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  1. not me but I've heard good things from another member
  2. I'd be surprised Same as PEI, hard to carry on that business in a small place when Everybody knows each other.... would suck to line up a date and meet you uncle or cousin lol
  3. Gabriella is highly recommended, she's only here for 2 days and I encourage anyone to see her & treat her well so she returns... She's a mature person, easy to talk to and extremely Sexy...thick dark hair and an amazing body; If you've ever fantasized about meeting the actress Eva Longoria and getting naked with her, This is as close as you're going to get ...!
  4. looks like they share the same clothes....the mesh top Or coincidence?? sale at walmart ??
  5. posting with details that are not positive is a quick way to get yourself banned for some period of time. I imagine that's what most people are afraid of. The general code for bad news is "PM me for details " In this case where it's an agency, I'd go on their website and email them with my complaints if it was me, couldn't hurt,
  6. I always figure its their 'manager' doing copy and paste, getting ads & names mixed up for different cities, etc.
  7. like Bubbles said on the trailer park boys, " This Is Fucky"
  8. the ad is there today http://halifax.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/upscale-sugarbaby-seeking-sugardaddy-27/1996960
  9. actual businesses are pretty much non-existent, except for independent people that do it in their home or hotel - ie. people on cerb ...
  10. I seem to remember feedback awhile ago, and I believe it was from Boomer01....try him, and sorry if my memory failed... Additional Comments: http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=96141&highlight=nicole I think this is it,
  11. short hair, well endowed - go to Ella.. NOW! Run don't walk ...
  12. the good comments are true about Ella, I've seen her 3 times now She seems to travel quite a bit, and is based in Halifax for a month now The Jennifer Lawrence comparison is pretty accurate, now that I think about it ...she is very pretty and as close to a perfect body as you will see; also a very nice person to talk to; she is a bit shy to start and I would encourage anyone that sees her to treat her well,
  13. Right from the beginning this seemed like it had more chance of downside than upside Probably was best to decline
  14. fixednbroken


    Ok that looks awesome !
  15. You could try someone from Halifax, it's only a 45 min drive, someone would probably go for some extra travel $$,
  16. Another visit to Halifax by Sav. Lane, another booking by me...or 2 actually, I saw her Thursday and then had to go back for more Saturday morning...after that I was drained till about Wednesday... I'm trying to think of more ways to say how awesome she is; the physical activity is unbelievable, but those details are private...she's just fun to be around & I can't wait until she's back here in the new year...I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with the service & the company
  17. Hey, in the words of the late Hunter S Thompson, 'Buy the ticket / take the ride' ! ...and also, post the reco ! I'm no help, I like small to medium and Always real ...
  18. Like Brad says, geography is not on our side - same reason we don't get many good current bands to Halifax - too far to go for too few people; I've also heard from a reputable travelling lady that Halifax is known for last minute bookings - so it's hard to make plans when you don't have a full book lined up At least we treat them well once they get around to coming here!
  19. Neither She's on cerb here, not hard to find
  20. Once I emailed back and forth with the Vipotg 'manager' or whoever answers the emails , about Asian girls to see in Toronto The point is , they tried to be helpful and were easy to talk to , Why not just email them and say what's up with no girls coming to Halifax lately ?
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