isn't entirely pointless to post publically about their BS. Anyhow, thanks for your perspective, my best to you.
  11. With due respect, a lot of us do not want to use leolist at all, because of these issues but the problem is they're the big fish. Can I ask why you're so defensive of them when you yourself see the issues? And it's not true that they can't respond to these issues, I've had ads Ive placed calling their shit out removed in a matter of ten minutes 😂 it's not that they can't moderate, they don't want to because they know they're almost obligatory to use if an escort is low or midrange. Some of us don't have the clout for the luxury of being able to post exclusively on tryst or vip etc. Yes craigslist and BP had issues but THEY charged max of $5-10 an ad, not an entry point being $15 for an ad, going up to $20 or $25. And yeah inflation but even so, literally nobody looks past page one, people would for Backpage when I posted there. Edit: Oh! Here's some scumminess I didn't know about as a longtime user of Leolist, that explains a lot of the fake ads. This is according to a new to the biz SW I've spoken with on Twitter. I've had a verified LL account for 4 yrs, she only recently verified her acct. Apparently if you're registering on Leolist with a new acct, if you don't verify you get a free bump a day. FREE. If you verify you lose it. What does this mean? Scammers are using this bullshit to their advantage, they're getting away with all these ads because it's costing them nothing to do this, and Leolist has given them the incentive and opportunity with this policy to do this. It is bullshit and sorry I may be repetitive but I'm not going to shut up about it... *That said* I'll pick my battles and not chime in ~every~ time LL is mentioned...though I could 😉
  12. As you're new to this (which is probably a good thing to mention to her when you contact), you could ask her preference? I don't think one is much better or worse than the other... $ has to be counted, so ~my~ slight preference to be handed directly. Some escorts prefer to receive donation in an envelope, and then for you to excuse yourself to washroom to wash hands so the donation can be counted without it being awkward. There may be a policy on her website...when in doubt, that's the way to go. There's not "one simple trick" to this, it's a process/doing your homework. Good signs are being verified on multiple sites, having rates that are not suspiciously low, if she screens (does not just meet anyone, or rush you to come see her), having reviews (Lyla is a good board ...other boards are worth checking out but take with a grain of salt. Some people abuse boards to "get back" at SP's if they have beef and such fraudulent reviews are left up), having active social media... Here is a reddit thread post that is more US focused but gives generally good info. This is largely avoidable by doing your homework in the ways described above. Not that it could *never* happen, in the way that anything is in theory possible, but if you research the provider properly and find a reliable, professional independent, then it's basically a non-zero chance of that happening. Word gets out quickly when providers do someone dirty like that, and independents put a lot of time and work into establishing their presence so they're quite unlikely to throw that away for one appt's donation right? You have to be more wary of that with ads that change name and # all the time, ads with low rates, providers who don't screen (if they're planning to rob you they won't care about screening), ads with stolen pics... If you are willing to do some research you can 100% avoid this. 🙂 Edit: Greenteal's post is good too, also just saw today Tryst added a Client Guide.
  13. I know a handful of SW on social media and just a few in person, but they are saying they're fed up too and most are awaiting on account approval on Tryst. LL has gotten away being shite way too long. I have to spend $15-20 on a single ad, just one day, for any chance of it being seen for all the scams there are. A week of LL costs more than a month of the other sites, and most have free tiers too. It's nuts. People are getting more vocal about it, and by word of mouth, registering for more sites... so feels like it's beginning to shift. Here's hoping 🤞
  14. They're everywhere, know I'm a broken record on this subject but Loserlist is trash. I've reported ads to them with the pics in the ad, and the source it was stolen from, and never hear a peep nor are the offending ads ever removed. They just flat out don't give a shit, pardon my french. And still raising prices.
  15. Hi to clarify I posted a DM I got telling me "calm down babe" it was just bizarre...the sender of the DM mistook me for the person who posted the thread and chose the name of it. I don't think they really understand how a message board works. I was just bothered being told to "calm down" over something I never said in the first place lol. But after consideration I removed the screenshot because though it was weird and inappropriate it was ultimately harmless.
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